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Dominique G

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Fitted Wardrobes and Cabinets

Dominique G in Shipley
Are fitted wardrobes and cabinets expensive to have done? Who would you recommend? Interested in putting some in our bedroom and possibly some cabinets in our lounge and bathroom.

Cold weather and homeless

Dina P
in Shipley
If you see/are approached by homeless people in Saltaire looking for help, please be aware that under the cold weather regulations they should be offered a place for the night if the temperature drops below 0. Please contact Hope Housing on ... [ more ]

Wool Yarn

Dominique G
Thanks for the suggestions. I've ended up ordering online from a local shop in Chapel Allerton that supplies local wool from West Yorkshire Spinners of Keighley.

New Bathroom

Dominique G in Shipley
I've asked previously but we are still looking! We want to install a bathroom in our loft conversion and could really use a recommendation for a builder. Someone recommended Chris from Jepsmart but he can't take on a project of this size until next ... [ more ]

Compassionate Vets

Sue R
in Shipley
I spent half an hour phoning local vets n Shipley to ask if they would treat an endangered unwell hedgehog, probably ringworm infection around face area for free, not one said yes! Thanks to the avenue practice who have taken the hog, if treatable ... [ more ]
Dominique G
I take my Yorkie to Avenue Vets and they are very nice in there. Was very pleased with the service and treatment when my dog suffered from a life threatening condition earlier this year. Highly recommend.

Gas Fireplace

Dominique G in Shipley
Can anyone recommend someone to install a gas fireplace? Chimney will need a new flue, gas pipe needs to be brought up from cellar and existing brickwork needs punching out.

Builder Required

Dominique G in Shipley
We have recently purchased a Victorian Terrace in Shipley and would like to add a bathroom to the attic rooms as well as a large dormer window. Can anyone recommend a reputable and fully insured builder who could quote for this work and advise what ... [ more ]


Dominique G in Shipley
We are looking to re-plaster our hallway. Not great with sizes but it runs over 2 floors and currently has a really awful textured plaster job. Can anyone recommend a plasterer?

Damp proofing

Dominique G
Someone on here recommended Premier Preservations to us. We've had a survey and quote but no work done yet so I can't comment on quality of work.

Timber Treatment & Damp Proofing

Dormer Windows

Dominique G in Shipley
Just wondering how much it would cost (ballpark) to add full width dormer windows to an attic conversion that currently has velux. Do you just use a roofing contractor for this sort of thing or do you need a loft conversion company? Thank you!
Dominique G
Thanks, Sharon. That's kind of what I was guessing. I don't need a quote at the minute. We are in the process of buying the house. Will get in touch once we have the keys if we decide to go ahead :)
Dominique G
I'm assuming it's £4K-£5K for one dormer on one side of the attic? And would be double if you wanted to do both sides of a terraced house?

Building Surveyor

Dominique G in Shipley
Can anyone recommend a building surveyor to provide building survey for a property purchase in Shipley (just outside of Saltaire)? It's an old property so we are wanting full survey. We have someone in mind, but they aren't available for a couple of ... [ more ]

Roofer Needed

Dominique G in Shipley
We are in the process of purchasing a house and the structural report came back saying that there are some issues with the roof so we need to get some quotes for repair. Can anyone recommend a reliable roofer in the Shipley area? Thank you!

Black Cat

Dominique G in Shipley
Black cat found dead on Caroline St between Helen St and Ada St. Sadly, clearly hit by a car. Will probably be found by the owner if local, but posting here just in case. Sorry for your loss :(

Milk & Veg Delivery

Dominique G in Shipley
Can anyone recommend a milkman(woman) who delivers to Saltaire? Also interested in veg delivery. Looking for local company with local suppliers. Must be organic. Not interested in national companies... Those are easy to find... Thank you!

Dog Sitter

Linda P
in Baildon
Hi everyone My last message has caused a bit of confusion.  I am actually looking for a Dog sitter that looks after Dog's at the Dog sitters property as we don't like putting him in kennels as he gets really stressed as he loves human contact. We ... [ more ]
Dominique G
Kirsty-Anne of Paw Explorers in Shipley will take the dog at her house. She charges £10 for a full day and £15 for an overnight stay. Most importantly, she is lovely and really good with my little pooch. Her number is 07983 427751. Or you can google ... [ more ]

General Builder

Dominique G in Shipley
New to the area and house hunting to buy a property in/near Saltaire. Can anyone recommend a builder who might be willing to go round to a property a give an idea of costs of work? Knock down some walls, plaster, paint, additional bathroom, new ... [ more ]

Saltaire images: 2 x prints, 2 on canvas, 1 x photo

Flinty M in Nab Wood
For sale from home in Saltaire // 1 x limited edition canvas of The Boathouse, Saltaire, 2009. 24 inches x 20 inches.£15 // 1 x limited edition canvas of Salts Mill, Saltaire. 34 inches x 14 inches. £15 // 1 x Simon Palmer print. George Street and the ... [ more ]