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Francesca C

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Bathroom, joiner, hard wood floor...

Sewing company

Baildon reservoirs

Francesca C
I'd think with the fish and newts, that one of the reservoirs still has water in so I imagine they were pumped into that one? It's staying as a reservoir ( plans said nature reserve) So have the plans been stopped and they've been told to put it back ... [ more ]
Francesca C
Don't worry David it's not a landfill site, they are putting soil in it as far as we are aware and hopefully if all the building plans have come to an end, It will be made back to moor land ...... the word land fill doesn't mean human wastage in this ... [ more ]

Heavy Loads

Mick C in Thackley End
Just spotted a 40 tonner fully loaded coming up Station Road, they are probably driving over the weak bridges again up to the reservoirs. It needs to be kept an eye on and reported if a regular occurrence.

Does anyone know how I can get rid of some old furniture?

Lisa L
in Shipley
I have some furniture that I want to get rid of but the British Heart Foundation won't take it because it's not in great condition. Before I send it to the tip, does anyone know of an organisation that might be able to use it.  There's a chest of ... [ more ]

stretching muscles

Francesca C
Speak to Laura Franklin at inner balance Pilates 01274 598554. She's a fully qualified physio too but I think she'll be able to give you some options :) She in Baildon Mill....
Francesca C
Be careful with doing Pilates with no experience. You can do a lot of damage, very easily being millimetres out in an exercise. I did classes for a year but I would still wouldn't do it by myself without an expert around....
Francesca C
I tried both, didn't get on with yoga but found Pilates great. You've got plenty of ideas on here now... Hope you find something that works for you.. :)

A thank you from the Baildon Open Gardens team

Emily M in Baildon
I know that some of you came along and supported our event on Sunday, and so we thought you'd like to know that we received over 160 visitors, and raised a seriously impressive £1,300 (and still counting!) for HALE! Huge thanks to all involved....all ... [ more ]

Cat found

Dog sitter recommendation required please

Andrew S
in Charlestown
I am going away for a month early next year and would like to find a dog sitter to look after my 9 year old, neutered cross bred bitch in their own home  rather than putting her in kennels at that time of year.. Does anyone know of anyone who could ... [ more ]
Francesca C
I'd start ringing people now you have ideas becaus a lot of places/ people only holiday the dogs that they walk or have for day care like our dog walker. Hope that's a heads up. Are you on face book. There is a dog walkers/ dog holiday page on there ... [ more ]

Bank Crest Baildon Parking

Amanda S
in Baildon
Please read the notice below If you live at the lower end of Bank Crest, you will know how difficult it is to park outside your house. This will make things much much worse   CITY OF BRADFORD METROPOLITAN DISTRICT COUNCIL (WAITING LOADING AND ... [ more ]
Francesca C
Hi Brenda, if you look on the map ( in the library) it's inly on the corners of most road that lead onto west lane. Not up them. It's the centre of Baildon which is going to cause problems. You need to write to an address by the 27th of November to ... [ more ]
Francesca C
My concern is the centre of Baildon, I work in Baildon Mill but there aren't many parking areas. So me and my Colleagues have to park else where. If the Ian cough is filled with workers, the shoppers won't be able to park. Will it be the demise of ... [ more ]
Francesca C
I fully agree that the restrictions within the centre, that includes bank crest area is going to push the problem further out. This is why they have to find another alternative for worker in Baildon. Maybe make it 2hrs parking time and permits for ... [ more ]

Baby Gear

Francesca C
Sorry Malcolm, for some reason I didn't get this on my phone but saw something on my computer so that's why I've replied now. Yes it has pressure screws, we have another one that I lent to a friend that hasn't been eaten by a dog!! One way or the ... [ more ]

Plumber required

Francesca C
Ashbourne plumbers, knowledgable family business. Lovely friendly people, great value and get it right. Paul & his son Gareth. 07973 803101


Francesca C
Try contacting Shipley Shopping, Geoff Tiernan on Facebook he's does a lot of photography and finds out so much about the Bradford area history. Ask if he will put it on the Facebook site it's gets a lot of eyes!! Loved your conversations. Maybe to ... [ more ]
Francesca C
I would get it on Facebook too. You never know. I've left a message at the bottom too which could help..... May find you a stone mason too?

dogs stolen

Pat L in Idle
 stolen 2 pomeranians (dogs ) 1 male and 1 female from an enclosed garden in greengates bradford  if you hear anything  please get in touch with the owner sue tel no 01274 616760  thank you
Francesca C
Hi Yvonne, it already in FB, I've shared the post a couple of times. I hope they are found. Such an awful thing to happen, I couldn't imagine it:(

Donations of £500 going to volunteer led organisations....

Francesca C
in Saltaire
My mum sent me this link and I thought I'd share if for others to apply for it ...... Good Luck :)

Support for Widows

Susan H
in Wrose
I just wondered if there are any other lonely widows in the area between the ages of say 45-65 who feel like me that there is nowhere to go for support and maybe have a coffee with other widows who really understand how I am feeling.  All my friends ... [ more ]
Francesca C
Hi Susan, This is slightly different thing that you are looking for but there is a charity in Shipley called Hale. They do lots of support for many things. I go and have a cup of tea with a fantastic 97 year old lady ( they call it befriending) . ... [ more ]
Francesca C
A lot of my friends go to the WI, my good friend Sara set up the Baildon Belles. They make it there mission to do the most fabulous things. I'd be there if I wasn't in my Pj's most nights by 7.30!! I think the ages range from 16 - 70 something with ... [ more ]
Francesca C
Hi Ladies, this is not about the original question but my mum sent me a link about getting some funding for volunteer led / non profit groups that aren't charities, Thought i'd share the link and let people give it a go if they fancied, ... [ more ]

Landscape Gardner required

Alison G
in Moorhead
Can anybody recommend a landscape Gardner to transform a small back yard into something that resembles a garden? Thanks

Radio Repair

Francesca C
Sadly, I'm pretty sure it's closed down? I don't have any ideas really? Although there is a computer mending shop the other side of the road heading back down towards fox's corner I think. They might be able to help? :(

new boiler

Andy L
in Idle Moor
Hi, just wondered if anyone can recommend someone good to fit a new boiler in the Thackley area? Thanks Andy
Francesca C
Ashbourne plumbers are good and reasonable for things. Worth getting a quote. It's a father son business and I think they are from Thackley/ idle, way. 07973 803101 Paul :)