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Michael S

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Japanese knotweed

WillT inactive in Parkstone
There is a house in Churchill Road with scaffolding round it as the chimney wall has collapsed. In the small front garden there are what I think are the above. As this is a terribly invasive weed I looked on line to see if it should be reported to ... [ more ]
Michael S
If it is Japanese knotweed just pull up and let rot as used to go on trips with Christchurch fishing club and pull up acres of this stuff which usually found around water? Environment agency wont bother as no manpower and don't think can be bothered?.


Poole hospital, merging with Bournmouth,

Jacqueline W
in West Howe
We live in Poole and do not agree that Poole and Bournmouths A&E merger with each other , I have had about six occasions to pay a visit to Poole hospital A&E and found them excelant, fast and a dedicated staff, Please take care how you vote ... [ more ]
Michael S
This is only since Poole voted in the conservatives as they want to merge everything to Bournemouth ,it's same I think with Bournemouth orchestra it's sponsored by Poole but still called Bournemouth? i.e. Bournemouth council is broke and we will shore ... [ more ]

Tomato plants

Pat T
in Knighton
Has anyone got any tomato plants to sell, they must be the small ones and not too tall as they are for a hanging basket. Can collect.
Michael S
I've got 3 possibly ten for free as was going to dump them as got enough ,grown from seed only2 inches at moment as in pots, phone me at 01020462915 if you want them ilive of Ringwood road by Alderney old peoples hospital ,mick s

motor bike nuisance

Dee D
in Talbot Village
Turbary Common Nature reserve is suffering from Motor bike nuisance right now. idiots chasing the cattle and annoying local dog walkers. Can we ask anyone who sees any of these bikes to please phone the Police on  101. Unfortunately there are no ... [ more ]
Michael S
As  for police I would not bother, have had two instances lately, waste off time probably better response to phone local paper or southern T.V.


Michael S
in Turbary Common
Just heads up to all this sunday at 05:30 four kids stealing garden furniture out of gardens, at least three bungalows targeted in Corbiere Avenue this morning and my neighbour has them on CCTV ,quite few items stolen and police told me that somehow ... [ more ]
Michael S
Just heads up police turned up last night at 19.30 to interview me and others and didn't know anything at all that I had them on CCTV???, mind boggles after telling two officers on phone that I did during day? Still he took copies using his phone??, I ... [ more ]

HOMELESS a little help.

Jean C
in Parkstone
Ive lost the "Bargates" phone number, who are collecting hats etc. for the homeless, or is there somewhere nearer Poole, i could take them to, any suggestions please.
Michael S
Send all my stuff to Salvation Army shop in Poole now down bottom of high street as do all sorts of work for homeless mick


Michael S
in Turbary Common
Be aware walk-in burglars about in daytime! I live in Corbiere avenue of Ringwood road Alderney and today while owner on roof a walk in burglar went in his house and rifled it and when found gave excuse looking for his cat!! house inside a mess all ... [ more ]


Michael S
in Turbary Common
Ref, Valerie K scam have just had one from tax office saying have a refund of £468.67 very official till you study it as their website ends in and nice blue wording to click on? yeh right! lots going round so beware.
Michael S
Further to my warning i.e. tax rebate scams see today still getting them exactly same format but different website so must be few people sending same e-mails?. so be careful as when you look at small print where e-mail sent some stupid named site.

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