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Looking for a good home for our cat

Sim in Streatham Vale
Anyone can rehome our cat ? 6 years old black and white Female named Chelsea :D......Very nice,well behaved,good with kids. Our landlord doesnt accpet pets so this is the reason why we need to give her away. Thanks

Please consider signing this petition to ban non recyclable packaging in the UK

in Upper Tooting
5 million tonnes of plastic (and polystyrene) packaging goes to landfill each year in the UK. Much plastic is of course recycled, but for various reasons an awful lot isn't, and instead is buried (discarded on our streets/polluting our seas), taking ... [ more ]
Thanks for posting - signed! It drives me nuts when I have to throw non-recyclable plastic away without a triangle sign, or rip packets apart i.e. because a paper-based package has bits of plastic on it. I admit that I'm a bit of a recycling ... [ more ]

Taking unwanted bras to Africa again, to help women in need

Tracey R
in Upper Tooting
Last year the Streetlife community were incredibly generous, both in donating bras for me to take out to help orphanages & womens shelters in South Africa and shelters/refugees around the UK, and in raising funds to pay for excess baggage and the ... [ more ]

Purse stolen

Jane F
in Furzedown
A heads up to Street lifers.  I had my purse stolen from my handbag whilst in Caffe Nero in Balham on Friday.  Luckily, I had hardly any cash in there but all my bank cards, loyalty cards etc. were in there.  So annoying to cancel everything and wait ... [ more ]
Sorry to hear that - how frustrating!! Just out of interest, was your bag on the floor where you couldn't see it or did they snatch it off the table and run? When I have to put my bag on the floor in a cafe or restaurant I put one of the chair legs ... [ more ]

Recommendation for an English speaking nail salon

in Summerstown
Good evening all The nail salons where I live are great! I visit, make use of and support their services often. However, I now require a salon in the Tooting, Earlsfield or Balham area where someone within the nail salon must be fluent in English. ... [ more ]
me too ;) The new(ish) salon on Trinity Road, opposite the post office is good and they speak good English. They are Polish ladies who run it:

Italian pumpkin seeds anyone ?

Minestra S in Streatham Vale
We love pumpkins and we grow them at our Tamworth Farm allotment in Figges Marsh. We make soups and ravioli, we also make savoury pies, jams and chutney with this vegetable that has the colour of the sun. There are many different type of squashes ... [ more ]
I'm not a big pumpkin fan, but just wanted to say how fantastic that allotment is. I had to drop something off to one of the allotmenteers once and was so impressed with the range of food and people there and everyone helping out and sharing knowledge ... [ more ]

When will the Council pick up Christmas trees?

Alan L
in Merton Park
I see that several  people have put their old Christmas trees, out in the street with their rubbish today (4th Jan). Are they collecting the trees already?
Yep, I agree!! In the majority of cases it is the resident who couldn't care less or be bothered to find out the rules that causes the issue, not the Councils. By the way, I was impressed that in Wandsworth our tree was picked up the morning after ... [ more ]

Looking for our dream kitten

Becky C in Streatham Hill
My partner and I are looking to get our first cat together. We would like a ginger, male kitten but due to our working hours it needs to be at least 9 months old. We have of course looked into rescue homes but they are all either 2 months of over 2 ... [ more ]

garden clearance needed asap

in Balham
Hi, we are getting a new fence put in and need to clear the jungle that has grown up along the current fence so the builders can access it. it's over 50 meters long, so a big job that will require 2 or 3 people. Can anyone recommend any local ... [ more ]
It's just along the fence so that the brickies have access to build the new wall. But it's a long fence and I've let it get really overgrown. Dom, can you tell me what you charge per hour, do you have your own equipment and can you take the waste ... [ more ]
Thanks PETER N  - have pmed you. Thanks Steve, but £30 an hour is a bit more than I was hoping to pay otherwise it's going to cost me a fortune.

Tree Surgeon recommendations

Pamela M
in Wandsworth
Hello everyone, I have 2 old pear trees that need pruning. Does anyone know of a reputable, reasonable tree surgeon in the Earlsfield area? Many thanks. Pamela
Edward Payne is a local business that knows what they are doing. He's done tree work for me and lots of my neighbours in the Wandsworth Common conservation area:

Vet near Wandsworth Common

Rachel S in Southfields
Does anyone have any recommendations for vet practices near Wandsworth Common? The one in Barmouth Road is closest to me and seems to get good reviews, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who would particularly recommend their vet. It would ... [ more ]
We stopped going to Dr Phakkey at Animal Choice because found their fees very high. It's hard to compare, until we needed to neuter a cat. Animal Choice was twice the price of Dr Winter at Amen Corner. We go there now even though AC is just around the ... [ more ]
Jane L, yes Dr Phakkey is really nice as are his staff and though I can afford his fees I'm not prepared to pay double what an equally nice and excellent vet charges a 5 minute drive away in Tooting.

Drivers adhering to 20 mph speed limit being subjected to 'harassment' from other drivers

Mel M in Furzedown
During the course of my employment, I drive between Wandsworth, Lambeth and Lewisham on a daily basis. I have done this for many years, but am now finding it very stressful due to the 'harassment' I receive from other drivers when I adhere to the 20 ... [ more ]
My road in sw17 has recently got a 20mph sign and my jury is still out as to whether it has made any difference. The people who drive carefully will observe the limit and the fuc.. sorry, other people who don't will continue to ignore limits. What can ... [ more ]

Hedges to be trimmed

BDub in Streatham Vale
Hi all. Wonder if anyone could recommend a person to come and trim two hedges for us - a privet and a conifer hedge. Both need about 50cm off the top. Many thanks.
You need Mark Kotura, "The Hedgehunter". Loads of streetlifers use him. He's really precise and brings his own equipment, unlike some. He's local and he might even give you a pen that lights up ;)). 07899778279.

Missing Cats

Kelly C
in Tooting Graveney
My 2 Cats are missing, please keep an eye out for them. They are chipped, but will not wear collars! They are 2 boys named Frankie and Arthur. Please let me know if you see them 😔
OMG, Chichester!! That's amazing. No doubt Arthur's been filling Frankie in on his big adventure. It's another great Streetlife cat story, up there with Bundas Brown.
He's a very handsome and intelligent looking fella and I remember his story well. Give him a cuddle from us Pauline x !

How do I move hibernating frogs from my pond?

Michal in Wimbledon
We have a small pond in our back garden which is prolific in frogs. We put the pond in 7 years ago when we moved in and found frogs in our garden. Now we are moving and renting the house. Due to liability we need to fill in the pond, but I have read ... [ more ]
Would it be your fault if someone had an accident in the pond though? I'm not sure of the answer to that liability issue but make sure it's not some real-estate agent telling you a load of rubbish. Otherwise the logic is that you should remove ... [ more ]

Very aggressive cat

Tim B
in Streatham Hill
A couple of years ago a cat that looked like a small dark leopard started appearing in our garden. I think it's a Bengal and it has lost part of its tail so easy to identify. From the start it was aggressive, frequently attacking our fairly small ... [ more ]
I'd get a long distance water pistol and spray and shout at the intruder cat when you see it. Hopefully it will soon work out that it's not welcome in your/Tigger's territory. The other option is to acquire another cat or few. I've got 5 cats (just ... [ more ]

Feeding the Birds

Miss J
in South Lambeth
Did you know that people are not allowed to feed the birds.  They are vermins and you can be fined for feeding them.    I discovered this today.  
Miss J  - is your question and our responses for a school or college project? Seems a strange initial post to me and you haven't explained why you ask the question. For what it's worth from me, people who are lonely or with kids who throw a bit of ... [ more ]

Can anyone recommend a good sun tan salon in Tooting or Balham??

Sarah B
in Balham
Happy 2017 to all you helpful Streetlifers! I am looking to get some kind of pre-holiday tan and I wondered if any of you know a good place to go...... I've never had a Sunbed before so I want somewhere that can make sure I do this safely!
Sarah B - get a full body spray tan and cover up with factor 50+. Unfortunately, I can't recommend where to get a spray tan because I prefer my natural Morticia Adams look, but sunbeds that simulate the sun's rays are really dangerous for causing skin ... [ more ]

Beautiful Baba Needs a Loving & Forever Home

Love Generation
in Balham
Hi Everyone! Beautiful 'Baba' needs a Loving & Forever Home… Baba [see photo below] is a gorgeous older Staffie… <3 She is 12 years old and loves life... Baba is healthy & micro-chipped…& has been very loved by her current 'Mummy'… ... [ more ]
The poor old thing. She looks like a real sweetie. I hope she finds a loving home for the rest of her days. I agree that Battersea is worth a go as they are very good at vetting people to get the best possible home for each dog.

Please keep cats in tonight!

Sally H
in Balham
It goes without saying that fireworks are terribly frightening for animals and as hard as it is to keep an outdoor cat inside I think it would be a good idea to persevere with that just for tonight to avoid any of them going missing. Happy New Year ... [ more ]
Happy New Year to you too Sally and to the many other kind people on this website who look out for our fellow creatures (whether those creatures meow, bark, croak, buzz ...).

Help - mice aren't nice

Ruth - Nutritional Therapist in Balham
Came back to my kitchen after being away for a few days only to find mice droppings everywhere.....ugh, bleurgh...... Where do I start?  Am researching what to buy but looks tricky....anyone any good tips or do you think I should pay and get the ... [ more ]
True - they are not nice in the house pooing and weeing, but don't use those glue traps whereby they get stuck on a pad and die a slow, cruel death, or poison, which is probably as bad.
Just because they are selling poison and glue traps, doesn't make them ok Christine B. Mice bite their feet off to release themselves from glue traps - it is soooo cruel. I'm amazed they haven't been banned, but that doesn't mean we have to buy them. ... [ more ]

Recommendations for excellent Dental Practice in Tooting/Balham

Heavy T in Balham
Hi, grateful to hear about any recommendations for dentists in Tooting/Balham. I've not been to the dentist for ages but an old filing has come out so am in urgent need of seeing one.
We are very happy with We moved from the one on Chestnut Grove (*avoid*) as it was recommended by someone who had been going there for 20 years. Dr St Claire and Dr Osofu are really good and same for the ... [ more ]

A very Merry Fishmas to this awesome Streetlife community!

Guy D
in Putney Heath
I love this site, there are so many kind and generous people on it, offering help, support and advice to others. There has been much hate in the world in 2016, so it's good to know there are many conscious, tolerant, open-minded people who are keen to ... [ more ]
And to you too Gus and Streetlife! There are some truly excellent people on this site, most people have their heart in the right place despite what side of the barricades they are on during the highly emotional and politicised year of 2016. Here is to ... [ more ]

Car wash

Alison P
in Upper Tooting
I went to get my car washed at Homebase in Wandsworth yesterdayand found it's no longer there.  Can anyone recommend another one in the area?  Tooting/Streatham/Wandsworth/Colliers Wood? Thanks
This place does a good job for far less than the Homebase place:, although the last time we went the police had blocked the entrance to sort out some kind of biffo amongst the staff!

My Bengal missing since this morning

Jane F
in Furzedown
Missing since early this morning Elmbourne Road. Always comes home so I'm very worried. He is chipped and has my contact details on his collar.