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Eric F

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Our son's 16th birthday present - STOLEN - at approx 1.30pm from TBOWAs bike shed yesterday

in Winton
taken on 1/12/16 - URGENT  - please share! My sons 16th birthday present - a brand new mountain bike was STOLEN yesterday from TBOWA school bike shed. It was taken during the small window of time that the gates are unlocked to allow year 11 students ... [ more ]

Cromer Rd junc Poole Road, poole Nightmare junction.

Mark R in Branksome
This junction is an absolute hazard to road users. The main key reasons for this are: 1) Kaos corner or rather Chaos Corner who insist on parking their large vans close to the junction double yellow lines and kerb markings preventing loading at any ... [ more ]
Eric F
It is so obvious Kaos use every opportunity to advertise their business by the use of their vehicles. Thought is most evident as to where would be the most beneficial place to 'store' their advertising and not the road or pavement user. I personally ... [ more ]

Alcohol license

Adele L
in Meyrick Park
An application has been sent to Bournemouth Council for an extended alcohol license to sell alcohol from 10.00 - 02.00 everyday. If this is granted then a plan to open a Night Club is the next step. The application Number is 153944. The only way to ... [ more ]
Eric F
Come on now. This corner premises is an eyesore. The pub across the road may also have granted similar hours. Perhaps without performance dancing. Pole dancing perhaps? I am afraid that communities similar to Westborne eg. Ashley Cross, are the way ... [ more ]
Eric F
Most of the comments make sense. It just so happens that the post by Rod A appears to support Adele L's original posting. Rod A's posting has very good content and worthy of praise for its content as it is informative and not just a no, no, no.


Eric F
Graham Smith of AfriVet for me. I am surprised that 'Cur' Fielden did not take a photograph of his food before devouring. (Come dine with me). Experienced the latter at a lunch meeting. Weird? or what?

Cycling in Whitecliff and Baiter

Rudyard K in Parkstone
Lets get one thing straight from the start. I am a cyclist. I am a dog walker. I am a car user. I am not talking on this thread about cyclists. I will explain. I regard Cyclists as responsible people who ride bikes safely with correct lighting, ... [ more ]
Eric F
Recently I suffered the anger of a woman who thrust her walking stick through my front wheel spokes after having sensibly slowed down to almost a walking pace to pass her. Yes I abruptly stopped. I asked the reason for her action as the path was ... [ more ]

Talk Talk

Patricia B
in Bourne Valley
Has any one else paid for fibre optics for there computer only to find it has not made a scrap of difference  . When you phone to complain they keep you on the phone for hours so still don't solve your problem. Can anyone tell me what my Broad Band ... [ more ]
Eric F
Get a friend to log onto your router and check what speeds they are getting. Use a speed tester such as 'oopla'. Are you using wifi. If so distance away from the router causes speed to decrease. Try using wifi adjacent to the router or hardwire it to ... [ more ]

Westcliff land slide

Canford H in Bournemouth Town Centre
Finally GOD as listend to the people, If the BBC will not convert the roof of the amusement arcade, he has.

Free to collect

Sheila K
in West Cliff
26" ladies bike + helmet - no saddle. Given me by my daughter but too big for me. Also pilates ball. Both free for anyone to collect

Traffic lights Sandbanks Road

Suzie M
in Sandbanks
Traffic lights were started to be installed at the beginning of January 2016 on Sandbanks Road on the bend near Whitecliff Park. After nearly 8 months of digging and going through pipes the traffic lights were finally installed approximately 2 weeks ... [ more ]
Eric F
As a cyclist I consider the traffic lights to be in the perfect position for enabling entrance onto Sandbanks Road. They will also enable safe crossing of the road for same. Shared lane cycling for both ways is highly dangerous and unsuspecting for ... [ more ]
Eric F
Shared spaces cause much outburst from pedestrians who do not agree that they should be so. Oh I should add, with dogs. I often 'tinkle my little bell' to politely warn that I am approaching but glared at and muttered to by mainly those with ... [ more ]

Overnight Camping.

Canford H in Bournemouth Town Centre
We have motor homes camping on Westovercliff Drive for more than one night, some upto seven days. Their toilet waste being poured down storm drains . When is this Council going to start policing and handing out fines. We are just being abused by these ... [ more ]
Eric F
One of the signs of our time. Is it an assumption that the 'overnight stayers' are leaving all the mess. Whilst cycling on the said road I have noted numerous groups, who are presumably air show followers, with their tables / chairs assembled for ... [ more ]

Recommendation please - short term respite care home for the elderly

Joe W in Parkstone
Hi all I'm trying to find somewhere nice for my 85 year old father to stay for about a week. Somewhere comfortable and quiet with a garden preferably near to the sea. Any suggestions please? (Or ones to avoid?!) Joe

Stolen bike

Lorraine S in Creekmoor
Yesterday afternoon after school my 14 year old son had his bike stolen from Oakdale park. He was playing football with his friends when a slightly older boy got on his bike and rode off. We have had a couple of names suggested but before we involve ... [ more ]
Eric F
Lorraine. Your act of kindness with your way of dealing with the situation is to be admired although some would not think so. A youngster with a possible criminal record for something so stupid could prevent him from paving his way through all avenues ... [ more ]

Wasp Infestation

Eric F
Wilko 'Wasp nest killer foam'. Easily applied from a distance. Spray late evening or early morning from about 2 metres away. One can is sufficient for two or three treatments (per nest). The cost was around £3 but if a couple of pound more, well ... [ more ]

The Silver Back Ale House.

Eric F
in Westbourne
Just by chance yesterday my wife and I stumbled across a new Micro-Pub in Winton. It is situated opposite the The Lark Rise, Peter's Hill. For the more ancient of us - on the left of the old fire station and toilets. The pub is run on similar lines to ... [ more ]

TV reception no signal on BBCl & 2

Irene T
in Oakdale
Has anyone else had problems with BBC 1 and BBC 2 reception, no Information just channels not available on screen
Eric F
We have a similar problem about this time every year. A sweet chestnut tree coming into full leaf is perceived to be the cause of our problem.

Bournemouth Spur Road

Les D
in Parkstone
Travelled down the newly finished Spur Road this morning, couldnt help noticing two lines have been marked to the left of the centre markings, is this markings for the trench they intend to start digging all the way down starting tuesday next and only ... [ more ]

Fish and Chips on the beach

Samantha S in West Cliff
A bit random, but fancy some good old fish and chips on the beach over the weekend (weather depending!!) can anyone recommend the best chippy to get them from? Figure we'll have to drive to the beach when we've got them but that's not a problem! Thanks.
Eric F
Chuckles Chippy opposite Lidl's in Branksome. They are, in my opinion and at present, the best Fish and Chip shop for miles around. All Fish and Chip shops will serve other than the 'common people'. A reason why, perhaps, the well known 'Chippy' in ... [ more ]
Eric F
How many customers of the 'glitzy chippy' in Westbourne would openly admit to them having eaten a Chip Butty? Ha Ha.
Eric F
Daniel F . The original poster of the glitzy fish and chip shop was DCS. I never indicated the trading name of such. I just followed with a, what I thought, humourous question. You directly linked it. Fish and chips can be bought from a few outlets ... [ more ]
Eric F
Yes. Nick the Fish's intention of starting a delivery service within an area of radius of 2 miles of his shop should also take in part of the beach. Their Fish an Chips are amongst the best, if not the best, in the area. (Personal opinion). I will ... [ more ]
Eric F
I have just 'Googled' Nick the Fish. His telephone number is 01202 737007. I also noticed that he had a 4.8 'feedback' on TripAdvisor. (Nick's opening times were also detailed)

Unwanted keys needed

in Poole Town Centre
Can you have a look around at home or work for any unwanted keys as these can help support homeless people in Poole.  Carter Shaw, estate agents at 446 Ashley Road, Parkstone are collecting and selling them with all the proceeds going to charity ... [ more ]
Eric F
Keys are normally made out of metal. They would be sold as scrap. I have many that are made out of brass. Now where are they? What an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause.

USB CD storage unit - FREE

Iminere in Westbourne
This is a Century CD holder. It holds up to 100 CD's, connects to your computer via USB and whenever you need a CD you find it in your database and the machine will eject it. Free to whoever wants it.
Eric F
If it is still available I would appreciate it. Please could you private message me with contact details or otherwise.
Eric F
This message is for all to see. To private message a person. Tap on the Profile picture corresponding to the person you want to contact. A user profile will pop up and a box 'private message' will appear. Tap in this box and type in whatever. ... [ more ]

Trading Standards

Dee H
in Parkstone
My husband has just got back from the delicatessen in Ashley road and was overcharged. Not by much but upon challenging the person was refused his money back,but told to get another bag of potatoes. He refused and asked for his money back, to which ... [ more ]
Eric F
Sounds like the old Woolworths store. If so I can only thoroughly recommend it. The service as far as I am concerned is exemplary and their fresh produce is amongst the best on offer along Ashley Road. I have shopped there many times and as normal ... [ more ]


Stephanie L
in Canford Heath
Please can anyone let me know if plusnet is any good,,, i been with BT  for years but fed up with them about doing repairs as when it rains my line crashes alot all they  do  is fog me off with saying they have to go though the lines now i like to ... [ more ]
Eric F
Leon C. If you have helped over 300 people switch then well done. If so then provide us with your 'free' technique or is it wrapped up in other services and commissions. Geraldine F. For your landline to be switched to a mobile would require an ... [ more ]
Eric F
I am on fibre broadband. The newly (2014/15) installed 'fttc' is about 500 metres away. From there it comes underground to within 75 metres and then overhead (dropwire) to our abode. We are with TalkTalk although over Openreach network. My download is ... [ more ]
Eric F
Alan S. A drop wire (our phone line) from the main distribution pole to an intermediate pole and then to our property + 25 feet of cabling to the back of the main socket. The cabling/dropwire is continuous from the DP to the main socket.

Drain clearance

Luigi in Winton
Does any one know the basic or minimum cost of clearing my blocker toilet the distance from the toilet to the man-hole is about 4 feet and the blockage is must be between as on inspection the man-hole is clear. Can you recommend someone you can take ... [ more ]
Eric F
Old fashioned mop in a plastic bag (securely tied). Use it as a plunger. As the water lessens flush and repeat such until the water is clear and runs freely. See if someone can keep an eye for the blockage and catch it otherwise the problem may only ... [ more ]

The WoW Group (formerly The Westbourne Diamonds)

Tania R in West Cliff
Looking to connect with other ladies in the area for chats/ friendship/ expanding your social network? We meet at The Dancing Duck every Wednesday at 5pm, our next meeting is on the 17th February. We would be pleased to welcome new members.
Eric F
Thanks Deborah B for sorting me out. Vivacious - synonyms: lively, animated, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, effervescent, bubbling, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, scintillating, light-hearted, carefree, happy-go-lucky, jaunty, merry, ... [ more ]
Eric F
Perhaps recovering from an 'Op' and completely bored. A bevvie sounds great but I am having to very much rely on somene at present. (guess who). I will note the hint though. What could we call our group. Don't hold back. (^_-)

the spar westbourne

Graham D
in West Cliff
has anyone been there and can comment on the facilities? passing by on the bus the exterior looks a  tad sad! Graham D
Eric F
Do you mean 121 Poole Road, Westbourne. If so and I think you do then perhaps you best look up on Google. You might then realise why the windows at times appear steamed up etc. The place Kim B refers to is excellent and does not warrant such a ... [ more ]

Dark tabby cat

Penny F
in Branksome
I live on R.L.Stevenson Avenue, on the left hand side about half way down. For the past week we have had a male, dark tabby cat visiting. He pinches my cat's food and once I'm in bed sleeps on a chair in my front room. He's a really sweet cat, not a ... [ more ]