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Watch Battery Replacement

Lewis L
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have two watches that need new batteries.   I know about Timpsons and Debenhams and have seen market traders who offer the service.  Have any of you had good or bad experiences in Ipswich town centre?  Any recommendations?
I used the chap at the market on corn hill yesterday. Excellent service. He has all the gear and experience of over 20 years. £2.50 was well worth it

Dales road park meeting?

Daniel J
in Akenham
Hi I was wondering if anyone knew when the meeting was for the park. I'm interested in giving some time and maybe plants to them. But can't find any info for when it is.
I thought that friends of the dalEs met every Wednesday morning at the dalEs park area. Don't know which entrance. I think that the latest information is on the notice board at the harts carpet end

Cyclists on the Pavement

Steve W
in Castle Hill
Is it just me, or have all Ipswich's pavements been redesignated as cycle ways - but without the signs? There is an increasing number of cyclists, including children teenagers and adults, using the pavements in and around town even when there is a ... [ more ]
This is a first world problem. I think we need to be reminded that the planet is here to share. I am a driver, cyclist and pedestrian. Cyclists need to be defensive on the roads and considerate on pavements. Pedestrians need to share pavements with ... [ more ]

Bicycle Security stamping

The police used to do this., but I am advised that they don't anymore. Their representative advised me: Clean area under crank. Use a UV pen to mark house number and postcode and finish off with clear nail varnish over your writing.