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Theresa S

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Dina P
in Shipley
Why was the march on 21st January in Shipley (1,400 ) reported nationally but absolutely nothing on local news? Look North etc never even mentioned it. Described to me as 'best event in Shipley for ages'
Theresa S
Chris, can you say which particular human rights make too many? Safe abortion? Freedom of movement for women and girls without fear? To name but two and both of which are under threat with a Trump administration that is backed by those such as ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Mr Trump is not who the people want. On the popular vote he won 2 million fewer votes than Clinton. There was a 58% voter turn out. Trump gained less than 46% of those votes cast, to Clintons 48%. Trump secured the presidency with votes from the US ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Voting out of the European Union still leaves you with politicians honest or otherwise. A vote for Trump is not a vote for honest politics that cuts a knife through soft liberalism; it's ludicrous to think it might be given everything he's said during ... [ more ]

Cold weather and homeless

Dina P
in Shipley
If you see/are approached by homeless people in Saltaire looking for help, please be aware that under the cold weather regulations they should be offered a place for the night if the temperature drops below 0. Please contact Hope Housing on ... [ more ]

Post Xmas clearance

Paola V
in Heaton Shay
If you want to make space for those lovely new things you got at Xmas, you may want to donate he old ones to BIASAN. Coats and jackets Boots and shoes Saucepans, frying pans Crockery and cutlery Hoovers, toasters, microwaves, Shopping trolleys, ... [ more ]
Theresa S
This will be useful for future reference. I'm intending a clear out later in the year of stuff thats in good condition, it's been passed down over the years rather than be put to the tip, but I only have so much room! Who are BIASAN and where are ... [ more ]

LEGO Urgently Needed PLEASE Help!!

in Heaton Shay
Do you have any Lego lying around that you no longer use? I'm desperately needing Lego bricks & bases for therapy. Any amount, however large or small, will be greatly received. Kind Regards
Theresa S
I still have my daughters lego. She's 34! We've been looking for a good home for it. Can you explain what kind of therapy you use Lego for?

Economy 7

Theresa S
It depends on your supplier. It's not between 11 and 7. That would be Economy 8. Some start at midnight til 7 others from 1am til 8.

Saltaire Festival

Andree F
in Frizinghall
Does anyone else hate this second weekend of the Festival as much as I do? The recycling hasn't been collected (why?), my street and all those around are full of white vans. This is a bus route and there is barely room for the bus to manoeuvre down ... [ more ]
Theresa S
I enjoy the festival but have the luxury of living in Moorhead so don't experience the obvious inconvenience of the parking problem. Every year I think what an imposition it must be for residents, not to mention the litter and noise, so yes, I ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Maybe the Pay As You Feel cafe should have a stall? I know what you mean Liz G about the inflated prices for those on a low income, it can feel a bit excluding not being able to afford to partake. It is good seeing people having a good natured time ... [ more ]

CD,LP Job Lots

Odd encounter in Northcliffe woods

in Frizinghall
Hopefully I am being paranoid: I've just returned from a walk through the woods at Northcliffe. Whilst walking my lurchers through the woods, a man walked facing me on a different path and looked over at the dogs. 3 mins later, he appears behind me ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Better safe than sorry I'd say, and trust gut instinct. You're obviously a regular walker in the woods so I'm assuming generally speaking not given to be nervous of other walkers.

boiler engineer and garden designer

in Moorhead
We are planning on replacing our boiler and also extending our mid terrace garden and redesigning it. Anyone know of reliable people for either of these jobs that we could contact. Thank you!

Double glazing for large bay window

Emily M in Baildon
Hi there, Can anyone recommend someone to replace a large old bay window with a double glazed wooden window, please? Thanks
Theresa S
I can recommend a good worker with knowledge of sash Windows and very reasonably priced if the other recommendations don't work out for any reason.


Stuart W
in Baildon
Spotted the sheep on the road near Bracken Hall t'other evening. One of them looked lame unfortunately. Hope fellow dog walkers and motorists take care. The sheep were very wary of my dog (he was on his lead). Perhaps a warning sign or two on the ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Concur entirely with John on the dog front; also think I'd prefer to have trees to Moorland. Not enough trees in West Yorks as it is...
Theresa S
Don't care what you say Myrtle, not enough trees for my liking. Sheep are the creators of Moorland, check out George Mombiot on the destructive power of sheep. 🐏


Margaret C
in Cottingley
Hi. Can anyone recommend a good joiner/handyman who will do small jobs at a good price? I need a kitchen cupboard door hanging.

Free: Ikea lack table in birch finish

James R
in Heaton Royds
Small Ikea Lack table in birch finish available.

The alleyway from Farfield Road to Victoria Road

Kate S
in Shipley
Reward for information! Hi, my Dad, who is 83, has worked tirelessly all winter to transform the alley from a drab space into a riot of colour,for people to enjoy, all at his own expense.... He has planted literally hundreds of bulbs, apple trees, and ... [ more ]
Theresa S
I'm so sorry to read about this. Your dad had done an absolutely lovely job transforming that ginnel. When I first noticed the bulbs and flowers coming through I was so impressed with the sense of community spirit that had gone into the hard work and ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Beans and peas! what a lovely idea. Have you thought about contacting the local press? It's a story of Dunkirk spirit. What a trooper your dad is......

Chimney sweeper

Samantha B
in Bingley
Does anyone know a reliable chimney sweeper in the bingley or Keighley area. I need a quote to do my chimney thanks
Theresa S
If it's the same Andrew who used to clean our chimney then I'd recommend him without hesitation. There can't be that many sweeps in the area by the name of Andrew!

Warning - confidence tricksters

Maggie E
in Heaton Royds
A young couple in the Shipley/Frizinghall area are going from door to door in the area with their 1 year old baby, saying they have no money because their benefits have been sanctioned, so can you give them a bit of house or garden work?  If you start ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Surely all you have to do is ask them to go away and tell them that if they continue to pester you the police will be called. This has nothing to do with immigration, they could just as easily be local people. If it's about policy look to housing and ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Liberal and facist are in fact mutually exclusive. I see no tirade or political correctness (so called) in the posts above, just some justifiable concern that there is some accuracy rather than conjecture. Refering to the irritation of people ... [ more ]

Plant free to a good home

Paola V
in Heaton Shay
This plant has become too big for my small flat. It is 1 metre high and about 1/2 metre wide (the plant, not the flat) Easy to look after it. I would love it to go to someone that will give it a better space


in Windhill
We have 3 seater Leather, light brown Sofa with left hand chaser. With buffet to give away. Collection only. First come.

Volunteering over Xmas

Somma A
in Sandy Lane
Hi , Does anyone know of local charity/organisation asking for volunteers over x-mas/new year periods. I would like to get involved, especially with the homeless, soup kitchens etc.  Thanks...
Theresa S
Mind in Bradford which is a drop in for people with mental health difficulties may well be glad of your help. A number of their users live in hostels and they always have difficulty staffing over the Christmas period. You can call 01274 730815

Would anyone like a TV?

Rebecca S in Heaton Royds
Hi I have a LCD tv that is no longer required. It's not digital but it has a separate digi box so you can get free view. Works well and free to good home if you can collect from Saltaire.

Washing machine

Alan & Maria P
in Shipley
Does anyone want a washing machine only 1 year old Gorenje  make nothing wrong with it just that my wife has decided she wants a new one any offers over £60 please buyer collects.

Musical Events for week beginning 31st July

Janet W
in Ruswarp
I will be spending a week on holiday in Aislaby near Whitby from 31st July.  Are there any musical events happening outside of Whitby during this week?  Is there anything else going on where it is not too busy?  Can anyone recommend a church with a ... [ more ]
Theresa S
If you're still in the Whitby area on the 17th of August The New Rope Stringband are on in Robin Hodds Bay at the village hall. It's a brilliantly clever musical comedy act. They are top class musicians and you're guaranteed a great night out. ... [ more ]

Hello Whitby

Jacqui H in Ruswarp
Is there anybody left in Whitby as it doesn't appear so at the moment? Where are you all? Come on somebody do comment!

Shipley Swimming Buddies

Pauline S in Shipley
Are you over 50? Would you like to join a friendly, social swimming group? Join us on alternate Tuesdays at 10:30am at the Kirkgate Centre (opp Shipley Town Hall) Enjoy swim together at Shipley Pool and return to Kirkgate for a free cuppa and a chat! ... [ more ]
Theresa S
Is this for older people? I know someone through work who's 33 and might like to join in, she's recovering from an illness and needs things to do with other people.

Gas cooker needed

Theresa S
in Shipley
Daughter moving to new flat and needs a gas cooker. She's not got much money, does anyone have or know of a decent cooker going cheap? Thanks.
Theresa S
Hi Julie and Colin. Sorry for slow reply, busy with move! Would be happy to pick up Monday. Am waiting for friend who's a gas fitter to get back. Can I confirm with you once he's let me know. Thanks a lot, much appreciated on my daughters behalf. Theresa.
Theresa S
Hi Julie and Colin. It's not going to be possible to adapt the cooker space for a hob. Thanks anyway for the offer of your old cooker it was much appreciated and good luck with your change of kitchen. Theresa