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Lorraine T

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Dentist NHS recommendations

Li S in Forest Hill
Does anyone have recommendations for a reputable NHS dentist for both adults and children in the Forest Hill and surrounding areas? Thank you!
Lorraine T
I used Ziman in Crofton park for 20 years, but the last few years as they have transitioned to Private care as well as NHS I have had very poor dental care (both preventative and cure). In the last few years they have also had a high turn over of new ... [ more ]

Driving lessons

Lorraine T
Lee is very good . My 18 year old son is currently taking lessons with him. He is based in the Ladywell area. His telephone number is: 07709140884

Looking for a room to rent

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
Hello, the son of a friend of mine is looking for a room for 6 months or so. He is a 20 year old Italian who was born in Brockley but moved to italy with his family when he was 8. He speaks fluent English and is now working as a waiter in central ... [ more ]

Stamps galore

Bob M
in Lewisham
We have inherited a couple of boxes (one large, one small) postage stamps, international as well as UK . If anyone is a collector and would like them, please come and collect. Would they interest school children perhaps ?
Lorraine T
Hi, I work for a charity for the visually impaired and we collect stamps to raise funds for the charity. Last year we managed to raise around 2K with the stamps. If you are not too far from me I could collect them over the week end, if you are happy ... [ more ]

Forest Hill, lovely fully furnished one bedroom flat

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
An artist friend of mine is renting a lovely, quirky, bright and fully furnished one bedroom flat in a converted 1800s coach house, in a leafy lane just round the corner from the Horniman gardens and 5-10 mins walk from Forest Hill station. Large ... [ more ]

Dog groomer recommendations

Joanne M
in Blackheath
We rescued a Bichon Frise about a month ago & think he probably needs a haircut - can anyone recommend a reputable groomer locally please. Thank you

2 drawer oak table / desk

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
The dimensions of this table are: depth 67cm, length 107cm, height 76cm Collection Crofton Park / Ladywell area. I am looking for £20. Thank you.

Old pairs of glasses

Andy L in Lee
Hi everyone I have a few old pairs of glasses, and not sure what to do with them. Is there a good cause that would benefit from them? I know I've seen some churches collecting them in the past, but don't know what they are used for. But I'd like to do ... [ more ]

Free: 3 boxes of Complan sachets expiry 2017

Mental Health and Wellness

to , (ended)
Lewisham Unitarian Meeting House, 41 Bromley Road, Catford
South East London Humanist Group in South East London Humanist Group
Mental health and wellness: what are the best ways of looking after ourselves and others? Speaker: Libby Oakden Many of us know someone close to us who have had mental health problems or may have suffered ourselves. Why do some people become ... [ more ]

BBC garden documentary

Roofer recommendation please

Maureen J
in Hither Green
Hello - I am looking for a roofer to provide a quote for my roof (lost a few slates) due to storm damage. I live in Catford. Many thanks

Forest Hill, lovely fully furnished one bedroom flat

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
Available from mid May. An artist friend of mine has got a quirky, bright and lovely fully furnished one bedroom flat in a converted 1800s coach house, in a leafy lane just round the corner from the Horniman gardens and 5-10 mins walk from Forest Hill ... [ more ]

Painting and decorating

Marion B
in Forest Hill
Hope you are all well. Over the past few years I have been using the same guy for all my painting and decorating he is great at what he does. Comes up with good ideas to help you is reliable and reasonable I have recommended him to several people ... [ more ]
Lorraine T
Hi Marion, I can't manage my own decorating any longer either. Was wanting one room and hall decorating, would be grateful for the contact. Thank you.

Make use of our garden

Carol B
in Lewisham
I live in Brockely and have a huge garden which is shared with my two upstairs neighbours. Trouble is that none of us have the time to look after it properly or make best use of it. Was wondering if anyone in Local area would want to use it for ... [ more ]
Lorraine T
There are some links to schemes on this guardian article. You could also try local allotment associations as there is always a waiting list of people wanting to do ... [ more ]

Bicycle Service needed

Paul C
in Lee
Can anyone recommend me a good bicycle shop that could do a full service for me on my bike, as in the past I have had repairs done by certain shops in the area and was not pleased with what was done. Many Thanks Paul 

Building application proposal by Catford stations

Helen T in Hither Green
Be aware that the consultation time for comments on this proposal has been extended to 31 December.  It is for a 19 storey building to be built in the space between Catford & Catford Bridge stations, which, imho, is completely out of character for ... [ more ]
Lorraine T
Thanks for sharing, I tried the link but it is not working at the moment. I will try later and post the info to local Facebook groups too ...

Sewing alteration

in Dulwich Village
I need to have a dress shortened.  It is described as wool blend crepe.  It was quite an expensive dress and I so I am looking for a professional dressmaker who is skilled in doing alterations.  I don't think it's a complicated job but there is a slit ... [ more ]
Lorraine T
The dry cleaner in Ladywell has a seamstress that does alterations. She sorted my wedding dress some years ago and recently refitted a zipper on my husband's outdoor jacket. She did a good job at a reasonable price.

yoga classes for pregnant ladies

Gillian W
in Lewisham
Does anyone know if there are classes locally that cater for ladies in pregnancy so they can build up some body strength in advance? Thanks!
Lorraine T
This yoga teacher is local to Nunhead and has a private studio. She is also a Doula.

Moisture in the house.

Chuck Nauris R in Hither Green
How do you deal with moisture in the house? What is the best way to deal with it? Some of my walls are so wet, the water is almost dripping.
Lorraine T
English houses tend to be damp over the winter because it is cold outside and hot and moist inside. To minimise the problem, avoid drying clothes on radiators (use a tumble dryer or go to laundrette), open windows in the morning (yes, even in winter!) ... [ more ]

State schools in Forest Hill

Li S in Forest Hill
I've posted before that all the good state schools seem to be full but I wanted to give it one more try before we commit to an independent school... I've looked into Elliott Bank and Honiman as they're the ones closest to where we're looking to move. ... [ more ]

For rent: 1 bedroom flat in Forest Hill in lovely period coach house

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
An artist friend of mine has got a quirky, bright and lovely fully furnished one bedroom flat in a converted 1800s coach house, in a leafy lane just round the corner from the Horniman gardens and 5-10 mins walk from Forest Hill station. Large lounge ... [ more ]
Lorraine T
Hi Emma, my friend takes only working people, so I am afraid it is currently unsuitable for you (she advertises "no DSS"). Sorry. Good luck with work and finding accomodation.


Steven M
in Lee
I am a 54 year old gay guy living in Hither Green and feel very isolated and depressed. Anyone interested in starting a small weekly group or is it just me ? Steve
Lorraine T
Hi Steve. There are lots of different groups and activities meeting under the SLaM umbrella. This is a link to a newsletter that lists them. There ... [ more ]

Someone to cut my cats claws

Stef D in Ladywell
Is there a veterinary nurse in the Lee green area who could make a home visit to cut my cats claws?  Actually, 2 would be better - 1 to hold her still while it's being done!  She is elderly and blind and is very scared...but her claws are too long.
Lorraine T
Yes, I do the same as Janine with my elderly cat and use a regular large nail clipper for humans. My cat is also deaf and visually impaired. I do it a little at a time when he is relaxed on my lap and hold his paw steady in my left hand. If he ... [ more ]

Carpet fitter for a small room

Lorraine T
in Nunhead
We have been given a good second hand carpet and want to lay it in a small room 2.5mt by 3.5mt. The carpet is larger than the room so needs cutting and fitting. Can anyone recommend a local and inexpensive fitter who will take on such a small job? ... [ more ]