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Samantha & Mark

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A Canadian and a Welshman living in Wandsworth :)

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Friend looking for HR job

Samantha & Mark in Battersea
Hi everyone, A good friend of mine has just completed her Masters degree in Human Resource Management and Employee Relations at Brunel University and is now looking for work within the HR industry. She has over five years of experience working in ... [ more ]

Plannning summer holiday HELP!

Jo in Wandsworth
Sorry, I know this isn't a living in Wandsworth related question but I am quickly trying to put together a holiday touring Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, Toronto, Montreal and Ottowa) in August. It would be really useful if anyone out there has ... [ more ]
Samantha & Mark
Hi Jo, I am from Toronto and have been to Montreal, Ottawa and NS (though I was 16 the last time I was in NS so may not be tons of help!). I can try to answer any questions you have and then I am sure Pam's friend can fill in any gaps! x

mobile phone

Kevin H in Battersea
Hi I have a Nokia 1800 mobile phone, together with an Orange PAYG SIM card available if anyone if interested? It's a basic phone but does the job! Not looking for much for it- £7! Thanks Kevin
Samantha & Mark
Hi Kevin, I may need a phone for while my parents are here visiting from Canada. They may be able to use theirs while they are here, but if not, whereabouts in Wandsworth do you live? I'm happy to pop by and pick it up! Thanks!

Anyone have a spare coffee machine I could borrow?

Samantha & Mark in Wandsworth
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone in the area might have a spare coffee machine (filter, percolator - any will do!) that I could borrow for about 2 weeks? My parents are visiting from Canada and they love their fresh coffee in the morning. My ... [ more ]

Men's Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirts for Sale

Samantha & Mark in Battersea
Hello all, I have a few Men's Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts (Muscle fit) for sale. They are very gently worn and are only being sold because they no longer fit my boyfriend (too many Dominos!). They are 100% genuine, bought from Canada. The ... [ more ]

Best pub quiz?

Samantha & Mark
I've got to agree with Ifor S - The Ship has the best pub quiz! My boyfriend and I have been to a few and this is definitely our favourite! The Quiz Master, James, is terrific as well!

Battersea fireworks

SRUnderwood in Battersea
Thank you Wandsworth for another wonderful display of fireworks. Am I just an old fogey and am I alone in wondering why it has to be accompanied by such loud music? Much as I enjoy the music of Queen, etc, was any of it relevant to the display? ... [ more ]
Samantha & Mark
I have never seen fireworks that have been synchronized to music before so I was really impressed with the show! I have also never paid to see fireworks (I am from Canada and can't remember ever having to pay to see them) and at first I was outraged ... [ more ]

Any Canadians?

Samantha & Mark in Earlsfield
Hi all, Just wondering if there are any Canadians living in or around Wandsworth? I am from Waterloo, Ontario and have been living in London for just over a year and it is always nice to meet up with fellow North Americans! Samantha x