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Change to Streetlife

Joanna M
in Wimbledon
Has anyone else had a message to say that Streetlife is merging with Nextdoor which is a simular site. They are requesting to click a link to merge the account profile and add a new password. Not sure if it is a scam or real.
I could not verify by phone either.  I hope all the previous conversations and recommendations etc. will be transferred over.

Please stay in contact with me, if you want -when Streetlife is no longer...

in Upper Tooting
I will try to save my inbox of PM's as these do not transfer to NextDoor but  often I don't have your own email address. So just asking that you send me a brief PM with your email contact.  We may no longer be 'neighbours' on the new forum.

Farewell to Streetlife - thanks and keeping in touch via Facebook

Tracey R
in Upper Tooting
Dear Streetlife friends & acquaintances, Thank you all for the pleasure of your company, conversation, recommendations, shared plant seeds, business recommendations (for me), and most of all for the amazing support from so many of you with my ... [ more ]

Moving to Nextdoor... Question.

LG in Balham
I'd like more info, and others opinions on moving to Nextdoor... I'm concerned about sharing my address without knowing who runs it, where is it based, who gets access to my information and so on. Where is the data stored and who protects it? I'll ... [ more ]

Marble topped bedside table

Freebies for collection

in Summerstown
I'm looking for good homes for the following items; - Houseplant - Samsung Blu-ray player (never used) - Mirror (heavy) - Foot spa (only used twice) To be allocated on a first-come basis. All these items can be collected as soon as possible from ... [ more ]

Narrow Coffee table / bench made of solid wood pick up for free if anyone wants - very well made, dovetail joints, no marks

Nic H in Balham
The table/bench Is in perfect condition, measurements : 17" wide 16.5" high 39"long . I think the wood is ash or oak (bought from MUJI)

Car body repairs recommendations

Julie K
in Balham
Last week someone clipped the front of my car while it was parked in a quiet street. I didn't see them and there's no cctv available. Some of the paintwork is almost down to metal and there is a bit of creasing as it's on a join. I don't want to ... [ more ]
Martin Wood at Delta Autos who will do a good job as he does plenty of work for main dealers.  Near the Savacentre ( in arches next door to the party centre but I do not know what it is called now.)

Weekend walking Groups

Liz S in Furzedown
Hi All I was wondering if there are any local walking groups that meet regularly on the weekends?  My walking friend is leaving this summer so now I want to get my partner motivated to do them too! Thanks Liz
I realised that Kens Walks were not recommended but I wondered why.  ( I'm not that stupid)

too many books - might have a solution to at least some of them

Lucy S
in Mitcham
Dear all, i am, as some of you know, a book hoarder.  and while i've deluged Wandsworth Oasis with nearly 100 boxes of books, i'm always on the look out for another place that wants them. found this today - its specific, wants text books, novels, ... [ more ]
I always take mine to the Balham Oxfam shop as they do attempt to sell them for a good price , unlike some charities

Retail interior designer / Shopfitter

Nick L in Balham
Hi all, we (@Pawpairs) are opening a dog grooming / puppy day care / pet accessory shop on Garratt Lane soon (exciting!!) and would like to speak with a retail interior designer / shopfitter for some ideas. Can anyone recommend anyone?
Try The Paint House on Northcote Road who are currently working on Tamra next door. Obviously, they designed their own shops too which are very attractive

Post script to Purse Stolen

Jane F
in Furzedown
I reported on here the other day about having my purse stolen in Balham Caffe Nero.  I thought  I had acted quickly in reporting my cards stolen however, today a whole load of contactless payments on my current account have appeared.  All local shops ... [ more ]
My daughter had the same experience when someone stole her debit card as they managed to run up £200 of contactless payments in the time it took for her to ring the bank.

Box of 150 Jiffy Bags.

Shoe/trainer recycling - where locally?

in Summerstown
Now the much-missed Capstick Sports has gone from Northcote Road & the shoe recycling station with it, where can shoes & trainers be recycled???

Retired Ladies Club

Melinda R
in Putney
We meet every Monday 10.30 at Bills Putney High Street for a structured coffee Morning e.g. Quiz, guest speaker. There is a programme of events on offer with monthly outings to museums/art galleries/gardens, teas, theatre, cinema and weekly lunches.

Free guided walk - Post Christmas??

Ian Bull
in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project. Earlier this year I personally advertised some walks on Streetlife. These were so popular that they had to be repeated, in one case three times. I've been asked if I'd do another walk ... [ more ]

Blind maker

A professional curtain maker recommended Web Blinds to me and I am very happy with the 2 Roman blinds I have ordered from them.  ( both with black-out lining) and not much more than a standard roller blind from John Lewis  ( approx. £90 each  )

Expert required for repair of MIRA electric shower.

bunty in Earlsfield
I have a Mira Sport Max which is not heating the water well enough and sometimes the low pressure light comes on.  ( acc. to MIRA this could be an electrical fault)The water is OK elsewhere.  MIRA charge £159 to repair and I am sure it would be ... [ more ]
Mira Sport Max 10.8 kw, model. no. PWMIOO26, 6.5 years old.  The MIRA price is for labour and repairs, not replacement. Any thoughts?

moving stuff into storage while the builders are in - recommendations please

Lucy S
in Mitcham
i'm having my house refurbished & i have a duff back.  I am looking for people who will pack the contents of a kitchen and dining room, including a ridiculous number of books, and move said stuff into storage so that the builders can have free ... [ more ]


Elizabeth R
in Earlsfield
Hi,  I am looking for a plumber who is self employed as opposed to a big company. This has been on Streetlife before and I don't want people to have to rewrite. Is there a thread I can follow that goes onto the other postings? Thanks. On the other ... [ more ]
I have seen several people recommend Jane Graham and tried to use her myself but despite phoning and emailing she never answered and I had to give up.

Camping Gear To Give Away

Maia A
in Balham
I have a one-person sleeping bag, a backpack and a self-erecting tent to give away. They have all seen action on festival trips (tent and sleeping bag) and a bit of global travels (backpack). The tent is comfortable for one person. Cosy for two! If ... [ more ]

Cab companies near Southfields

Same as above.  We got fed up with Capital Cars overcharging our teenage children and complaints came to nothing so switched to SW cars but then the same happened again, but never to us.

Low Water Pressure

Christmas day transport required from Brighton to Southfields please

Lily in Wandsworth
Does anyone have friends or family travelling  by car from Brighton or Hove to Southfields (or nearby) on Christmas day morning? If so, my son would love a lift and pay a share of the petrol. I gather no trains run that day.

Broken water tank heater. Grateful for any recommendations.

in Battersea
My flat runs only on electric. My water tank installed last year has two immersion heaters. One which runs on economy seven and one that runs during the day - this has now broken. I have checked the fuses and switches. All seems to be ok. I contacted ... [ more ]
Try the Hamilton Group who have been recommended on here many times and I have used them too successfully