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Retired Ladies Club

Melinda R
in Putney
We meet every Monday 10.30 at Bills Putney High Street for a structured coffee Morning e.g. Quiz, guest speaker. There is a programme of events on offer with monthly outings to museums/art galleries/gardens, teas, theatre, cinema and weekly lunches.

Free guided walk - Post Christmas??

Ian Bull
in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone I'm a walk leader for TfL's 'Walk London' project. Earlier this year I personally advertised some walks on Streetlife. These were so popular that they had to be repeated, in one case three times. I've been asked if I'd do another walk ... [ more ]

Blind maker

Sophie B in Merton
Hi, I'm looking to have a roman blind made for my son's bedroom, would greatly appreciate any recommendations.
A professional curtain maker recommended Web Blinds to me and I am very happy with the 2 Roman blinds I have ordered from them.  ( both with black-out lining) and not much more than a standard roller blind from John Lewis  ( approx. £90 each  )

Expert required for repair of MIRA electric shower.

bunty in Earlsfield
I have a Mira Sport Max which is not heating the water well enough and sometimes the low pressure light comes on.  ( acc. to MIRA this could be an electrical fault)The water is OK elsewhere.  MIRA charge £159 to repair and I am sure it would be ... [ more ]
Mira Sport Max 10.8 kw, model. no. PWMIOO26, 6.5 years old.  The MIRA price is for labour and repairs, not replacement. Any thoughts?

moving stuff into storage while the builders are in - recommendations please

Lucy S
in Mitcham
i'm having my house refurbished & i have a duff back.  I am looking for people who will pack the contents of a kitchen and dining room, including a ridiculous number of books, and move said stuff into storage so that the builders can have free ... [ more ]


Elizabeth R
in Earlsfield
Hi,  I am looking for a plumber who is self employed as opposed to a big company. This has been on Streetlife before and I don't want people to have to rewrite. Is there a thread I can follow that goes onto the other postings? Thanks. On the other ... [ more ]
I have seen several people recommend Jane Graham and tried to use her myself but despite phoning and emailing she never answered and I had to give up.

Camping Gear To Give Away

Maia A
in Balham
I have a one-person sleeping bag, a backpack and a self-erecting tent to give away. They have all seen action on festival trips (tent and sleeping bag) and a bit of global travels (backpack). The tent is comfortable for one person. Cosy for two! If ... [ more ]

Shoe/trainer recycling - where locally?

in Summerstown
Now the much-missed Capstick Sports has gone from Northcote Road & the shoe recycling station with it, where can shoes & trainers be recycled???

Cab companies near Southfields

Lily in Wandsworth
Can anyone recommend a good cab company? We've just been badly let down by Capital Cars.
Same as above.  We got fed up with Capital Cars overcharging our teenage children and complaints came to nothing so switched to SW cars but then the same happened again, but never to us.

Low Water Pressure

Here in SW18 we will be short of water/no water tomorrow afternoon for water repair works

Christmas day transport required from Brighton to Southfields please

Lily in Wandsworth
Does anyone have friends or family travelling  by car from Brighton or Hove to Southfields (or nearby) on Christmas day morning? If so, my son would love a lift and pay a share of the petrol. I gather no trains run that day.

Broken water tank heater. Grateful for any recommendations.

in Battersea
My flat runs only on electric. My water tank installed last year has two immersion heaters. One which runs on economy seven and one that runs during the day - this has now broken. I have checked the fuses and switches. All seems to be ok. I contacted ... [ more ]

Travellers in caravans occupying the Wandsworth Common tonight...

in Balham
The Sainsbury's side of the common is seeing a pop up camp of caravans on the grass in the bluish spinning light of a lonely Police car.
There is a site in Trewint Street, Earlsfield.  I will not say any more in case I have my facts wrong apart from the fact someone was murdered there some years ago.

Roman blinds

Debbie G in Wandsworth
I'm looking for someone who can measure, supply, make and fit Roman blinds to a bay window, have had a couple of quotes but they have been extremely expensive , looking for a reasonable price

Roman blinds

Debbie G in Wandsworth
I need someone who can measure, supply,make and fit Roman blinds to a bedroom bay window.

Bicycle panniers to give away

Looking for a local Curtain maker

Stephen T in Battersea
HI, I need some sewing done. I need 10 curtain net and 10 linen fabrics, varying sizes. Approx 100 x 200. But, I just wanted them all hemmed, and with eyelets punched onto the top corners, so I can hang them from hooks, linen in front of the ... [ more ]

Good Dentist

in Tooting Graveney
Hi Folks I'm looking for an excellent NHS dentist in the Wandsworth area - any recommendations please. Many thanks K x
Went to the dentists in Garratt Lane for an mergency abcess situation  but would not recommend them unless you were desparate for out of hours treatment.  Dentist young and inexperienced/patronising and staff  did not speak  English apart from the ... [ more ]

Skin tag removal

n w in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend a clinic that does skin tag removal ?. I have one on my leg that is driving me mad and wish to get it removed Thanks
GP removed mine as it was catching on my clothes and bleeding and I think that was why she was prepared to do it.  Also sent the skin tags off to lab to check nothing sinister

Cassette tapes

Mary P
in South Wimbledon
I have a box of old cassette tapes and was wondering if anyone had a use for them? Pick up in Wimbledon Park.
There is a charity which accepts these by post /free postage and sends them to Africa to help teach blind Africans to type.  I have sent them cassette tapes myself and they also aceept manual typewriters.  I cannot for the life of me remember the name ... [ more ]

Stained glass window repairer

Jane O
in Tooting Graveney
Can anyone recommend a company that repairs stained glass windows on front doors - in my case an Edwardian door.
The chap in Broomwood Road quoted me £1000 to repair my door's glass but I found someone who did a good job for £300.  They were based in Wandsworth but I cannot remember their name at the moment

Free guided walk - This Sunday 25th

Ian Bull
in Wandsworth
Hullo everyone This year I've offered a few guided walks in attractive parts of London through Streetlife. They've proved most popular with the participants and this Sunday I'm conducting a repeat of the walk I offered in August. You can see the ... [ more ]

B&Q Car Parking Ticket

Karina C in Clapham Park
I parked in B&Q Wandsworth and popped across the road.  When I came back 10 minutes later there was a ticket on my car (issued by TPS Total Parking Solutions) saying that I had been observed leaving the site.  Looking on line, I have seen various ... [ more ]

Free Designer Guild floor cushion

June B
in Balham
Unused so perfect condition. Great for teenager's room. Measures 70cm x 70cm x 20cm. Collect Wandsworth Common

Films to go