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Private tour of Parliament (Common and Lords)

Clubs & Groups in Clapham

OCT 20
Houses of Parliament, Westminster
Battersea Social
Dear Members, We have had an invite to have a private tour of Parliament at a date to be fixed in October - probably a weekday at 11am but not agreed yet. I am just sounding everyone out to see if enough would be interested in going. These private tours ... [ more ]

Water Meter or not......?

Recommendations in Balham

Marianne I
Can anyone please tell me if having a water meter works out cheaper then paying for water via the "rates" system? I have just received the new Bill for the year 2014/2015 and it has shocked me...... Living alone one does not get any reduction, as with ... [ more ]
Kath, How do you account for the increased cost? I am about to be "measured up" for a meter as I think I am a low volume user. Is it a con or a genuine way of paying less if you are conscious about water usage? Paul

Anyone fur cricket this summer?

Clubs & Groups in Balham

Hello Albamorphics are a small, friendly, sociable cricket club that is based around south london and plays friendly games most sundays during the summer. We could do with a couple of new players some competence would be good but that is about all. I ... [ more ]
Hi Fred, What time are the nets, and where do you tend to play on Sundays? And how many overs per game? Thanks, Paul

Local plumber

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonably priced local plumber for work on my boiler and radiator? Many thanks, Paul

Loft conversion

Recommendations in Battersea

Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated. Did you all instruct an architect or draughtsman, who also project-managed the work? Paul

What can I use for my fireplace in a smoke control area?

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mungomuffit inactive
Hi all, for the first time I've got a "real" fireplace and I want to light a fire. But I have no idea what I can and can't use and the Wandsworth BC website isn't much help. Am I allowed to use kindling and paper to get it started? What are the best ... [ more ]


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Picture framing

Local Conversations in Battersea

Is anyone having problems with moths now?

Local Conversations in Balham

We have just checked our 'sticky pads' in the loft for moths and they are full - cant believe it.  Anyway they seem to be back with a vengeance and I am spraying around all the edges of our carpets/wardrobes etc and replacing pads in the loft and floor ... [ more ]
The Lakeland product is called - wait for it - Moth Guard. I use it, plus the sticky pads and hanging deterrents inside wardrobes, whilst bagging up jumpers etc. And I bought a fly-swatter yesterday...... Have lost four suits to date, amongst lots of ... [ more ]

Tiler wanted.

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Thanks DJ. My kitchen has been left half-completed, and so think the contrast of my amateurish efforts might not be ideal. But you are my only response so far, so I may have no other choice......... P