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private IT teaching

rosie m in Battersea
My friend and I are looking for someone to teach us how to improve our use of Word, Excel and IT skills generally.We are both young, (mid 50s) and intelligent, but in terms of IT feel like two old biddies! We can't face working our way through huge ... [ more ]
suzie d
Hi Rosie, I would be interested in joining your group, if you have any space left! Have lap top can travel. Please let me know if you have space, when you get something together. I am flexible on time and days.

Bbc radio 2 live in Hyde Park. Sunday 8th September

suzie d in Battersea
I have one spare ticket for this event. I'm selling it at cost price. If anyone is interested please leave me a message with a contact number.

Free mink eyelash extensions from a newly qualified practitioner

HP in Battersea
Hi everyone - is this allowed? I'm not sure and I do apologise if not!!! Anyway I have just qualified to apply mink eyelash extensions and am looking for a couple of models to practice on (for free!) before I start charging people properly! I am not ... [ more ]
suzie d
I have become allergic to mascara.  I've been thinking of trying eyelash extensions. I have no allergy to eyelash dye. Do you think it's worth a try?

Next daytime Battersea Social Plus drop-in next Tuesday (26th)

to , (ended)
Battersea Social in Battersea Social
Please let me know if you are coming to the next daytime drop-in so I can reserve enough space? If you are new to Battersea Social Plus and would like to come email Chris at giving brief details about you we would love ... [ more ]

Next Battersea Social Plus daytime drop-in next Tuesday (3rd)

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Coffee 1st Cafe and Gallery, Battersea Rise (2 minutes walk from Northcote Road towards Clapham Common)
Battersea Social in Battersea Social
The next  Battersea Social Plus social networking drop-in is next Tuesday (3 April). Please let me know if you are coming so I can reserve enough space? Battersea Social Plus is aimed at those approaching retirement or recently retired and who live in ... [ more ]

Battersea Social Plus - are you retired or soon to retire?

Neighbour in Battersea Social
Battersea Social, the new business and social netorking club for local people is growing rapidly - we now have nearly 100 members in less than 6 months. We are now finding that although the vast majority of our members are in there 30's and 40's we ... [ more ]

Council plans to axe Parks Police

Jimmy B in Nine Elms
Of all the so-called anti-comunity savings plans this one is hard to beat . The Parks Police were set up in mid 1980's as a local community friendly force with offices and living quarters based in  Battearsea Park at a time when this local space was ... [ more ]
suzie d
I have just signed the petition. Only 167 signatures so far. I'm sure that there must be many people who are concerned for their safety, and that of their families. The link on Jimmy B's post is easy to follow, and registering takes two minutes.
suzie d
Andrew I am aware of all the issues.  I was simply trying to persuade people to take action.

Last chance - theatre-going group set up

urbangardner in Wandsworth
Sixteen of us are planning to create a theatre-going group for discount tickets and joint outings, probably around once a month in the evenings.  Have your say into how it will work by completing this short survey.  You can also get to the ... [ more ]
suzie d
Thank you for all your hard work in setting up the survey. I would urge anyone who is interested in joining us for theatre outings to complete the survey ( As soon as we have completed the ... [ more ]

Inks going cheap

Jenny S in Battersea
I have had to replace my Epson printer, unfortunately shortly after I had bought new inks. I have two yellow, one blue and two blacks, all unused. Going together for £15.

Visit and tour of Battersea Arts Centre (BAC)

Neighbour in Balham
The BAC have invited a group of Battersea Social club members to have a tour of the amazing BAC building and find out about what they do. It will probably have to be on a Thursday or Friday evening but we may be able to organise a daytime tour too ... [ more ]

the NEW Battersea Food Market Launches tomorrow! 10am to 5pm

Valeria R in Battersea
Battersea Food Market launching tomorrow Saturday 4 June! 10am - 5pm. A weekly, educational food market in the heart of Battersea. Offering high quality, fresh produce & street food to the local community & lovers of fine food. Come along ... [ more ]

Battersea Photographers

suzie d in Battersea
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th May at the Castle Pub 115 Battersea High Street SW113HS. You will find us at the table behind the main bar, if you would like to join us. Look forward to seeing you.

meeting venue change 24 may.

suzie d in Battersea
The meeting will now be held at The Castle Pub. 115 Battersea High St. SW11 3HS. at 19.15. The Castle pub is just three minutes walk away from our usual location, which is going to be closed for refurbishment. The table will be at the back of the ... [ more ]

January Meeting Friday 28th 19.00hrs.

suzie d in Battersea
CHANGE OF VENUE FOR MEETING. I'm afraid we have had to change the meeting place to : The Woodman Pub. 60 High Street.Battersea. 0207 228 2968. The pub is just a couple of minutes down the road from the Castle. ... [ more ]


Joanie p in Battersea
The next meeting will be on Monday 6th December and will now be at the Castle Pub in Battersea High Street at 7pm. New members welcome. Look forward to seeing you all there.
suzie d
My lap top keeps freezing. So I won't be able to bring it. If anyone reads this before the meeting this evening and has a lap top. please bring it, I'm not sure if I was being relied on to bring mine. See you later. Suzie

Good to see everyone last night!

Christian in Battersea
Should we move away from the original thread and start to use this group to discuss upcoming meetings etc? Actually, I just noticed that we can insert web images in these messages. Will this work as a way of sharing photos when we get up and ... [ more ]
suzie d
Hi everyone, Great to meet you last week. Special thanks to Sarah and Joanie. I have been to see the Woodman, which in future would be a suitable venue. Many very large tables,and they will reserve one for us with no pressure to eat. They have ... [ more ]

Does anyone know if there is a camera / photography club in the area?

Joanie p in Battersea
If not, is anyone interested in starting one? I've searched around but the nearest I've found is in Bromley or somewhere near there
suzie d
I would love to join you. Wondering if everyone is accomplished or just keen. I'm keen to learn, so if everyone is highly techy I may have to learn a bit more first.