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Bargain and quality exercise for the over-45s

Melissa H in Crystal Palace
If you're free on a Tuesday afternoon why not come along to Silverfit at the National Sports Centre in Crystal Palace Park.  We're a charity offering Pilates, Nordic Walking or Spinning at £5 a class, dropping to £3 a class if you buy a £5 annual ... [ more ]

Gym partner!

Dre G in Bellingham
Hey, Been meaning to go to the gym but lack motivation...signed up to Energie in Forest Hill but just havent been going :( Looking for someone who I can go with and help me get into shape If anyone is interested then get in touch :) Dre
I go to Beckenham gym on my own.  It does depend on where you go.  I tend to chat to people when I go for to the steam or sauna room when everyone is more relaxed.  You got to motivate yourself if you are determine to get fit.

Carpet cleaning services

in Anerley
Hi does anyone know of a carpet cleaning service locally. I used a one man show for a number of years but he has gone away now.


in Anerley
Help! Can anyone recommend any good childminders in the area I can contact. Im looking for someone part-time who can do Wed and Fridays 8:30 to 7:30 pm.

New to the area

in Anerley
Hi I have just recently moved into Sydenham area near East Penge station. Can anyone recommend a good family GP in the area. Thanks
Thanks Pauline. I have checked reviews on this surgery which are great. Will register with them soon.

Neighbour from hell

in Colliers Wood
I am having a terrible time with a neighbour living next door to me.  I have a young child under 2 and it is affecting all of us greatly.  One of the things she is doing is parking so close to my car that I am unable to get into the boot to take ... [ more ]
Thank you very much for lettijng me know about the event.  I am gutted now because I have to go to work tomorrow and would have love to have attended this as I am desperate for some advice.  Please let me know when you are arranging another event as I ... [ more ]
I assure all of you that I am most certainly telling the truth.  This is more than just parking.  When my son was born and brought home, she invited some motorists to bring their bikes down the road and make noise deliberately and noone on the road ... [ more ]

Any spare grass/turf?

in Colliers Wood
Hi everyone, has anyone got any spare turf left over they don't want.  Just need about 15 m2. Thank you.

Priced out of Tooting?

Jo P
in Furzedown
Just reading the thread on the Mantilla Road cafe ... the theme changed to the gentrifying of Tooting. We lived in Coteford Street for nearly ten years, then 10 years ago when we needed to move - noisy neighbours, more space needed - and we had to ... [ more ]
Just a curious question really.  Does anyone know how two ladies ended up sleeping on the streets of tooting under umbrellas by any chance.

Umbrella ladies on streets of Tooting

in Balham
I have been told by pollice Anand, that they are a retired  headmistress who does have a houseand all trappings, but is making a point that you can live like this - without huge expense, and,  that occasionally her daughter joins her. Obviously with ... [ more ]

Riots in our community!

Nicki W in Upper Tooting There is already trouble in Colliers Wood tonight - why is this being allowed to happen!! I hope the police are out and on it, and the ... [ more ]
Help, we need a fairly high fence put up. Does anyone know of a person? Need someone reliable and reasonable please.

Help! Gardener needed urgently