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Earlsfield Ward Election

Paul W
in Earlsfield
Thank you for all those who showed so much faith in local Earlsfield Labour Party candidate Rachael Stokes, to elect her to Wandsworth Borough council in Thurday's local Government election. She added 1,000 votes (120% increase) on the last comparable ... [ more ]
Really?  From what I heard, nobody ever saw Rachel Stokes, just the Vicar and the other one. It seems to me that Ms Stokes benefited from the fact that the third Conservative is Indian and consequently got significantly fewer votes than the other ... [ more ]

SW London Racetrack!!

Alan P
in Upper Tooting
The motor cycle loonies were out in force yesterday evening on the race track (aka Trinity Road). Speeds of up to 70mph were onserved along with the awesome racket from the unsilenced engines!!. Way to go!!, they know that our police force will not ... [ more ]

Clapham Common Rock Gigs

Bonnie H
in Balham
Something that is bothering me a lot - that summer gigs on Clapham Common are a done deal now...  The common is in bad enough shape after the Snowboarding dome but that's nothing to what it will be like when Live Nation takes it over for rock gigs. It ... [ more ]
Bonnie - it's in the name!  Common: for common usage.  It's not a park where you stroll, look at the plants, feed the ducks etc. Stop whinging.  If you don't like it, move away from the Common.

Southfields Estate Agents - yet another due to open

Richard N in West Hill
We already have EIGHT estate agents within just a 50 metre radius of Southfields Station, namely: 1. Andrews 2. John D Wood 3. Winkworth 4. Kinleigh Folkyard Hayward 5.  Haart x 2 6. Barnard Marcus 7. Douglas & Gordon .....and soon to open, ... [ more ]
Richard N, You should have used Legends (the previous shop) more often.  You know the saying......."use it or lose it".

Rubbish collection missed week

Jane G
in Battersea
Does anyone know why the rubbish was not collected last Wednesday 6 th Nov? Just off Battersea Rise area.
......because you put your rubbish out too late?  I only say that because no-one else has complained in the last six days!

Freeze that bill!

Rachael S
in Earlsfield
Are you angry that your energy bills are continuing to rise while energy costs are falling? Ed Milliband is calling on the government to place a cap on bills so that people can afford to heat their homes this winter. If you would like to support the ... [ more ]
Oh, come on Rachael S.  You, and the Labour Party are having a laugh! This is the same Ed Millliliband who was Energy  (and Climate Change) Secretary for at least three years before he became the Leader of the Labour Party. He was the Energy ... [ more ]

Junk Mail

Sue S
in Balham
I have a  'No Junk Mail' sticker on my letterbox, and a couple of times recently I have opened my front door to find some junk mail  casually dropped onto my DOORMAT. I have solved the problem of junk mail delivered by Royal Mail.   I didn't ask them ... [ more ]
Do what I do with the Pizza leaflets etc.  Find out their address and post the leaflet back with a little note saying "No junk mail" stickers on the door really do mean "NO JUNK MAIL HERE" and add your postcode. Then pop the offending leaflet and ... [ more ]

Protest Against Wandsworth One O'Clock Club Closures

to , (ended)
Wandsworth Town Hall
Alex S in Battersea
Wandsworth Council is going to close the Bolingbroke, Windmill, Coronation Gardens, King George's Park, Fontley Way and Battersea Park One O'Clock Clubs this September. These clubs are a lifeline for many local parents and young children.  There is ... [ more ]
From what I've heard, you're all wrong.  Not One O’clock centre is closing but how they all operate is going to change so as to make better use of the facilities.  Surely that's a win-win?

Parking metres

Ann-Marie D in Balham
Last week weds I was awoken by drilling. Looking out out the window I saw a man drilling into the side of the parking metre and using a tube to remove the money then putting a sticker over the top. I got a very good look at him. Since then every day ... [ more ]
Unbelievable! You're telling us that you witnessed a crime and never rang the Police?  That is just what 999 is for - to catch criminals in the act. Do you really think that posting on Streetlife is going to help the Council keep hold of the stolen ... [ more ]

Wandsworth Council ends funding for School Crossing Patrollers

Ian R in Putney
Wandsworth Council ends funding for School Crossing Patrollers (‘lollipop’ men and women) from January 2013  On Wednesday, 4 July, the Finance and Corporate Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee of Wandsworth Council voted by 7 votes to 3 to ... [ more ]

Wandsworth Enforcement - Just how bad does it have to get before you act?

in Colliers Wood
This is a photo taken this morning at 9.15.   Rather than let Fountains collect it and destroy evidence send someone down to investigate now and DO something! What was the result of last weeks 'investigation'?
Am I missing something here?   Wandsworth Council "offers" a reactive service in that it will collect the mess left by thoughtless, selfish people - surely it is these people who should be the target of your anger, not the so-and-sos doing the ... [ more ]
Sorry, that should have read "...your anger, not Wandsworth Council who are trying to keep the streets and open spaces clean and clear."

Fabulous news, at last!

in Earlsfield
Walking past the old Grid Inn in Southfields the other day, I noticed the Tesco shopfitters working hard to convert the premises into a shiny new supermarket to cater to all the hard-pressed mothers in Southfields.   Can't wait for it to open - see ... [ more ]

leader's visit to Roehampton

Anne K
in Kingston Vale
I was sorry to learn from the talk on Ist March 2012 that the leader had been allegedly twice to Roehampton.  I did not see this advertised and wondered if anyone else did.  If so, where? I dont believe he came to Roehampton at all
I hope you're not saying that he's a liar - that would be contrary to the "Code" at Streelife, wouldn't it?

25% to 100%+ rise in Wandsworth resident parking charges - disgraceful!

Tracey R
in Balham
I've just received a letter from the council as my parking permit is getting close to its renewal date. I am absolutely horrified at the huge jump in the cost! How can the council justify such increases in tough economic times? [Motorists are being ... [ more ]
What a pity Leonie C. forgot to tell everyone that SHE is a Councillor, too - she represents Labour. What's the phrase.....? Economical with the truth?

Wandsworth Council to evict tenants unemployed for more than two years

Colin D
in Wandsworth
I would be interested to know peoples views on the council taking part in this scheme to evict tenants who have been unemployed for two years or more. Is this the tip of the iceberg of social cleansing? Or justifiable stance to make people less ... [ more ]
That they are unemployed is bad enough.  But for the rest of us, we are paying them to be idle/look for work.  And then we have to pay the subsidised rent on their homes as well, for two years or more....? Give us a break,  The Council is doing the ... [ more ]

Tescos has bought The Grid Inn, Southfields!!

in Summerstown
Whoa!  Hang on a minute.  I am a firm believer in the old adage "Use it, or lose it!".  It is all very well bemoaning the fact that a national chain has moved in somewhere in Southfields, or bemoaning that a pub no-one wanted to use has closed down - ... [ more ]

Found Oystercard

Davide in Wandsworth
Found last night @ 1am an Oystercard on Wandsworth Common West Side, very close to the trafficlight Trinity Road / Huguenot Place. If you think it might be yours please get in touch with some details about it so to prove you're the owner. Cheers. ... [ more ]
Rather than just "hope" that somone reads this particular website, why don't you do what is says on the back of the Oyster card: "If found, please take this card to the nearest tube staion booking office or post to London Transport at 55 Broadway, ... [ more ]
"I'll keep the one I found for a while and eventually I'll destroy it" If you post it to Oyster card Services at 55 Broadway, SW1H 0BD (as it says on the back of the Oyster Card) it'll get back to the owner - that way you won't have to wait to ... [ more ]