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Hi, I don't take life too serious and try to be positive at all time. Friendly, laid back with a good sense of humor. Though calm, am easy to be with.

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Is Britain "full"?

in Clapham Park
Gathered Britain is "full", but the last time I checked, the UK still had about 93% of unsettled land... If 60 million inhabitants occupy 7% of settled land, how many more people are needed to actually fill up Britain? Lets do the maths, cos am ... [ more ]

BBQ in the park?

Drew W in Wandsworth
At a time when we are increasingly restricted by time, money and space, when it comes to getting friends and families together a BBQ is a great idea! However, only 40% of us have a garden.... most live in small flats of one kind or another ... [ more ]
I haven't got a garden, and I love open space bbq. All I reckon is that, the council could designate a restricted and well monitored area in the park for cumming bbq. I believe that, even those with a garden would still like to come out and communion ... [ more ]

Just a thought...!

Just a thought!