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Molly H

Lives in Balham

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Caroline O
in Upper Tooting
Hi Does anyone know of a good carpenter.I need an alcove in my loft turned into a cupboard so not a massive job! Many thanks
Molly H
Try Przemek Mazur ("Shem" Mazur) of Arrow Carpentry and Decorating. Punctual, thorough, did an excellent job on a built in wardrobe for me., 0774 857 38 12

combination boiler

Molly H
If you're still looking, Tim Mycroft -- 07971 478721. He repaired my boiler four years ago -- and I haven't needed him since.

Electrician in Clapham

Molly H
Donna Lister, ATB. Excellent -- but often busy, as a result. She sorted something out for me that had vexed two other electricians, and for a good price.

Sash window repair

R. Y
in Battersea
I am looking for someone who might be able to replace the bottom rail of a sash window that is rotten at a reasonable price.  I cannot see it would be cheaper to have the whole window done.  Thnx.
Molly H
If flowerpower's guys don't work out, you could try Ventrolla. None of the quotes I got was cheap, but Ventrolla was competitive and did a beautiful job replacing a rotted window.

Mac expert needed

Molly H in Balham
can anyone recommend an Apple expert locally (or give me a fix for a PowerBook that has effectively locked me out?) I have tried a few fixes from online, (PRAM, safe mode, reinstalling frm original disks), but I'm now at an impasse. I get to login, ... [ more ]
Molly H
Thanks, all, suspect it's something really simple, so will prob try free fix first! (re. age, it's from 07, leopard (I think... Can't check it at the moment!)

Social Enterprise - well-being and positive mental health promotion

Nonie W in Balham
Hello all I’m a Postgraduate student from Goldsmiths studying a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship. I’m working on a business plan to create a local social enterprise to promote well-being and positive mental health, a ... [ more ]
Molly H
All the best for your venture and your degree. I follow this sector a bit & came across this (later this week) -- Good Deals Investment Conference, for social entrepreneurship.

Looking for a place to teach yoga

in Balham
Hi there - I normally teach yoga at the Streatham and Clapham High School dance studio, but it is closed through the summer. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find a yoga space for the summer or permently if nice enough that is in teh Balham ... [ more ]
Molly H
Sam, bit late to this, but I've also seen people coming out of yoga at the library at Balham (Ramsden Road) and also seen ads for yoga at this church...

Best Local Eateries

in Battersea
Dear Streetlife Lovelies, We are aware of many fantastic local eateries (delis, restaurants etc..) in surrounding areas, so would like to create a positive chat to identify the best local eateries. If you've had a fantastic meal, or excellent ... [ more ]
Molly H
Lamberts is rated as one of the best restaurants in London and is always a cut above; Abbeville Kitchen is also good -- from the same stable as the Canton Arms at Vauxhall etc. Also in Balham, Trinity, for lunch and De Lys for the cakes. Chez Bruce, ... [ more ]


Catherine W
in Balham
Furzedown net is a buzz with talk of Starbucks arrival in Tooting so for those who do not read it here is a link.  It is rather a  fun read as opinion is very divided...
Molly H
Amazed at the strength of response: coffee drinking's clearly a serious matter in SW12/16/17! At the risk of it getting lost, I have to give a shout out for Bedford Hill's indie coffee shop, de Lys. Coffee's from fresh beans, cakes are fantastic. ... [ more ]

Can you help ID attacker?

Molly H in Balham
Just seen this call-out for help in identifying an attacker on Balham to Crystal Palace train on Friday 20 April. No need to reply here. Just go to link if you think you can help. ... [ more ]

Washing machine repair man

Siobhan O in Battersea
Hi, Does anyone know of a good and inexpensive local washing machine repair man? We have a relatively new hotpoint machine that sounds like it's on it's last legs. And with two small messy children a broken washing machine would be a catastrophe! ... [ more ]
Molly H
I used Garratt Lane-based Streets Ahead, whose electrician saved me a fortune by salvaging a Hoover washer/dryer I was ready to write off (it'd had an electrical fire). It's still working. Admittedly this was years ago. But they may be able to offer a ... [ more ]

Recommended eateries

in Wandsworth
I thought that since we have all our favourite eateries we could put them down on one thread so it would be easier to look them up if you're looking for a place in a hurry, so I'll start this off by putting down: Thai: Oh Boy! - Garrett Lane ... [ more ]

Sash Window Repairs

in Balham
My sash windows need repairing as the wood is very rotten in places.  Has anyone any recommendations for a builder they may have used for this purpose
Molly H
Ventrolla does refurbs and replacements; very happy with the quality of the service, not sure how it stacks up for pricing, but I suspect it's competitive.

Broadband - recommendations?

Charlotte G
in Upper Tooting
My Business Broadband provided has been taken over by Talktalk Business.  Their service is dreadful - can take up to 7 days to respond to an email and even then the question is not answered. I am paying £19 with a download speed of  .98 mbs and upload ... [ more ]
Molly H
Looks like you've got plenty to go on, but if Virgin/Sky not available, try BE -- unlimited download, not sure of upload speeds. 

Fitted wardrobes/carpentry

Molly H in Clapham Park
I've been getting quotes for a built-in wardrobe for my flat, and most come in at over £1,000 (for MDF) -- or over £2k for wood. This seems pretty steep - it's not a large space, nor an especially complex job. Am I just out of touch? 
Molly H
Hi thanks for contacts -- just working through them. And Michelle, I might take you up on that -- what a great site. Thanks!

Shoe repair shop in Balham Tube Station - Bad customer service everytime

in Balham
Dear All, I have to share my experience with you about the shoe repair shop in Balham Tube station. Because enough is enough. I keep receiving a very bad customer service and an attitude from them every time. They are reasonably cheaper compare ... [ more ]
Molly H
I found the Balham tube shop a bit abrupt, too, and now use Timpson within Johnson cleaners on the high street - much more professional. 

Washing Machine Repair

Julia Davis
in Upper Tooting
Can you recommend someone to repair a washing machine please. On / off switch broke this evening which is very tedious to say the least.
Molly H
I used Streets Ahead, Garratt Lane, and their repairman saved me from having to buy a new machine. 5 years later it still works. Haven't used since then, but they used to offer a free consultation service before charging. 02086822297

Hotel or B&B

Molly H
I bookmarked this ages ago for Balham - can't vouch for any of them, but I've found Alistair Sawdays reliable elsewhere.

Need to get boiler fixed- any recommendations??

Steph in Upper Tooting
My boiler is not working properly and I urgently need to get it fixed. Does anyone know of a good reliable boiler fixer? If so, can you let me know...I am cold!!
Molly H
Hi; bit late to this, so you're probably sorted, but last year I used Mycroft Heating & Plumbing, SW17 9QE: 0208 099 7302/07971 478721 or V. professional and solved a tricky problem fast, efficiently and as ... [ more ]