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Tooting Market

Dan in Colliers Wood
I went in yesterday and it was horrible - dark, damp, selling tatty goods and smelling of rotten meat. Being in a market smelling of decades of off fish reminds me of the 1980s - why do we still have these? I've nothing against cheap shops - love the ... [ more ]
Had a look on google maps- my apologies, I meant Broadway market. Crazy that there are two, must cause endless confusion and the s##t from one sticks to the other!

Any recommendations from ladies who've had their 'colours' done?

Woolly in Balham
I'm looking to have my colour done at some point, i.e. a consultant helping you find the best colours to suit you and help with developing sartorial style.  I really only want to hear from clients not consultants at this stage please.
Shopping locally includes businesses available locally, though not necessary only locally. We live here- whether it's a chain or an independent, quality should be what counts.

Disappearing Parking Meters?

I'm pretty sure whenever I've used it it's charged by portions of an hour rather than a full hour at a time.

Depressing, another pound shop to open in tooting

soniaweir in Colliers Wood
it seems that pound world has acquired the peacocks we will have 2 pounds shops right next ot each other. do we really need that many pound shops?
It's opening today. Why so much opposition to pound shops? I visited Poundland and the 99p store last night and came away with 5 things that would've cost me £3-4+ in other places. Are folks here so addicted to conspicuous consumption that they would ... [ more ]


Catherine W in Balham
Furzedown net is a buzz with talk of Starbucks arrival in Tooting so for those who do not read it here is a link.  It is rather a  fun read as opinion is very divided...
It'll be nice to have somewhere up there with some nice soft seats to sit on with a big coffee. Especially after Urban Coffee became Sam's Fried Chicken.
I'm not sure what part of Franciscan Road you're talking about, but Tooting Bec is definitely up the 'Saris and Fried Chicken' end of Tooting... which is fine, but we need stuff down here, too!
Just been and had a look. A nice use of he space  - but the one feature I love about Starbucks - the soft sofas - aren't there! Just a load of wooden seats. Guess they dont want too many people "working" whilst prodding a small skinny latte for 6 ... [ more ]

Wandsworth Guest parking permits

Charlotte G in Balham
The council used to provide 10 paper permits for your guests.  Now I understand this is all done on-line.  Has anyone used it and what do they do with unexpected guests who arrive at a parking restricted time?  Isn't there a risk of them getting a ... [ more ]
I actually see this as excellent news. Having looked into it before, the old official line was something along the lines of "well, you can apply for visitor permits, it has to be done in person, in working hours in the council offices that haven't got ... [ more ]

Where's best for inkjet cartridges?

SammySamak in Balham
I need to swiftly locate & buy cartridges for my Epson R800 8-colour printer - ideally good quality compatibles or very cheap originals. I've tried all the obvious places I can think of - including the charming "Miss U" as recommended here - but ... [ more ]

Spare scart cable?

Kevin H in Battersea
Hi! Does anyone have a spare Scart cable I could have? I need it because I have a TV and freeview box for my brother who has moved to Staines but there is no cable. I'm doing it as a favour for him so trying to limit any expenditure, so if any ... [ more ]

Jewish restaurant coming to Tooting

n w in Upper Tooting
Whilst in Yip Wongs I was talking with the owner as regards his restaurant having reduced in size from two shop units to one etc. I asked what the empty unit next to him was now going to be and he said that they a family is currently working on it and ... [ more ]
On the subject of roasts, the Manor's beef on a Sunday is probably the best I've ever had, and for under a tenner too. Elsewhere it's all watery gravy and horrible veg, but the Manor's is very nice.

Recommended eateries

emmsar in Wandsworth
I thought that since we have all our favourite eateries we could put them down on one thread so it would be easier to look them up if you're looking for a place in a hurry, so I'll start this off by putting down: Thai: Oh Boy! - Garrett Lane ... [ more ]

Burglary in Tooting

Mel S in Upper Tooting
Hi All. I arrived home yesterday to find that I'd been broken into (again, happened last Sept too). Happily I'd beefed up security on the doors and this time they didn't gain access. On reporting the unhappy event to the police I was told that a ... [ more ]
I got burgled last September too. I was taken quite vigorously via my back entrance. You wouldn't think much could squeeze through there but you'd be surprised :-(
Kim - no joke I'm afraid - they absolutely smashed my back doors in and it took weeks to clean up the mess. Also, anyone who wishes to gain entry that way in the future is now going to find it easier :-(

Homeopath in Battersea

I can heartily recommend I should add that I am a supplier of homopathic products (I have a tap in my kitchen) and am a fully certified Bollockologist having studied under Mystic Meg.
"Follow your own path and don't take any notice of what anyone else thinks!" I think that's the problem here...
When people suffer, and in some cases die, by needlessly placing their trust in quacks and water-based medicine, it is only right and proper that intelligent people should strive to limit that happening. I have no issues with naturally based medicines ... [ more ]

25% to 100%+ rise in Wandsworth resident parking charges - disgraceful!

Tracey R in Balham
I've just received a letter from the council as my parking permit is getting close to its renewal date. I am absolutely horrified at the huge jump in the cost! How can the council justify such increases in tough economic times? [Motorists are being ... [ more ]
So what you're saying is that you'd like to live close to a common or commercial space, but not alllow anyone else to visit that space on car? If you want guaranteed parking, don't choose to live next to an attraction.
Just got my renewal forms through... £120 for a year or £50 for 3 months (a year then...)... and they referred to an enclosed prepaid envelope which wasn't even included :-(... why does my bum hurt so much?


Dan in Colliers Wood
Hello all, just to let you know I was burgled earlier in the week. The gits managed to smash my patio door by putting a screwdriver in the lining of the glass and twisting it out. Don't know what to advise other than the usual and mostly useless ... [ more ]

Freeview Box (DTR) another one bites the dust: Help???

Marianne I in Balham
And yet another Digital Terrestrial Receiver / Set Top Box has given up the spirit, that's number 4 now!!!!!! Though there is some life left in this last one; sound but no picture. They all (4 different manufacturers) seem to last just beyond ... [ more ]
The statutory guarantee on most electrical appliances in the EU is longer than many such warranties. Your statutory rights are not affected :-)

Council housing

Kevin H in Battersea
Hi everyone, Forgive me in advance: I'm very naive when it comes to this subject. My brother has come to live in London. He has a job secured, but has no savings and no way of paying for a flat with the kind of private rental/agency fees & ... [ more ]
Don't knock starting life in London by sharing a flat with others - even when they are strangers. It can be a life enriching experience. Agreed, for the vast majority this is the norm and neither news not unusual... so folks end up spending ... [ more ]
Interesting idea gemini, however as a proposal I can see one of making the elderly move out of their (paid for) homes going down like a cup of cold sick...!

Maternity Units - Georges vs Thomas'

Clare in Colliers Wood
Hi everyone, am pregnant with our first and have chosen St Georges as our hospital of choice. However, after reading many forums, stats, etc, my partner is now more keen on St Thomas'. Can anyone offer any friendly advice please? I'm a Tooting ... [ more ]

Thanks to the car-wash gentleman!

Tracey R in Earlsfield
I'd like to thank Arran (or it might be spelled Aaron) from the car wash opposite the Colliers Wood tube station - in the shadow of that large eyesore building :) I had my car cleaned there on Saturday, and discovered at the end that unusually, I ... [ more ]
When do they open? I'd love to drop my car off before work but it seems never open when I go down the tube. There is another firm doing washes up next to the Trafalagar Arms, starting at £5 if I recall. That's better than taking it to the garage to ... [ more ]

Boris Bikes

Wandsworth Council in Battersea
Great news - 'Boris Bikes' are likely to come to Wandsworth! We're still in negotiations with the mayor's office, but we'll keep you informed. More info here
FANTASTIC news! If I can one day Boris all the way from work to home I will be VERY happy, save money, get fit(ter) and free up space on the tube for others :) It's a strangely "London" attitude to get an amazingly good scheme like this and ... [ more ]

Good news - improved plastic recycling - Wandsworth

Tracey R in Balham
Hi Streetlifers, In case anyone missed the article on the Wandsworth site ... they will be accepting more types of plastic for recycling in our orange sacks, yippeeeee! Here's a link to the article: - this is very ... [ more ]
Just had a look at this Turns out they don't take drinks cans - I thought they were the most recyclable things ever (thinking back to Blue Peter here) and didn't ... [ more ]
But it also shows a picture of drinks cans alongside phone directories on the naughty side of the picture.
Thanks Mungomuffit for getting them to change the site! Also slightly amused that someone working in waste management has the surname 'Chitty'...

Chinese takeaway

New Shanghai opposite Tooting Station or Dragon Inn in Mitcham You can order from both on Just-Eat and get 4.04% off each time (works with other takeaways too) Sign up to topcashback here and use the site to search for just-eat to get the 5% off Top ... [ more ]

Drum'n'Bass and House music

Michelle G in Upper Tooting
I have relatives coming to stay with me in July from America and they have said that they would like to go to a club to listen to some drum'n'bass and house music. Can any one recommend any venues/clubs in London that play this kind of music as I ... [ more ]

More tube trains please #2

mungomuffit inactive in Balham
While we are on the subject of transport... This thread has re-ignited my bitterness about how Ken Livingstone effed up the southbound Northern Line so that if you travel home on the Charing Cross line you have to change at Kennington. Before, we ... [ more ]
One thing I like about living round here - being able to walk down to Colliers Wood to catch the last seats upstream in the morning (pretty much all out by Tooting Broadway aka the 4th line on the station)... then sitting there smugly all all the ... [ more ]


Eleanor B in Tooting Graveney
The Brick Box 'not for profit' arts hub in Tooting Market presents a very special tongue in cheek salute to Glastonbury, especially for people who can't afford the real deal. All day and late into the night on Saturday 18th June in the heart of the ... [ more ]

Proposed cuts to Tooting BR services/reach

Tracey R in Earlsfield
Hi everyone, Wandsworth Council has published an article reporting on proposed changes (by Network Rail) to reduce services from Tooting BR station - full details here ... [ more ]
I must be honest, it's handy when you want to use it (to go to Herne Hill, St Pancras, Luton Airport (!) for example... but whenever you go there it is empty. You get an entire train to yourself. It would strike me that the market has, as they say, ... [ more ]
But you can connect and get on a train at blackfriars... doesn't seem too much of a hardship for a line that by almost everyones admission, doesn't get used. This is why I couldn't work in local govt.