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Builder to fix ceiling NEEDED

a B in Wandsworth
Hi My son's bedroom ceiling has been sagging and getting worse over the years.  I think soon it will collapse soon.  Does anyone know of a great builder who they can recommend that has done work for them in this area and can either put a new ceiling ... [ more ]

Help with installing Humax - Youview - internet

a B in Wandsworth
Hi - anyone out there that knows a good guy that can install Humax.  I want buy one ASAP - but have no idea how to install.  Thanks!
a B
thanks guys !!  You have all been super helpful.   Great that I will be able to do it myself!!  Thats a bonus.   More help needed...  So I dont have a satellite dish or cable - which one should I go for?  I think I read with Freesat you need a ... [ more ]
a B
Tony P Carol R   thanks guys .  Might go for the Youview... I read some reveiws about your one carol... You got the Freeview one and they came out really badly, lots saying about the problems that you have had.  So maybe I wont go for all singing and ... [ more ]

WANTED - Jam Jars or any type of jars

a B in Wandsworth
Hi  I am collecting Jam jars, Pasta jars, pickle jars, mustard jars...etc.  Any size of jars you might be throwing  out.  Will come and collect from wandsworth, balham, earlsfield, streatham area... I live in Wandsworth. So if any of you are ... [ more ]

Sadiq Khan London Mayor - Next MP for Tooting ?

C Tooting in Summerstown
Congratulations to Sadiq Khan on becoming the new London Mayor. Very good news for Londoners but less good news for Tooting as we lose  an outstanding local MP. Sadiq as we all know is "Mr Tooting" he was a proactive local councillor and MP who will ... [ more ]
a B
well it was going to be Ken Livingstone for Tooting - until he made some rather unfortunate remarks.  Tooting had a lucky escape.

Do you want to shape the future of your area?

Neighbourhood Planning
in Wandsworth London Borough
Do you want to have a say over where new homes, shops and offices are built, and how they look? Maybe you want to enhance your high street, or protect your favourite local spaces? Neighbourhood planning could be just up your street. Neighbourhood ... [ more ]
a B
I echo everyones thoughts above..  Wandsworth is becoming an eyesore with the number of ' luxury flats' being built daily.  Northcote Road which was an interesting street has now become yet another boring ' cream and grey ' street with a lot of ... [ more ]

Wimbledon Stadium

Charles A Lescott
in Summerstown
AFC Wimbledon took one step closer to promotion last night by reaching the League 2 play-off final.  Many locals will be delighted but for some residents of Earlsfield and Tooting the concern over the stadium development is still very real and should ... [ more ]
a B
Jean G thats very unusual jean.  I have about 10 leaflets a week from one of them.   I wonder which area your neighbour is in?
a B
Michele K It was a definite stragetic choice why she has been chosen.  She seems nice enough... but Dan has a very good track record of campaigning re crossrail etc and being out and about meeting people.  Sadiq when he was here kept totally quiet on ... [ more ]
a B
Sylvia i havent seen her do anything.. Never heard of her before.  Where as Dan is always out and about.  She is bubbly - but does that make a good MP?  He is consistent and puts himself out there listening to peoples views.

is Tooting Labour Candidate Rosena Allin-Khan all she seems?

Passionate about Property in Upper Tooting
The Labour Party candidate for Tooting claims that she has lived in Tooting for 40 years. She forgets to mention her tax-free years in Dubai with her investment banker husband. If she has not come clean on this what other claims has she made that we ... [ more ]
a B
I hope Dan wins, he has done so much for community and then she comes wafting in from left field.  We were being given Ken Livingstone until he made all those remarks that hit the headlines.

French Deli and other shops in Southfields going

Eileen J
in Wandsworth
All of the shops opposite Southfields tube including the French deli, the antique shop and the taxi rank have been given 6 months notice to quit (233-243 Wimbledon Park Road). The owner is the notorious Golfrate company (CEO Asif Aziz). Google it and ... [ more ]
a B
wheres the petition to sign?  I am up for signing it.  Just pop a link down here for me to follow!! thanks


a B in Balham
sorry to sound ignorant - but can anyone tell me the difference between the two - and do any of you have any amazing recommendations for a either. I have a very bad back. thanks so much


a B in Balham
Hi - I am looking for a painter to paint the outside of my house, front door etc  ( not windows )  and fix a few of things.  Some of the pebble dash has come off - so needs fixing.   I was wondering if anyone knew of one that is reasonable and ... [ more ]

Apple Pro computer repair

in West Hill
My son's Apple computer seem to have stopped turning on. It is displaying a grey page and not doing much. Does anyone know a reliable computer expert who can look at it. Typical, the John Lewis warranty run out 3 weeks ago and there are not interested ... [ more ]
a B
I went to Honey Light when the same thing happened to my Mac.  They were good.  I would def use them again

Another new Free School for Wandsworth - both Secondaries and opening next year!

Will S in Clapham Park
A free school State Secondary will open in Tooting at the same time as the Bolingbroke Academy opens between the Commons next year!   The Michaela Community School was originally approved for a site in Kennington but is apparently now moving to ... [ more ]
a B
I am so sorry to disagree with most of you but if it's going to be equivalent to of any of the very academic schools in Wallington then I think its a great idea.  With the Springfield development constantly being pushed on us then there will be  a ... [ more ]

vintage clothes shop

Marina M
in Upper Tooting
Hello there tooting some of you know already but thought Id add a bit on the lovely vintage stall in the market .... some of you know Terry's shop and its moved near butchers and brick box....can't miss it red curtains!!  Only problem is that its ... [ more ]