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Social media help required

Philip Williams in Upper Tooting
I need help with my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I want to promote my business through these channels and I am struggling. I am on a budget (!)  Can anyone recommend anyone?
Hopefully I can help you Philip. Let's talk through what you need. I've been through the journey of trying to figure it all out myself and now I work for a big corporate and manage social media agencies so hopefully can give you some lessons. Get in ... [ more ]

Why the buzzsaw sound all the time?

ABC in Tooting Graveney
I live in Boundaries Rd / Eatonville Rd / Upper Tooting area, and there seems to be a semi-constant circular saw that goes on every weekend from 7am til evening, without much downtime. Does anyone live in the area and have any idea who is producing ... [ more ]

Need help closing a limited company

ABC in Tooting Graveney
I am closing down my limited company as I have stopped freelancing and gone 'on the payroll'. It looks like a simple process, but I am unsure of how best to remove the money still in the company account, the order in which to do everything, etc. If ... [ more ]

Repeat appeal for unwanted bras

Tracey R in Upper Tooting
Hello Streetlifers, Back in January I put out an appeal for used/unwanted bras, to help women in need, mainly in South Africa... And the response from this community has been staggering!!! Thank you so much !! Here's a link to the original post for ... [ more ]
I have some too. Message me to let me know how to get them to you!

wood flooring to go

Murielle C in Streatham Vale
I've put down new flooring and I'm left with extra I can't return. Beautiful untreated engineered oak flooring, different size planks in length, 18cm width = 2 boxes so covers about 4.8 sqm and same in 15cm width. Any body interested? pick up at mine ... [ more ]
I also have floorboards to give away. I don't know how many but I will count them if anyone is interested - somewhere between 8 and 15, polished...2 types: oak or walnut maybe (dark, anyway)? and Canadian maple (light). If interested please let me ... [ more ]

"I'm your bin man" scam back, please beware

Allison in Balham
A warning to fellow Streetlifers that I've just had a man at the door saying that he is our bin man and "just to say happy Christmas". I know our bin men - never seen this bloke before. I expect that he is just wanting money, so just be aware. And ... [ more ]
I remember that from a couple of years ago. He was very threatening and wanted cash. I gave it but then felt stupid. Bin men don't normally bang on your door out of hours and ask for money.

Local choir

Charlotte B in Summerstown
Hello there,  Does anyone know of any amateur local choirs in the area who are taking new singers? My boyfriend and I are looking to join one in the New Year.
There is a choir in Balham: It's fun and easy going. Less churchy and more community orientated.

rubbish collection leaves street a rubbish tip

Dutchstef in Tooting Graveney
am getting fed up that my road looks a real mess each monday after the rubbish collection. instead of tipping out bins directly into the lorry (little spillage), the contractor sends one man to empty bins by hand and put rubbish by the side of the ... [ more ]
I actually think that compared to other councils we have it pretty good. It is grubby for a bit (on the rubbish pickup day), but overall the binmen are quite accommodating and diligent, and we don't have to have multiple wheelie bins out front the ... [ more ]
Although Joao C, that is quite funny. :) I found a bag of dog poo in our front garden next to our door the other week which is weird, as we don't have a dog and it would have taken some effort to place it there. Either we have enemies, or we just need ... [ more ]


I know a great guy who is very reasonable and quick and honest. His name is Niko - tell him Sandy in Tooting Bec sent you. I would never go elsewhere - he replaced our water pump and did a great job and is happy to give further advice etc without ... [ more ]

Reliable plumber

Maria in Merton
My very small bathroom needs updating with the installation of  a new suite, re-moving of old boxed piping, plastering and some tiling. Can anyone please recommend a reliable non-pushy plumber who will understand I have a limited budget and has done a ... [ more ]
I can recommend Niko, who just installed a mains pump for me. He did a very good job and was extremely reasonable and he was quick to come over once I contacted him too. Please tell him Sandy referred him. His number is 07818 607583. Some of your work ... [ more ]

Trinity Road closure having awful effect on roads around it

ABC in Tooting Graveney
Ever since the closure, cars, HGVs and god knows what else have been racing up and down Eatonville Road - setting off car alarms they are so heavy and are travelling at such a pace. Is there a way to ask Wandsworth Council to limit traffic on this ... [ more ]
Well the thing is, nobody actually needs to go up my road - they'd be better off just sticking to Trinity Road / Upper Tooting Park rather than cutting through my narrow road but I think they panic when they see signs up ahead so they turn off early ... [ more ]
Around where you are, it doesn't help that I think they change the traffic flow on St James's Drive from day to night don't they? Utter chaos!

Bed frame

I have a king size frame - It's all unscrewed apart so is in pieces, but it's perfectly good (except I think I might have stripped two of the holes when dismantling it, but I think that would be easy enough to get around). If you have someone who has ... [ more ]
Hi Stephanie - I'm not sure whether you got my email on Monday? Let me know if you still want it. Thanks :)


No more leaflets please :(. Our hall is flooded with them, despite a sign on the door asking for NO commercial leaflets. They just go straight into recycling.

Broadband provider

Jane R in Streatham Hill
We have been with Virgin for our broadband (and email address) for many years apart from about 6 months when we switched to Talk Talk who were offering a much much cheaper deal but we soon went back.   Now Virgin has farmed out its internet provision ... [ more ]
I had an awful time switching to Sky, but TalkTalk is like using 3G for broadband. I think I was just unlucky, but it was horrendous. I had 3 weeks without internet and no compensation. Still TalkTalk...don't bother! 

Increased number of callers during the day?

ABC in Tooting Graveney
I work from home and noticed today that my doorbell rang 6 times in 5 hours. Has anyone else noticed more people coming to the door? I am not answering unsolicited callers as it's never anyone I want to talk to, but wondered if there is a reason for ... [ more ]
Thanks for your replies. The doorbell rang about 8-10 times between 1.30 and 8pm which felt like a relentless pace. I don't want to open it as a few weeks ago I did and it was a junkie who started going into a spiel about selling wares (I don't even ... [ more ]
Allison, I was just walking home via Marius Road and passed a Battersea Dogs and Cats cold caller too - wanted to ask him if he had hit my road the day before (but errrm instead I just replied to his 'hello' and walked on). For what it's worth, he ... [ more ]
JEAN - thanks for the tip. It would work if the decorators hadn't painted our windows shut, but that's a story for another day ;) It is a good idea though. Thanks!

Suddenly having problems with tv picture reception - anyone else suffering?

Katie M in Tooting Graveney
Over the last six weeks or so I've been noticing an increasing problem with some of my tv channels. It appears to be channels like ITV, Channel 4, ITV2, etc, but then channels like BBC1 having a perfect picture. It doesn't appear to be weather related ... [ more ]
Hi Katie - If only to validate that you aren't going mad, I have noticed a bit of this too. It doesn't sound quite as bad as yours, but it is weird. I can't offer a solution I am afraid though - just commiseration.
No I'm not - I'm in Upper Tooting, near Balham. The mystery continues! I just got Sky multiroom so that has sorted things out (at great expense ;)

Soundproofing / blocking out neighbour noise

ABC in Tooting Graveney
We live in an Edwardian terrace and can hear every single thing in the neighbour's house (primarily since she had her kitchen extension - maybe they removed half of the party wall?). We can hear her texting, talking on the phone, switching on the ... [ more ]
Sorry just found this thread: - still would love to hear any new feedback :)
Thanks for your responses - I am glad that you are enjoying more quiet Tzctstre. Like you, I don't have that much room to play with in my living room as the door frame comes up almost to the wall (about 4cm spare). Not great at all. Will have to ... [ more ]

imperial durbar

Vito it is next to Tooting Bec station on Trinity Road - where the old Smoke Bar and Honey and Venom were. I hope to god it doesn't go under like the rest of them, leaving the Wheatsheaf as the only alternative.

Can somebody hook up my router?

ABC in Upper Tooting
I have tried and failed. I will give somebody money to hook up my very standard router. Please, if you can help then get in touch. Thank you!
Thanks Shahid Rafiq - I will do in a week or so. Funnily enough I am an IT contractor myself, but just can't get this thing to work - maybe it's because I'm in content and website build rather than support. ;) Either way, it's been driving me mad and ... [ more ]

Website for an online shop?

Tom C in Streatham
Anyone know of or use a website build. It's for a shop that I need to do, I need to upload lots of photos, is it free to make the site and which is the best one to use, I have heard of webeden but apparently they charge for extra photos, cheers
I used moonfruit and it was quite simple. There is a charge but you get a lot of functionality for the money.

Second Meetup

to , (ended)
Old Leather Bottle, Garrett Lane
pete k in Furzedown
Second meeting of the Wandsworth Freelancers. Please let us know if you can attend. Meet other freelancers in the area or catch up with old friends from the group !
I am a freelance copywriter - primarily for the web but  I also do offline copy, including marketing collateral. I am trying to get enough clients to enable me to do freelance full time, but as yet I am not earning enough to take the plunge. Because ... [ more ]
Thank you Pete. I appreciate your consideration! Ruth, I do believe you, but I think it is difficult unless you get the push you need (as in redundancy), particularly if you are not sure about your husband's job stability either! It is too much ... [ more ]

Jubilee Street Party

Gas for patio heater

Kevin H in Battersea
Hi I am having a BBQ at 1 June. I have a patio heater in my backgarden which I've never used. It has a gas canister thing attached, but I don't know whether there is any gas in it. Can anyone recommend someone who could come and see if there is ... [ more ]
There is a hardware store just south of Clapham South that does it too. It's on the corner on the left side if you are driving south to Balham - can't remember the name of it but if you google Calor Gas dealers in Wandsworth you will find a few.

Victim of strange fraud

ABC in Balham
I am wondering whether anybody has an experience similar to mine. Beginning late last week, I have come home to find new packages delivered to my house (mainly trainers). So far we have had 3 deliveries from various online companies with a total value ... [ more ]
I have thought both of these things when considering options. Katy,  the orders are pretty big (worth a few hundred pounds each) and they have done multiple orders from one shop, when they had already 'proved themselves' after the first one. It is ... [ more ]
Well that would be the best of the possible options actually. Hopefully we are not that annoying that someone would do that though. I truly am baffled. If I find out anything I will let you know!

Launderette in Tooting/Balham

Laura in Balham
Hello, could anyone please recommend a reputable launderette in the Tooting/Balham area? There is not much information on the internet and I'm hoping for some personal input. Much appreciated, thanks!
There's one in Trinity Road, quite near Tooting Bec station.  You can't miss it as it has a big sparkling sign saying LAUNDRETTE on it. It's called Silverdale I think.