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Sally S

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The Grove Balham

in Balham
The Grove in Oldfield Road, Balham relaunched its restaurant on Wednesday night having hired a new Italian chef. There were various tastings which will begin to appear on their menu over the next couple of weeks apparently. I can only say the food ... [ more ]
Sally S
Completely agree with  Jane B. Please keep The Grove as a pub first and foremost. Getting very bored of pubs that are restaurants that happen to serve drinks. There will be nowhere to go for a drink soon without being surrounded by tables that are ... [ more ]

advice please from other cat owners

mungomuffit inactive in Balham
Hi, do any of you have tips for stopping cats from clawing sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings? My older cats quite happily use the scratching post and coir door mat, but the kittens prefer to sharpen their claws on my expensive sofa, bed and ... [ more ]
Sally S
Also try tin foil if there are any level surfaces that they shouldnt be scratching. We couldnt get our house cats to stop jumping on the dining room table, we tried double sided sticky tape etc etc. Someone suggested tin foil as they hate the feel of ... [ more ]

Cycle lanes in Wandsworth and Tooting Bec Commons

Simon S
in Balham
Wandsworth Council are planning to waste £82,000 to remove the white lines from the cycle lanes in our Commons, but still allow cycling on them. This will cause confusion, conflict and accidents. They claim this will improve safety without giving ... [ more ]
Sally S
I had a run in with a cyclist on Tooting common only this week. I was (as I always do) walking down the pedestrian side, when I moved over to the very edge of the cycle side to let a family with a buggy and two children on scooters pass me coming in ... [ more ]

Nightingale Pub Food...

Bonnie H
in Balham
I love the Nightingale in Nightingale Lane.... it's a fantastic family pub with a great community feel, plenty of great characters and a dedicated darts team.  So with everything going for it, why the hell can't they serve half decent food????  Every ... [ more ]
Sally S
I agree with the people saying that it is a shame all pubs are becoming gastropubs. If I go to a pub I want a drink, and perhaps a snack. If I want something to eat Ill go to a restaurant. The problem with gastropubs is that all pubs now seem to want ... [ more ]

How are we doing?

Wandsworth Council
in Putney
We've launched a new service for local people to help you hold us to account.  In our ongoing drive to be as open a council as possible, we created a new section of our website where people can judge our performance statistics against those of other ... [ more ]
Sally S
Margaret G, I couldn't agree more! In Clapham South we have more 'executive flats' going up at the moment, of the identikit kind as they all are. Not a few weeks after they broke ground local residents with travelcards (we have yearly ones, I assume ... [ more ]
Sally S
Sorry Jane E. I think you are being a bit naive. The rising birth-rate has a lot to do with immigration. European immigrants, for example, all tend to be young and of childbearing age. They are great people. But, if you welcome young people of ... [ more ]

More tube trains please #2

mungomuffit inactive in Balham
While we are on the subject of transport... This thread has re-ignited my bitterness about how Ken Livingstone effed up the southbound Northern Line so that if you travel home on the Charing Cross line you have to change at Kennington. Before, we ... [ more ]
Sally S
I have already written to the commitee taking 'suggestions' over the battersea extension. I think the consultation is closed now, but it may be worth writing to MPs etc. I cant believe how they can justify adding another branch to an already ... [ more ]

Noisy Neighbours - maisonettes SW12

Sally S
in Balham
We bought a ground floor maisonette recently near Clapham South tube station. We are having real trouble with our upstairs neighbours with what we feel is an unacceptable level of noise. I just wanted to hear from other downstairs maisonette dwellers ... [ more ]

20 mph for residential streets-good or bad idea?

CDT in Wandsworth
There has been some press about making residential streets 20 mph instead of 30 mph. How do people feel about this? I think it would be a great idea and if there was enough local support think we should try and get it implemented. Anyone know any more ... [ more ]
Sally S
I think this is a brilliant idea. Our little residential road is constantly used as a cut through by a handful of individuals in the morning and evening rush hours that screech round the corner onto the road and excelerate to the end of the road where ... [ more ]

fish and chip shop gaskarth road

Caroline A in Balham
Does anyone know what the fish and chip shop on gaskarth road is being converted into?
Sally S
I think he runs a good fish and chip shop on Bedford Hill. However, Clapham South really, really doesnt need another take away, the whole stretch of shops is takeaways. I was really hoping for something a bit different!