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Need walldrobe.

Garden furniture for sale

Natalia E in Fulham
I have four good quality, wooden garden chairs that I don't need anymore. They are grey from the weather but are still very solid and stable as were originally of good quality. See photos - I have two with arms and two without. I'm selling them as a lot ... [ more ]

Sturdy garden chairs

Natalia E in West Brompton
I have four good quality, heavy wooden garden chairs. They are grey from the weather but are very solid and stable as were originally of good quality. See photos - I have two with arms and two without. I'm selling them as a lot for £60. Pick up from SW6 ... [ more ]

1976 Bottle of French Wine & 1976 Bottle of Port

John D in Fulham
Wondering if anyone could recommend a knowledgeable individual or merchant that I could call to get a genuine valuation of these items many thanks John 07956103192
Natalia E
It is very difficult to sell a single bottle, especially without proof of storage conditions. I tried to sell a 1982 bottle of Ch Latour which was stored at Berry Brothers and was valued at between 1.5-2.5K and wasn't able to. Please let us know if you ... [ more ]

Good shoe repair West Brompton / Fulham Broadway?

Christopher E in South Kensington
Hi, my wife needs shoe repair on a nice pair of high heels - need a recommendation. Anyone have a good experience in the area?
Natalia E
I have to admit that the said pink shoe repair shop has always done an amazing job for me - from Jimmy Choos to Louboutins, they always took great care. Sorry to head about your bad experience, but I've been a very happy client there for many years.

Part time work required

Stephanie G in Sands End
Hello fellow streetlifers, I am looking for some part time work (preferably paid!), say 2/3 days per week. I left my full time job in the City 5 years ago, and my forte is property/finance/sales. Would love, for example, to help someone with their ... [ more ]
Natalia E
Hi Stephanie May I ask what exactly you were doing in the city? I'm thinking of expanding my consultancy at some point. Best Natalia

Moving boxes and recommend a removals company.

Natalia E
I used White Van Genlemen based in Fulham - they were amazing! And brought all the packing stuff too, including boxes, bubble wrap etc.

White wooden wardrobe to give away

Natalia E in West Brompton
We have a solid wood white wardrobe that we are happy to give away due to a house move. It's a standard size wardrobe about a metre wide. It's in a good state but to be honest not premium quality (bought two years ago for £200). It has no scratches or ... [ more ]

Dentist/Remedies - Nervous patient

Kevin H in Battersea
Hi, I know there have been several posts in past regarding this so apologies for starting afresh. I am a VERY nervous dental patient. Sweating, shaking, general irrational fear!! A few months ago I went to a private dentist in Wandsworth Town but ... [ more ]
Natalia E
My dentist is specialised in nervous patients (I'm one of them) and she's amazing - she's extremely patient, takes things very slowly, explaining each step in advance, and even show in the mirror what she's going to do before she does it. She stops all ... [ more ]

Dog-friendly places in Fulham

Natalia E
All - in case it helps, this blog lists most of the local places as well, but I'm not sure how up to date it is:

Man & van - recommendations please

Man & van needed

Natalia E in Fulham
I'm looking for a reliable (but reasonably priced) man with a van who can move a sofa, a table and a few smaller items from Fulham to Gloucestershire (weekend preferred). Would be grateful for recommendations.   Natalia

I need a cleaner - SW11

Craig W in Wandsworth
Hi there, can someone recommend a cleaner for my flat which is on St Johns Hill (opposite the Plough bar and kitchen)? Thanks! Craig
Natalia E
I have been using Tatiana for many years and she is a very dilligent and honest woman, who also lives in the neighbourhood, please let her know I recommended. She charges 10p/h (and does an excellent job for this) and at least 3 hours a week: ... [ more ]

Driving lessons

Roz M in Wandsworth
I'm looking to start driving lessons and wondered if anyone had any recommendations?  Thank you Roz
Natalia E
I learnt recently with Albert from Britannia who has been absolutely brilliant - he's very patient and very good at explaining. I passed it from the first time after just 22 hours with him. Just call Britannia and ask for Albert's mobile.

Old prints and photographs

BB in Battersea
Does anyone know of any local shops/people who sell old prints/maps/photographs of the local area, for example Battersea and Clapham?
Natalia E
there is a great shop right at the end of Fulham road - just near the corner with Fulham Palace road, sells beautiful old maps and prints, we got our map of Fulham from the 19th century there. N

Dancing classes

Anne M in Putney
Can anybody recommend a dance studio in Putney (or surrounding areas) for complete beginners? Our wedding is coming up soon and we'd like to be a bit prepared for the big day. However, I've only managed to find quite pricey, scary-looking options on the ... [ more ]
Natalia E
we took classes with Scott before our wedding and thought he was very good. He charges £50 per session which compared to the rest I found on the internet wasn't so bad

Broken key scam, mother with daughter.

Trish W in West Kensington
A warning that an attractive brunette [late 20’s, early 30’s] may be working the streets of West Ken with her 5 – 6 yr old daughter. I say ’may be’ as she may have moved on to other areas. However, you may find her sitting on the steps to your building ... [ more ]


Natalia E in Fulham
I'm looking for someone to look after our ferret during our honeymoon in August - are there any ferret keepers who could look after one more neutred male for a fee?

Putney River Boat Service

Molly B in Fulham
I wonder if we had enough interest we could get a proper river boat service from Putney Bridge to the City. Any others out there that would use it?
Natalia E
That would be great indeed, adn I know lots of people who would use it. There is a river taxi service that goes from Putney bridge to Blackfriars that I use sometimes but it takes much longer than the tube because they stop a lot in between, but if there ... [ more ]