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Male Lives in West Brompton address verified

Lived in the Fulham/West Brompton area for more than a decade. Big supporter of local businesses from Artbeat on the Fulham Road to The Union Market on the Broadway.

Joined: 13 February 2011

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Anyone else had problems with LBHF Environmental Health?

in Chelsea
Hi all. I let out my apartment to a somewhat challenging tenant who took it upon themselves within a week or two of living there, ┬áto call in environmental health at LBHF on the grounds that the apartment is uninhabitable (with no evidence I hasten to ... [ more ]

Hammersmith and fulham parking permits rules gone mad

in Walham Green
Is it me or is there a crazy mad FBI style situation going on a h and f parking dept. yesterday I turned up there for a second time to try and obtatain my permit, for my own car to park outside my own house but was refused for a second time. The ... [ more ]
While I applaud H&F council for extended hours in zones F & S where I have resided for the best part of a dozen years because of the proximity of Chelsea Football Club, where the end result during a weekday match would be I'd drive back from ... [ more ]

Picture framing

I recommend on Fulham Road. Nice lady owns the shop. Sensible pricing.


in West Kensington
Friends in Glazbury road got burgled at around 4am yesterday morning, forced a window open and stole their laptop. Is crime a problem in this area?
The surrounding area is so-so. Took a quick look at the most recent crime stats on for that road - and this was the result (just be aware that this is data that is about month old and only reported crimes.)


in West Kensington
Any used Zipcar or Streetcar in the area? How have you found the service/availability etc? They're in the process of merging so guess will come to the same thing eventually.
I've been a long term user of Streetcar. There's a decent selection of cars in the Fulham area. Best of all if you have an iPhone there's an app that not only shows you the nearest Streetcar to your location, but it will also unlock the car for you ... [ more ]