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Jason C

Male Lives in Fulham address verified

I am a born gamer, who works in the IT industry.Love MMO's like some FPS but prefer RPG's.

Joined: 13 February 2011

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Advice needed - sticky stuff on window

in Brook Green
Hi.  I went to sand/paint a window and realised I left the sticky double sided tape on from when I had covered the window with draught excluding plastic.  I can't get it off.  Tried a hair dryer to soften it, tried sanding it off (but made gummy ... [ more ]
Jason C
Use selotape, stick it over the gummy stuff and the rip it off, you may need to do it a few times but tends to remove it.

Demolition of Charing Cross Hospital - loss of 500 beds

Victoria D in Fulham
I can't believe that there isn't a huge thread on this news, which came out a couple of days ago. The news is that they plan to demolish Charing Cross hospital with the loss of 500 beds. They will sell the majority of the land to developers. They ... [ more ]
Jason C
@MissJ, unfortunately the council were not being completely honest about the A&E closures that are happening.Looks like most of Charing Cross Hospital will be demolished and sold to private developers.If you want more information you should have a ... [ more ]
Jason C
Latest News is.. Campaign wins review of hospital closure decision Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt today agreed to refer last week’s decision to close the A&E departments at Hammersmith, Charing Cross, Central Middlesex and Ealing ... [ more ]

Save Charing Cross Hospital

Shalinie T
in Barnes
Please sign the petition to save Charing Cross Hospital from closure A document, published by NHS North West London yesterday (June 21, 2012) proposes closing four of the nine A&E centres in the area and downgrading some hospitals, including ... [ more ]
Jason C
Got this from Andy Slaughter the MP for Hammersmith. 26th June 2012  A&E CLOSURES TO GO AHEAD   Consultation on proposal to close Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospital Accident and Emergencies begins Monday 2nd July Public meeting this ... [ more ]
Jason C
Here are the details for Thursday's PUBLIC MEETING to plan the campaign against the closure of both A&E units in Hammersmith. We will meet at Rivercourt Methodist Church, King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9JT, at 6 - 7:30pm. Nearest Tube is ... [ more ]


Molly B
in Fulham
Please sign the online petition to stop this filthy sewer from being built in the Thames just under Putney Bridge. Not only for obvious reasons but the traffic that we endure everyday over Putney Bridge will be impossible if this goes through. ... [ more ]