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Wooden floor refurbishment

CLAIRE R in Balham
We have an engineered wooden floor in our hallway and living room. Despite cleaning it weekly with wood floor cleaner, I think the constant footfall - especially in the hall - has left it very dirty and seems that the dirt is ingrained! So I am looking ... [ more ]

burglar alarm engineer

CLAIRE R in Balham
Hot on the heels of my question about front door security, I am now looking for someone to service my burglar alarm. I have tried SDS but they don't do my type of alarm. Can anyone recommend a company that is also NSI/NACOSS approved.

Front door security glass

CLAIRE R in Balham
I have a victorian style front door with stained glass panels and we've had a few "odd" things happening lately which is making me concerned about security. The glass panels would be very easy to push out. Even though I always lock and bolt the door at ... [ more ]

Summer Bar-b-que venue party

Another place you could try is the County Arms pub on Trinity Road near Wandsworth prison. It is not a garden as such because there is no grass but they do have a nice big outdoor area with a bbq. 

Any recommend someone for simple design of small garden?

Sarah M in Earlsfield
Hi, I have taken a couple of numbers down for people who have already been mentioned on Streetlife but we are specifically looking for someone to give us advice and undertake the design of a pretty small low-maintenance garden. Any thoughts welcomne, ... [ more ]
I can also vouch for Shelley. I only have to look at a plant to kill it so she designed us a very lovely but very low maintenance garden.

Recommendation for an AV company?

CLAIRE R in Balham
I am looking to put a TV up on the wall and need the power supply and aerial etc extended from the existing spot up onto a chimney breast. The electrician I usually use says that, with the imminent changeover to digital signals for all TV's, it needs to ... [ more ]

Empty shops on Balham High Road

CLAIRE R in Balham
Has anyone heard what might be happening to the Bon Marche and the "tat" shop next door to it on Balham High Road. They are both big shops and both empty - hope it is not another pound shop!!

Washing Machine Repair Needed

CLAIRE R in Balham
My washing machine (which is relatively new) seems to have a problem as it is washing for only a few minutes and then spinning and rinsing for the rest of the cycle. With 4 children, I am using it at least once a day and I think it is protesting! Does ... [ more ]


honigmiel in Upper Tooting
If anyone is interested in Zumba, a new class has just started in St Boniface Social Club at 7pm on Wednesdays. It costs £5, and is run by Bethan.
do you know of any Zumba classes that run during the day as trying to get away in the evening with 4 children at home is pretty hard!

Tips for deterring foxes from our garden?

Leah W in Balham
This year we seem to have lots of foxes in our back garden. There are around 6-8 cubs and as cute as they are they have completely trashed the garden beds and the lawn is looking a bit worse for wear. And the smell of fox wee is very overpowering and ... [ more ]
We have had a similar problem and tried the high pitched noise device. Woke up one morning to find a fox sleeping virtually on top of it so clearly that didn't work! Tried the male urine but clearly my husband living in a house with me and 3 daughters ... [ more ]

Trying to find some medieval stocks to use at school Summer Fair

CLAIRE R in Balham
Hi, I seem to have landed myself with the job of finding some stocks to use at my children's school Summer Fair in June. The theme of the Fair is an old fashioned village fete and we want to use the stocks for a soak the teacher type stall. So I am ... [ more ]
Thanks very much for your suggestion. I have contacted the school and waiting to hear back. In meantime, if anyone else has any suggestions as to where I can get hold of some medieval stocks it would be much appreciated. The school Summer Fair is fast ... [ more ]