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proposed road closures Ellerton Road

to (ended)
Beatrix Potter School
Serena P
in Earlsfield
As many local residents may know there are some proposed road closures around the Ellerton/Burntwood Lane/Magdalen Road area.  There will be a meeting to discuss the proposals at Beatrix Potter School, Magdalen Road, SW18 on Tuesday 2nd October at ... [ more ]
Hi all As a resident of Ellerton rd I thought I would shed some light. Ellerton rd residents wanted a width restriction. That is all they asked for. They did not ask for the banned turns. This was suggested by the council. Ellerton residents ... [ more ]
ps Clare J and Anna have a point... what do we do to protect the whole area from Springfield? maybe if the banned turns included Routh, Swaby and Tranmere it could work? Or if not, are there any other options? It is clear something has to be done so ... [ more ]
Hi Vicky K I see your point about trucks going into Swaby... what we are saying is if you turn into Swaby from Magdalen and do the same into Ellerton the view is very different, On Swaby the parking is completely on the rd on both sides deterring ... [ more ]
Thanks very much for enlightening me on the Springfield point. I think it is a travesty it was overturned - the council should have power over this or what is the point of having a council planning board at all? Re the traffic situation. Can ... [ more ]

Total renovations

Theo C in Earlsfield
Hi all Looking to buy in the area and the flat needs a total renovation job. Rewiring, new central heating, knocking walls down etc. does anyone know any reliable builders who are also good value for money?  Thanks  Theo

upholstery cleaning?

in Balham
Hi streetlifers,   I have a nice chair that has been somewhat ruined by my 2 yr old daughter with milk and god knows what... do you know of a good company who could clean it?   thanks so much!   AP

Anyone know of a good gardener in the area?

in Balham
Hi, I'm looking for a reliable gardener... I want an actual gardener rather than a "garden designer" type who turns out to just be a middle man/woman and employs the actual gardener! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Hope you are all ... [ more ]
thanks v much for all the suggestions... have been away but now on the case with getting quotes. thanks v much again street lifers

Another new Free School for Wandsworth - both Secondaries and opening next year!

Will S in Clapham Park
A free school State Secondary will open in Tooting at the same time as the Bolingbroke Academy opens between the Commons next year!   The Michaela Community School was originally approved for a site in Kennington but is apparently now moving to ... [ more ]
This is so the council can allow the Springfield development to go ahead despite over 4000 residents signatures against it. Pure and simple. When this happens this area will be permanently gridlocked and we will move. unforgiveable that the ... [ more ]

Parking on Swaby Road

Mmmmm and just wait until they build the new development on Burntwood Lane with the equivalent of 5 x times Swaby rd new residents. The whole area will be permanently gridlocked.

Wandsworth Aircraft Noise

Ron R inactive in Putney
I urge all streetlife readers to complain about any aircraft noise during the present trials for flights over Wandsworth etc., The details are as follows:- Wandsworth residents are being urged to report increases in aircraft noise to the council while ... [ more ]

0-3 Year old books

in Upper Tooting
We have 30+  books in good condition if anyone wants them.  They are aimed at the 1-3 year old age group.. They were our daughters but they include dinosaur style stories as well as princess themed! There are some sensory style ones, some button ... [ more ]
what a shame! I dont now how you private message.... please do let us know if they dont come and collect? I have a little two yr old book worm peppa pig and princess who would love them. thanks v much

Do you agree that residents should have to pay to park outside their home?

98 votes on 3 answers so far...

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I copied and pasted a previous converation on this subject and sent it to the parking and permits dept. I asked why my permit which was £95 last year was £120 this year. They sent me a letter straight back sayig how they had frozen the parking permit ... [ more ]
Also im afraid it all comes to overcrowding.. there are too many people living in London and it's going to get worse as immigration increases. Greedy development projects like the one on Burntwood Lane are only going to make it all so much worse. I ... [ more ]

Sick of Cyclists?

in Wandsworth
Is there anyone else who is tired of cyclists being a law unto themselves? They go through red lights, they go the wrong way down one-way streets, they cycle on and off pavements at will and they even run over those who try to cross the road when the ... [ more ]

Seriously vindictive cat pooing problem

Rose S in Earlsfield
We moved into our house here in Earlsfield about 2 months ago and there seems to be one or more cats determined to make our life a misery by pooing in seriously nasty places - ie right on our front door mat, in my shoe that I left outside, on our ... [ more ]
I detest cats. We have the same problem. I would just scare the living daylights out of them if see you and hopefully they will be less keen to come to you. and yes google cat repellants and see what it comes up with...?

Tooting Islamic Centre

ali fareeda in Upper Tooting
Just saw this in the local Guardian. A local group that helps children is being told to leave the centre. I don't think it looks too good by kicking out people who help the community and are trying to improve the lives of local children. Really sad. ... [ more ]
i cant open the link. who has asked them to leave? who funds the muslim centre as in what funds paid for it to be built?

Huge development plans for Burntwood Lane site.....

in Earlsfield
Springfield Hospital have won their (third!) appeal and will now be submitting their plans for a large development on Burntwood Lane making a mockery of the whole planning process. We as residents will now have to petition a third time against a large ... [ more ]
Yes I know they haven't won yet and maybe I'm being pessimistic but I feel it's only a matter of time..... Yes agreed important thing is to keep an eye on the neighbours at Springfield site. It is vital that the planning is not permitted. Let's keep ... [ more ]

URGENT! Huge building development planned on the site of the gold course on Burntwood Lane

in Earlsfield
Hi neighbours, I don't know if you have heard but the third planning proposal for the Springfield site on Burntwood Lane is underway. If it goes ahead they will construct 500 new homes, the equivilant of 5 more streets the size of Ellerton Rd. This ... [ more ]
Yes that is exactly why they have chosen this timing. This is the 3rd time the developers have been allowed to appeal. The residents have already made it very clear that this would destroy the area forever, so I don't understand why this is even ... [ more ]
Ok, I still think as many of us should go if poss. They will be allowed to appeal I'm sure despite all the residents previous campaigns. They have neglected the hospital for so long it is in a dire state. Instead of investing in maintenance over the ... [ more ]