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HayFever remedy

in Balham
Has someone got some useful advice with regards to hayfever please? I was advised to take the local honey. Are there any bee-keepers in the wandsworth-Merton areas please?
Hi, I have hay fever and every year it blights my summer and my eyes water and nose itches. Last year i tried HayMax which is a balm you rub on the inside of your nose and it traps the pollen and stops it entering your system. Sorry of this has ... [ more ]

Man Manicure

Pal in Battersea
Hi Streetlifers. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me a good place to go for a manicure and also a pedicure for MEN! I work in hospitality and am always on my feet and handling things so my hands need to be very presentable. I also want some TLC on my ... [ more ]
Thanks for the Mercedes. I know the place you mean as i've been there before. They're very expensive though and i didn't find the treatments very good for the price you pay. Good for a treat but not a regular place i found. Thank you anyways for the ... [ more ]
Hi guys, sorry for the late reply and thanks for all the info! @Pam P i'm working tonight but thanks for the offer though enjoy the treatment. @ianfreeman I'll check Robin out as that sound quite a good thing to have. @mungomuffit when i need some ... [ more ]
@ Mungomuffit Yeah a spa type of relation would be good, but to be honest someone to give my feet some TLC for 30 mins would be fine also as i'm short of time most days because of work etc.

Dentist in Battersea

Pal in Nine Elms
Does anyone have any knowledge of to dentists practises on Battersea Park Road. I'm needing to visit one soon and my old one has retired so i need to find a new one. I've had some trouble before with dentists and conflicting opinions about what should ... [ more ]
Thank you all for your comments. It's good to know that the ones in my local area are worth a visit. 

Fancy being a founder member of a gay dining club?

Brett T
in Battersea
Hi folks My partner David and I were kicking ideas around the other evening with a couple of our gay friends, and we felt that it would be lovely if there was a forum for gay professionals in the area (by which we mean Battersea, Clapham and Balham) ... [ more ]

Men's grooming question

in Balham
This isn't really about local information but more about insider information.  My husband's teeshirts/shirt keep getting stained by his deodorant.  He's trying loads of different ones, sprays, sticks you name it and nothing works.  Today he tried a ... [ more ]
I use Mitchum and that seems to work for me, you need you use the one for men though as its stronger but you do have to search for this a little as it's not available everywhere. Also don't forget to shake the can otherwise it doesn't work as well. ... [ more ]
Personally shaving for me didn't help the problem as the sweat tends to run down your body. Clippering the hair short works for me as there is a little hair to hold the sweat and stop it running down. I clipper my hair so this is easy for me but I ... [ more ]

Boat Service

Tom H in Battersea
As I and hundreds of others wait en masse at Battersea Bridge to scrabble aboard  one of the buses crossing the river, does anyone else look forlornly at the wide open spaces on the river and wonder why we haven't got a river service - and I don't ... [ more ]
I agree we should have a boat service that benefits the residents of Battersea. When you look at whats offered we either have to go to Vauxhall or Wandsworth to pick a boat up. Which is madness when we have our very own stretch of river that can be ... [ more ]

BBQ in the park?

Drew W in Wandsworth
At a time when we are increasingly restricted by time, money and space, when it comes to getting friends and families together a BBQ is a great idea! However, only 40% of us have a garden.... most live in small flats of one kind or another ... [ more ]
It would be great to have a BBQ space in Battersea park which was (maybe) gated off but not locked and all gravel to reduce the fire risk. However as people seem unable to clean up after there dogs I doubt this would be respected and potentially may ... [ more ]

Removal company recommendations needed please

mungomuffit inactive in Balham
Hi, can anyone recommend a local small removal company that can help me move a few streets away? I'm planning on doing most of the packing myself, but we are a 4 bed house so have quite a bit of furniture. I'm keen to keep a lid on the cost so want to ... [ more ]
Aussie Man and van were great for us - did everything in a very short space of time and they're built like houses so pick everything up with ease - like my set of dumbbells in one hand!! Highly recommend them as we had nothing damaged or dropped and ... [ more ]