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Printer Ink to give away

Drivers adhering to 20 mph speed limit being subjected to 'harassment' from other drivers

Mel M in Furzedown
During the course of my employment, I drive between Wandsworth, Lambeth and Lewisham on a daily basis. I have done this for many years, but am now finding it very stressful due to the 'harassment' I receive from other drivers when I adhere to the 20 ... [ more ]

Marble topped bedside table

BHF 1.4 mile open water swim

Alison P
in Upper Tooting
I ws just wondering whether anyone else had signed up to this event and was interested in doing some joint training.   I'm a swimmer but not in open water and obviously the training will be in pools for a few months yet.  It can get boring swimming up ... [ more ]

David Simmons Jewellers Earlsfield

Liz S in Furzedown
Does anyone know how we can get in contact with them, they have closed for a refurb and are not returning our calls or emails and we are pretty stressed as leaving country in two weeks to get married and he was making my wedding ring..
Hi Liz,I can give you the number of a great jeweller in Hatton garden who works for himself and us great value.i can PM you if interested.i imagine Simmons would give you a refund if you can't get your ring in time

Box of 150 Jiffy Bags.

Green wheelie bins are coming!!!

in Herne Hill
If you live in Lambeth...look out for the new green wheelie bins to replace the clear splastic bags.

Kitchen instalment

Put kitchen installer in the search box,top left hand corner of your screen where you might find personal recommendations.Always best to get personal recommendations.

£20 for 10 mins for strong person

Claire R in Clapham Park
Is there anyone ( or two people) living in Clarence Avenue who is/are strong enough to lift an old fashioned night storage heater upright for me, it is lying flat at the moment but they are full of bricks so i just can't move it. I was trying to get ... [ more ]

Fleeced by a roofer!

Viv T
in Earlsfield
We are having our roof mended. The roofer who seemed quite popular in online reviews, is charging a lot, more apparently than others do. (Hindsight!) When we look down onto the roof from next door, we can see that it is very shoddily done. So far we ... [ more ]
As I have said before I would never use rated people or checkatrade.Only ever use personal recommendations.Even on streetlife you have to work out who is genuine.Most our and I have had many ... [ more ]

Halfords high 3 bike car carrier Free

Bath Unblocked

Vincent M
in Stockwell
Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of someone who can unblock my bath its very badly blocked and nothing will go down it.  Preferably in the Clapham area. Thanks very much Vince

Artificial Xmas tree

S B in Kennington
Probably a really redundant offer but does anybody want a really good quality artificial green xmas tree with some decorations.  I can't find anywhere to store it so its yours if you want it.  Thanks S
As I have said before,I wouldn't touch rated people or checkatrade.only go for personal recommendations.i have used many on here and been very successful.even on streetlife you need to be able to tell which recommendations are genuine!

Free packing/drawing paper

TV aerial problems

in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend a company who are experts in sorting out bad reception with my TV. I don't want an ordinary aerial company who puts aerials on a roof. It must be someone who really knows what they are doing. Thanks
Thanks,I have ghosting on BBC channels on some days and then it is ok for days then other channels ghost.i actually think my dish needs replacing


Joseph W
in Dulwich
Hello can anyone recommend a good electrician in the Se19 Area . I have a couple of small jobs a need to be done

Computer help !

Jan T
in Sands End
Hello I know there are lots of computer experts out there, so hoping someone can give me a simple solution . After downloading free Avira on Windows 7 , I get a message ' operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer ... [ more ]

2 x Tickets to see 'Nice Fish' starring Mark Rylance on 12 January 2017,7:30pm

in Furzedown
I am unable to use these tickets to see Nice Fish, starring the lovely Mark Rylance (Wolf Hall), at the The Harold Pinter Theatre, London this Thursday, 12 Jan 2017 at 19.30. These tickets are reduced from £59.50 to ... [ more ]

2x tickets for The Kite Runner 7.30pm, Wyndhams Theatre, Charing Cross Rd, Stalls Row C

Sapna in Upper Tooting
I have these tickets since I had bought them as a Christmas present for my parents, but they had already booked to see it. I would normally go, but have a newborn so unfortunately won't be able to. The theatre doesn't do unconditional refunds and it ... [ more ]

Carpet Cleaner Needed

Wayne D in Earlsfield
Could anyone please recommend a good, reasonably priced carpet cleaner with the necessary professional equipment, to clean carpets in my house? Preferably someone based in SW London.
Mark Harvey in Battersea is a real pro,have used him three times in various properties and he is sensibly priced 0203 7000835

Electrician required to install new plug sockets

Charlene G
in Streatham
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an electrican to provide some new plug sockets around the house please? (About four in total) Thanks in advance.
I have just used David White,excellent,reasonable,knows what he is doing and comes when he says he is going to.. He has been recommended on streetlife many times before. 07880 987157
I would always go for personal recommendations for tradesman,much safer.I have been successful every time by looking on here for personal recommendations.good luck

Looking for a dog walker

Cherryl S
in Furzedown
I am in the summers town area and have a lovely schnauzer called Hudson known in the area fior being a character! I have gone back to work part time and need a walker twice a week? Thanks Cherryl
Hi Cherry,I run a very small company called Heaver pet care,and I only look after a few dogs so I can be very flexible for my clients needs.I do not take any dogs in vans and I do not walk dogs in big packs.I offer a very personalised service and I ... [ more ]

in Furzedown
We had to call out a plumber for a leaky valve in our toilet cistern, so Iooked on here and checkatrade for someone. I called the checkatrade one first and was quoted £140 for a callout. So I called Brian at BOC plumbing having searched for a ... [ more ]
I would never use checkatrade for anything.the two numbers above for Brian O'Connor are different,are they both correct


in Furzedown
Hi,I am looking for a qualified and reasonably priced electrician who is known to the streetlife community. Thanks James
I used David white from a previous post and I was most impressed and would definitely use him again and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Small HiFi speakers available

Stephen R
in Tulse Hill
I have a pair of small speakers 15 x 23 cm that I no longer use, available free. Please send me a private message with a contact number if interested.