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Cheryl B

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Lets Talk about Begging

Wild Poet in Newtown
On the Streets of Poole and Bournemouth, you will see people begging on the streets, Please be aware that nearly all people begging on the Streets of Poole and Bournemouth are not Homeless, they are there to con the good people of Poole and ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Steve, what a fantastic story, I'm so glad that things have turned out for you, and a lovely family, your wife sounds a lovely person and I wish you all the luck for the future. Well done!

85+ year old drivers

Aimee J in Parkstone
Hello everyone! My names Aimee and i'm a local girl who works in telly. I'm working on a lovely ITV documentary that celebrates Britain's longest reigning drivers! I'm looking for great characters, people still full of life who love being behind the ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Barbara, I drive a 4x4 car and I am certainly not a selfish or dangerous driver, I like to think that I am a very careful and considerate driver.

Free small Items at Lilliput

Peter S
in Lilliput
We are demolishing our garage so these are all going free (see the pictures) . . . Reclining green sun deckchair/hammock. Ideal for sunbathing in June. See the picture. Golf clubs (from the nineties):- Lady Mcgregor and Lady Hogan each with clubs ... [ more ]


Jill in Parkstone
Retirement looming ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ’ƒ Looking for or to create a ladies group for activities/lunch/classes /walks and fun ! my Husband is also going to retire but I think it's important to have our own hobbies. A lot of my friends are younger and will still be ... [ more ]

Slimming World vs Weight Watchers

Steve O
in Rossmore its customary about this time of year, well am a few weeks out,does anyone use any of the above, like go to the sessions and/or do it online? Need to loose about 2 stone and finding it a bit difficult at the moment,during the week is ok ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Both Slimming world and weight watchers are very good, I've done both and have been very happy with the diets, I'm doing Slimming World at the moment, although I'm about half a stone to a stone over weight, also its cheaper than weight watchers each ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Hi Owen, where in Parkstone do you go to Weight Watchers and what night/time? I'm doing Slimming World at the moment and sometimes I swap to Weight Watchers if I want a change. I am thinking of going back to weight watchers at some point in the near ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Yes, I know Karen that runs this group, I guess it was the one you're going to, as I think thats the only group in Parkstone, Tell Karen I may be back in the spring. I normally would go to the evening session.


Rosalind L
in Sterte
Not too sure about 'nextdoor'. ย They want too much private info for my liking. ย I like the semi-anonymity of Streetlife ?

Save Poole Park Railway

Cheryl B
I used to love going on that train when I was a toddler in the 1960's, I think the last time I went on there as a child was when I was 10 in 1970. When my 2 sons were little in the 1990's they ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Typical B.O.P! They get rid of anything thats enjoyable! I bet half the councillor's aren't even locally born or bred here! I used to love that train (as I said in my previous comment) then going over to Poole park zoo to see the animals.

Cleaner wanted

Donna W
in Branksome
We are looking for a cleaner, 2 x 2hrs per week so 4 hours in total to help with general cleaning of our home, any recommendations?
Cheryl B
Maggie, you need to check your friend's mobile no, you only put a 10 digit phone number instead of 11 digits,you forgot to put the last number in.

Ideas of where I can donate clothes

Hazel C in Newtown
Hi, I have a two bags of clothes, mostly women's of fairly good quality and some not even used, I brought them when I was thinner and will never get into them again! And men's clothes. Also two used sleeping bags, with some use left, books, kettle, ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
What about cash for clothes near Home base, Branksome? You get money back (about 50p per kilo), just so long as its in good condition.

Borough of Poole Cabinet meeting

to , (ended)
Bob Lister
in Canford Cliffs
Closure of yet More PublicToilets, is on the Agenda! Parkstone Park, Ashley Cross Haven near Ferry Baiter Alexander Park Amongst 8 to be discussed for closure! Turn up to register your disgust at lack of conveniences! When they closed Ashley Road ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
I also think Poole town and its council are disgusting, I think that we should all go into the council offices and use their toilets as one person said on their comments. As I said before I never ever go into Poole shopping, there's no decent shops to ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
I agree with you Wendy, I'm reluctant to let strangers use my salon as the staff room is near my loo so are our hand bags, stock etc... also, it means I have to hover around to make sure that they do not do a de-tour to my staff room. Wendy, if you ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Well, that's disgusting!! If B.O.P. can afford to have their entrance done up, they can afford to keep the loo's open! I can suggest that if we get caught short, if we are down near the council offices, that we park in the Sloop car park and nip over ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Perhaps the person responsible doesn't also have a loo in their house, they just go anywhere in the garden, I would not like to live next door to them, the property must stink to high heaven.

Speed Humps

Mark R in Branksome
Whilst I acknowledge that there are varying forms of speed calming measures and in many cases add greatly to road safety efforts in given areas. However if you look at varying speed humps around Bournemouth and Poole, the construction, height, size, ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
We have them in Parkstone as well. What I don't like is the chicanes that we have jutting out into the middle of the road, does any one remember the one that was on the top of Churchill road, going into Rossmore Road? That one caused so many accidents ... [ more ]


Cheryl B
Hope everyone had a great Christmas on Streetlife, we had a lovely time today, especially after our oldest son Tim got engaged to his lovely girl-friend Rosie yesterday, which was fantastic.

Cake decorations

Celia H in Poole Town Centre
Hi can anyone tell me where i can get small xmas cakes decorations that used to be around on the 70s and 80s ?like xmas trees and santas etc..hope this makes sense ๐Ÿ˜


Patricia B
in Bourne Valley
I went to Cabot Lane Warehouse on Saturday was astonished at the size of it. But upset me to see so much really good stuff which could have been given to charity shops or Dorset Reclaim. I just don't get it that people will drive to the dump to throw ... [ more ]

I am looking to rent a shop, with reasonable price. Around Bournemouth and Poole. Some recommendations?

Cheryl B
There are loads of shops along Ashley road, Parkstone. Also Poole High Street has loads of empty premises. What sort of shop are you going to open?

Opposed planning development

Alison J in Parkstone
Hi - does anyone have any recommendations what to put in letter to planning officer. Neighbours have put in plans to redevelop their home and whilst I understand them wanting to improve - it is a massive redevelopment on a relatively small site which ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
Talking of building planning, has anyone heard when the co op building at the Sea view is going to start? As it has all gone quiet again. I wish they would hurry up with the whole thing.

Mobile hairdressers

Marcus P
in Branksome
can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser, my wife needs to find someone local who can give her a cut & colour. Thank you.
Cheryl B
Marcus, if you find a mobile hairdresser, make sure they are registered and qualified. Also, if your wife wants her hair coloured she must have a consultation first, also a patch and skin test to make sure she is not allergic to the hairdressers ... [ more ]

Lift to Southampton Airport Needed - 26th December

Jammydodger in Branksome
This is a long shot - but here goes! My student daughter is travelling up to Glasgow on Boxing Day via Southampton Airport - unfortunately, there are no South West Trains operating on that day and obviously, no direct bus to the airport from ... [ more ]


Christine M in Branksome
Poole Council recycling shop are having a 50% off everything this Saturday 10 Dec. 10-2pmย  ย  ย  Shhhhhhh best kept secret.

fly tipping

Cheryl B
in Parkstone
Sorry to bring this up again, but in the last week somebody has dumped a brown settee out side a house in lincoln road, did anyone see who did it? It was during this last week it was dumped, its up on the Churchill Road end.


Sylvia A
in Rossmore
Hi can anyone recommend a good nail technician in Parkstone/Westbourne area.thinking of having some acrylic nails ( never had them before) so would like some recommendations please
Cheryl B
There is a beauty/nail studio just by my salon called Boutique that I can recommend, very professional. I can give you the contact details. 1 Sea view road, Parkstone. (Op Sea view pub). Tel no is 01202 737470. I think she does late nights. Lyndsey ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
I've heard some really good comments about Madonna, I've met afew people that are her clients & the nail art she does is really spectacular, also, as I mentioned, Lindsey who owns boutique on the other corner from my salon is also very good. ... [ more ]

Duvet cleaning.

Cheryl B
You are right wild poet & Wendy, there is no Sainsburys on Ashley rd, there is a small one on Bournemouth road, the Alder road one is nowhere near Ashley road, its about 2 miles away from the centre of ashley road.
Cheryl B
The retreat pub was there when I first moved to Parkstone in 1981, you're right Wendy, that pub was well dodgy. I've never liked any of the pubs in Parkstone as a lot of them were rough and intimidating where you get stared at for poaching on their ... [ more ]

Christmas light up Ashley road

Sue D in Oakdale
A huge thanks to Micheal. Just Micheal hairdresser for all his hard work organising the afternoon.Shame on all the shops that don't display a Christmas tree.Come on all you shops it's only for a few weeks!!๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿ˜
Cheryl B
I've put my three trees up in the salon on Saturday but will be decorating them tomorrow, I've noticed a lot shops along Ashley road that doesn't look festive, but we are still in November. Also, ... [ more ]


Alison B in Wallisdown
Has anyone got a splitender they don't use, I've just broken mine and I can't get one anywhere unless I get it from USA. Thanks in advance. Alison B.
Cheryl B
My advice is that the only way to get rid of split ends is to get your hair trimmed regularly rather than using these gimmicky gadgets that claim to solve split end problems, being a hairdresser myself I would never recommend using these gadgets as ... [ more ]

Late night \ early morning alarm - seaview

Victoria W
in Newtown
After yet another disturbed nights sleep due to an alarm going off twice in the very early hours, does anyone have any suggestions as to who this is or what we can do about it? The same thing happened at 2.30am on Thursday and\or Friday. Thanks in ... [ more ]
Cheryl B
We had the same problem about 10 years ago and we called the police, they may be able to locate it, It could be that the person who's alarm it is may be on holiday. It could be a car alarm somewhere nearby. Hope you get it sorted.
Cheryl B
One of my neighbours had a car alarm that kept on going off all the time, it did get a bit much when it went off in the night and they just ignored it, I did put a note on their car in the end, I was relieved when they changed their car. ... [ more ]