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David Oyewobi

Male Lives in Ipswich Town Centre address verified

Joined: 25 July 2012

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What is going on in Ipswich that people should know about?

Rosie P
in California
I'm studying journalism at University Campus Suffolk and I'm looking for a story to write about Ipswich. Is there anything going on which you think more people should know about?

racism with old white man

David Oyewobi
in California
why is the hate of white middle class too black man in this town a threat to all our community in education ,housing, criminal justice system, health lifestyle .

How would you change Ipswich in 2013 (if you could)

Mr Fruitgum in Broke Hall
I would  buy some new football players for ITFC Build more schools Have a big centre in the middle of town for people who have a mental health illness or physicial disabilities, so that they can receive support and also give any family carers a ... [ more ]

Skill to share: david.hunter counseller and life coach for exoffenders

David Oyewobi
in California
Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in david.hunter counseller and life coach for exoffenders  to help my neighbours out.
David Oyewobi
its not about you its how to deal with the yobbos that break into your homes from non middle class family and stealing of cars frights in town gangs making  your life hell causing the issues to drugs and breakdown in the family values

Fridge Freezer

Claire R
in Akenham
Anyone know of a cheap fridge freezer for sale, mine packed up on friday night, I suppose it was the best weekend for it to happen, currently have everything sitting in snow lined boxes in the garden! Annoyingly I am governed by the height of anything ... [ more ]

Old Furniture

Sharna P in Castle Hill
I need to get rid of an old sofa, does anyone know any 'man with a van' who can take it to the dump for me?

need a girlfriend

Alstons Wardrobes - Free if picked up

Andrew R
in Castle Hill
Hi, We have 2 x triple mirrored + 1 x double wardrobes manufactured by Alstons of Ipswich that we'd like to give away to a new home. They are now disassembled and ready to go free of charge if you can pick them up. We've tried the local furniture ... [ more ]