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Ben M

Male Lives in Canonbury

Website Developer, lived in Islington and Hackney for 5 years. Originally from Hampshire. Looking to buy first home using Shared Ownership some time in 2016.

Joined: 07 March 2016

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Free BMX for parts or to fix

Christopher M in Stoke Newington
Hi,Iv got this KIds BMX bike if anyone is interested.i hope someone can make use of it,may be for parts or to seems a shame to just throw it away. Thanks.
Ben M
Perhaps your son just needs a bit of help with it? :-) Is there a cog on the rear axle? The photo is a bit dark on my screen in that area. It might only need a new inner tube for the rear tyre and be good to go. All the best with it.

How to get people cycling and walking more

in St Luke's
Hi all,  I am doing a study on how to get people NOT to use public transport and cycle and walk more ?  Has anyone got a thoughts?
Ben M
Over a year, cycling is very much cheaper than public transport or  - especially - owning a car. So there's already a huge financial incentive to get started! Living within 5 miles of the centre and cycling as many journeys as possible has been my ... [ more ]
Ben M
Just to add, I'm a member of CTC (recently renamed "Cycling UK") and they have an article about active transport in relation to health in cities: This ... [ more ]
Ben M
@ash I can highly recommend Central London CTC 1* rides. A gentle and very sociable way to start riding longer and more scenic journeys. * Even if you cycle regularly and are really fit, I'd recommend ... [ more ]
Ben M
@ash thanks for the kind invite, unfortunately I have plans this weekend. Would you be available in the week?

Gentle Badminton

to (ended)
Up for discussion
John Sloboda
in Stoke Newington
After several people expressed an interested, Paul L and I have started playing badminton once a week at a local leisure centre, and going for a drink and a chat afterwards.  We'd be very happy to build up a pool of local people who want to play ... [ more ]
Ben M
Perhaps this thread could help a few pairs find each other to begin with. Once you have a pool of players, you might find some more overlaps to form bigger groups and doubles matches. Is equipment provided, please?

Offered: Double clothing rails for free

M M in Dalston
I have a double clothing rails which I have never assembled to give away.  All the pieces should be there but I don't have instructions on how to put it together.  
Ben M
Hello, would you be able to attach a photo of the parts or provide a link to what the completed item should look like?

Small bolt cutters

Sonia H
in Kingsland
Has anyone got some strong bolt cutters which I could borrow? They do need to be quite small though as I am trying to remove an old toilet seat but one bolt is rusted completely and simply won't budge. Why would manufacturers use metal for these ... [ more ]
Ben M
Seized bolts on old bicycles can sometimes be released by applying lots of oil. WD40, GT85 and other light household oils should do. Once it soaks in, it loosens the rust and lubricates the underlying surfaces. This takes at least an hour or you can ... [ more ]

Nature Cure: The Revival

The Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road, E8 3ND
Robert Mazure
in Highbury
I have spent 5 years making this documentary and now it's finally ready.  I spent 7 months in tropical regions of Southern India recording footage in Nature Cure Hospitals. In these hospitals people are treated for a wide range of common illness ... [ more ]

Workstation/Gaming Computer I7 4770k / Raid 0 SSD / GTX 980

Radu I
in Barnsbury
High End fully assembled Gaming PC with a new installation of GENUINE Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional. As the main disk drive is a combination of two solid drives SSD in RAID 0 configuration. Raid 0 means that the 2 drives are working as one ... [ more ]
Ben M
Would you be able to provide the external dimensions and suggest how much space it needs for ventilation, please? Also an indication of your 'reserve price' for it would really help. Also, would it be possible to observe it in action please? A ... [ more ]
Ben M
Thanks for providing all this information! Has the PC been used or did you assemble it to sell straight away? The game I want to upgrade for is actually getting some bad reviews recently, problems with DLC, so I might wait and see if the publisher ... [ more ]

Meeting re Traffic Problems on Green Lanes & GLTRA Survey Results. 1st March

Hilary King
in Dalston
INVITATION to come to Special Meeting: Tuesday 1st March 6.30pm. Venue now confirmed: The Leconfield Pub, Green Lanes N16.  Come and join the discussion re traffic problems, hear the results from GLTRA's Residents and Traders Surveys and help to ... [ more ]