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Marianne G

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Large van or lorry with driver required.

in Meldreth
Hi there! I am looking for a large van or lorry with a driver later this week to transport some furniture to a property in Royston. I don't want it to be an expensive job-can anyone recommend anyone who can do this at a good rate? Many thanks, Chris
Marianne G
I used Royston Removals when I wanted to move some furniture from a lockup in Orwell to Royston and thought he he was very competitive

Live music pub/venue

Lynsey T
in Chiswick End
Im wondering if any one can help me out? Im a professional singer and in the process of putting together a duo with a view to getting work locally. It'll be a covers acoustic duo and was wondering if anyone can suggest good places who do live music ... [ more ]

Double glazing

Donate unopened toiletries

in Litlington
Does anyone know of anywhere in Royston that will take unused bottles of shampoo, shower gel, soaps etc.? I've had a clearout and found a few bits I won't use, seems such a shame to bin them. Charity shops can't take them apparently, even sealed
Marianne G
Addenbrookes A&E Department,  they need them for people that are admitted into A&E.  I have taken a box load up this week

National Charity recruiting Assistant Catering Manager

Marianne G
in The Thrift
A national charity working to help less advantaged young people achieve their academic potential are looking to recruit:                                Assistant Catering Manager Based at our residential training centre in Foxton, nr Royston ... [ more ]

Work to my driveway

Marianne G
in The Thrift
Can anyone recommend where I can get advice and quote to do some work on my uneven driveway.   It is a parking space really for one car in front of my house in Royston.  Thank you

There must be somewhere to go!

Richard C
in Royston
Hi folks, you're sitting at home, thinking I need to get out for a couple of hours, only thing is where do you go? I have done the old favourites to death, you know, Scottsdales, Royston Garden Centre etc. I need some new ideas. Can you folks help?
Marianne G
Granchester is worth a visit,  Wimpole Hall, Royston Heath you can do a different walk every day of the week

Vacancy for a P/t Catering Assistant for maternity cover

Marianne G
in The Thrift
Based at our residential training centre in Foxton, working a variable shift pattern, the successful candidate will have some experience of working in a kitchen/catering environment Contact:  Marianne at Villiers Park Educational Trust, Royston ... [ more ]


John D
in The Thrift
It amazes me that in these modern times when we are encouraged by our local authority to recycle as much as possible that Veolia only come to empty the bins when they feel like it so once these recycle bins are full we have no alternative but to place ... [ more ]
Marianne G
Im with you John D, ive lost count the number of times they have walked past bins in my road and not emptying them, on some weeks it seems like they only empty one in 3 bins,  I used to report if when they miss my bins, but now I really cant be ... [ more ]

O2 mobile connection

Julie Q
in Therfield
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else in the area has no internet connection on mobile devises? We are with 02 and they are looking into the issue.


Marianne G
in The Thrift
Hi,  I am looking for someone who can help me set up and navigate an online blog using Wordpress, or any day courses run locally on the subject. Thanks
Marianne G
Thank you for the warning,  I backup up all my work in any case as I lost all my work two years ago when my old computer crashed and they couldn't recover my files off the hard drive  :-(

PPI claims

Marianne G
Hi Thanks for the info,  I have done the big ones myself, mortgage, bank charges etc. using Martin Lewis template, over £5k reclaimed, but there are others that I am not sure about and don't have records for, so thought I would give it a shot

after prom venue

Mar D
in Royston
Does anyone have any suggestions on a venue for the Meridian "after prom party" this year? They're working so hard on GCSE's. Would like to give them something to look forward to! The date is July 1, 2016. Thanks.  
Marianne G
The Woodman Inn has a function room, large garden and a marquee, suitable for all group sizes, ages, dietary requirements and refreshments

Venues for a children's party

Reena B
in Dyer's Green
Could anyone reccomend a venue that could be hired for a children's party? (Apart from the old bull, coombs, market hill rooms, heath club)
Marianne G
If you don't mind going out of Royston, try The Woodman Inn at Nuthampstead,  they have a childrens play area inside their restaurant (similar to the Garden Centre) and outside,obviously cater for all ages for food and drink

House movers and moving boxes

Lana N
in Dyer's Green
Could anyone recommend house movers in Royston? And if someone have left over moving boxes would be happy to collect and re-use!
Marianne G
I used Dale at Royston Removals who were very reasonable and very good and obliging.   01763 226002

High Street

Jim A
in Chiswick End
Yet another casualty of the state of the High Street pavements this morning which warranted an ambulance being called out. How many more such incidents before action is taken?
Marianne G
The parking in Princes Mews is getting very bad,  there are now bollards on the visitors carparks as it is seen as an employer and customer carpark as so many people are now parking there to go to work.  Cloisters Management Company are having to be ... [ more ]


in Chiswick End
Does anyone know a shop selling a large selection of lighting, please.    I don't want to buy online as I want to see before I buy. John Lewis had a choice of two of the particular fitting I want! Don't mind a half-hour or so drive if the choice is ... [ more ]

Rose Royce concert

Jayne M
in Royston
Anyone going to this concert? It's on at the end of May in Royston!
Marianne G
I was thinking of going but must admit I hesitate because of the cost of the tickets, however on their website and facebook page, does look like they are a good night and well attended

Produce and Plants Sale at Allotments

Janet B
in Dyer's Green
We are holding our first monthly produce and plant sale tomorrow at the allotments in Coombes Hole, Royston. Open from 11.00 to 12.30. We have strawberry and chives plants. To eat, we have rhubarb, leeks, carrots, curly kale and purple sprouting ... [ more ]

Bogus RSPCA operating in Royston

Louise M in Kneesworth
Hi All, Particularly for dog owners but important for everyone. I had someone call at my door at 815 pm this week saying they were from RSPCA. I have checked with RSPCA and they have confirmed no fund raisers in the area and no other reason for them ... [ more ]
Marianne G
An old 4x4 dropped off 3 young people at Princes Mews this week and they were wandering around with blue RSPCA tabards on. Didn't see them knock on any doors, just standing on the street talking amongst themselves

Arrington Nurseries

Kirsty C
in Whaddon
I have heard that Arrington Nurseries have been bought by Bury Lane (through a post on their Facebook page) I've always enjoyed shopping there because it was independent, family run and good value. Will watch developments there with interest.


Marianne G
in The Thrift
I just wanted to compliment the Savers store in Royston High Street,    I have been using the store more and more lately, as not only are the products very competitively priced,  the store is clean and tidy, well stocked and the staff are just ... [ more ]

Stocking Fillers

Nicola M in Flint Cross
Good Morning .Does anyone know of any local Christmas dinners or events  being held either for the elderly or charities ? as I have some perfumes, nail enamels and lipsticks that I got free with my avon round delivery , thought they would make a nice ... [ more ]


Wheelie bin cleaning company?

ST inactive in Royston
Can anyone recommend one of those companies that clean wheelie bins? A flyer came through our door the other day from but they only want to clean all three bins every month at a cost of £98 a year and we would prefer a less frequent, ... [ more ]
Marianne G
HI  I have been using a company called Wheelie Fresh Bins for the past couple of years,  they are based in Cambridge but do come to Royston  Tel:  01223 277747.  I pay £32 for 6 cleans of brown bin and thinks its £5 every three months for purple bin, ... [ more ]