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Andrew T (The First) west ips

Male Lives in Westbourne address verified

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Privacy and NextDoor

John T in Castle Hill
Do others have concerns about the move from Streetlife to Nextdoor. It would seem that to use the new system I have to loose some privacy. Whilst I might be happy to exchange views and opinions in a pub with someone I had previously never met. I would ... [ more ]

Trevor still missing

Melanie W in Castle Hill
It's 6 weeks to the day that our beautiful tabby cat, Trevor, went missing. We miss him no end and search for him twice daily. Local people have been very kind and helpful and there have been a few potential sightings, but none of these has managed ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Hi i live in ravensfield road off castle road and i saw a cat fitting his description yesturday afternoon wandering about. I cant be sure it was him as there are a lot of cats in our road including our 2 but not seen that one before in the area. Hope ... [ more ]

Parking Wars - Dales Road

in Ipswich Town Centre
It is apparent having spoken to a lady living close to the garage/shops in Dales Road the issues of parking are still unresolved........ The garage Park excess stock and cars for repair in the road and in the car spaces adjacent to the shops. These ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
You can check wether the cars are taxed etc by using a free app on your mobile phone. That way if they are not taxed you can report them. It will only take a couple of cars being clamped to stop him parking them there.

Mobility Aids No Longer Needed

in Castle Hill
I have various used mobility aids  including a bath step, a bath board, grab handles, swivel bather, 2 commodes, toilet seat riser and a walking frame. Free to anyone who could make use of them.
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Hi Rosa I could make use of the bathroom stuff including the grab handles for my partner who has rumatoid athritus. I could pick up sometime this week. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards Andy Tyler
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Hi Rosa I have to go out soon to my parents for the day, i will check my messages when i get home this evening and message you in the morning to sort out arrangements for picking up. Kind regards Andy Tyler
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Hi Rosa I tried to ring this morning about 10.30 but no reply, if you could let me know a good time to ring we can arrange to pick up the mobility items. My week is a bit mad with drs app etc so would be looking to collect thursday if possible. I ... [ more ]

Yellow Box Junctions

Brian B
in Gainsborough
Yesterday I tapped on the window of a car stopped on the yellow box junction at the Bond St/St Helen's St traffic lights. I was then treated to a load of four letter abuse from the driver and the two 5 to 6 year old passengers! To make matters worse, ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Speaking about fog lights, i was driving home yesturday evening and some guy in the car behind me kept flashing his lights and when he pulled along side me at the roundabout he asked why have you got your fog lights on, i said der because its foggy ... [ more ]

Printer repair dell model

Ginny S in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a dell printer repairer? Please let me know, I am on the IP1 area but wiki Lying to travel to get mine fixed at a reasonable rate. Thanks.


DAB signal

Susan H
in Castle Hill
Has anyone else noticed that the DAB signal in this area is dreadful today? I was woken by squawking noises from our Dab radio in the house and thought it had gone wrong but I've just gone out in the car and the signal is appalling, fading in and out ... [ more ]

Rubbish dumping

Stella C in Claydon
Ok Scum-bag This is to the person that drove part the way down the no-through-rd off Claydon Church Lane in your car today at 13.42 to dump the contents of your plant pots in the ditch. You were seen, we have your details. You have until Monday 9am ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
We even get problems round this area, people dumping bags of rubbish in the lane and we even had a car dumped at the end of the lane last year. Still they are all on cctv now and monitored by the guy over the back which seems to have quietenned things ... [ more ]

Horrible tasting water

Andrew T (The First) west ips
Not only does it effect the taste etc but if you are a fish keeper like me you have to treat every drop of water you put in your aquarium or pond, otherwise you can kill the fish. I dont see AW offering to pay for the treatments i have to use.

Broken glass

Pat S inactive in Castle Hill
To the people that enjoyed a bottle of Red Square Vodka, a bottle of coke and sausage rolls in the passageway between Chesterfield Drive and Tranmere Grove - don't worry about clearing up the smashed glass - I've done it so that I and others can walk ... [ more ]

Burglary Felixstowe Road

Rose A
in California
Someone broke into our garage and stole a load of power tools. Keep an ear and eye out gentle people, it's that time if the year again. Please make sure you lock up tight and stay safe.
Andrew T (The First) west ips
The fact that the people were on Tony Martins property trying to break in is the law that was broken. I would have done the same. As for watchful good on ya but just be careful how much force you use. These people are criminals and should be treated ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
P P it has nothing to do with baying mobs, its to do with protecting what is legally yours and not having it stolen. Which i beleive should be the polices job but they just seem to want to arrest you for protecting your own property.

Dyslexia Support

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Dyslexia. One element of the work North West Ipswich Big Local Trust strives to do is to empower members of our community to improve services for others in the area. We have many examples of how well this is happening, here is just one of the ... [ more ]

Save a tree

Val S
in Sproughton
I want to save a tree.   I have watched this tree grow and mature over the years and now I fear it may be cut down.   Can anyone tell me how to go about getting it protected please?
Andrew T (The First) west ips
I'm glad the tree is protected, that will stop all these negative people on here making out the trees are a nuasence. if we don't have trees we don't live simple, plus they are lovely to watch change with the seasons and grow bigger and stronger over ... [ more ]

Mobile hairdresser wanted

Emma R in Rose Hill
Hi. I am looking for a mobile hairdresser for hair colouring - high and low lights. Does anyone know of a good hairdresser in the Ipswich area? Thanks, Emma

Electronic drum kit

Giles corner

Steven K in Greenwich
I had to pop into town at the weekend and couldnt believe that the road near the Giles statue is all being dug up again. Its not ling since it was a dug up and reworked. How much is this waste costing? I dont often moan on here and usually defend ... [ more ]

This really takes the biscuit

Simon B
in Ipswich Town Centre
Some irresponsible dog owner has allowed their dog to cr@p up one of the litter bins just off Belstead Road (between Sandringham Close and Holyrood Close), why the hell did they not clean it up and place it in the dog bin which is only a meter away! ... [ more ]

Wallpaper needed

Missing Cat

in Greenwich
Cato not come home since last night IP2 area (Wherstead Road) chipped, but no coller, keeps coming home without it lol. Keep an eye out for him please.


Cars on pavements

Jack D
in Westbourne
Came acrossed this down camden road this afternoon absolutely no consideration for anyone in a wheelchair or pushing a baby in a pram
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Ok Simon b i presume that you live in a woderful part of town where everyone has huge driveways to park their cars. Some of us have to live in the real world where parking is an issue. If people don't park partly on the pavement then emergency ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
S F why cause the emergency veihicles more problems by having to push vehicles out of the way and waiste valuable life saving time. why not just have people park considerately half on half off the path. Nosey Ron where is this place where everyone can ... [ more ]
Andrew T (The First) west ips
Thats the point i was trying to make S F to make it possible to get the emergency veihicles through with needing to write off vehicles people need to park half on half off the pavement but only if they do it cinsideratly.
Andrew T (The First) west ips
simonSimon B they can't redesign the road system now as its far to late i just wish people could all live together and think of each other i.e. drivers think about pedestrians and vise versa. There is no easy option apart from the one i sugested about ... [ more ]

Radio repair

in Akenham
Is there anyone who would be able to repair a small Bose cd/radio ? It is not new but I don't want to dump it. I would be glad of any recommendations?

Filthy Joint Entrance To Little Waitrose and IBC Customer Services Department.

Robert R
in White House
I went to the Little Waitrose shop in the Ipswich Town Hall complex today (Saturday 1st. October 2016) and was disappointed to find that after many weeks there is still a large accumulation of pigeon droppings across the joint entrance shared by ... [ more ]

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Finchy in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend someone Ipswich-based who can repair my Dyson  vacuum cleaner?