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Spotty Dog

Lives in Rushmere St Andrew

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Yellow Box Junctions

Brian B
in Gainsborough
Yesterday I tapped on the window of a car stopped on the yellow box junction at the Bond St/St Helen's St traffic lights. I was then treated to a load of four letter abuse from the driver and the two 5 to 6 year old passengers! To make matters worse, ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
"the bus company has added an extra bus to the hospital each hour... Ipswich Borough Council cashing in on poor health. It is disgusting. " ......... What a load of drivel, an extra bus serving the hospital won't generate more passengers ( sick ... [ more ]

Help for flickering TV

Peter E
in California
I am asking on behalf of an elderly friend who has a 42 inch Panasonic TV which has been flickering every  15 - 30 minutes everytime in the evening . This flickering lasts for as long as a minute and can range from as many as 6 to more times in any ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
For a few years now Panasonic have given a promotional 5 year warranty with some models of their TVs.( Viera model especially). You had to complete the warranty card and claim it after purchase but it would be worth checking if your set is included if ... [ more ]

Taxi to Stansted

Spotty Dog
@Alan P, I, like you, used to sing the praises of the National Express service to the airports until my last trip. The coach left Ipswich 35 minutes late ( Galloway knew hours before that the coach allocated would arrive late but made no effort to ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Janice S, they run 63 trips per week to the Airport so I guess it's unlikely that they will all be perfect. The later trips in the day rely on buses returning from London on time and with the traffic in London these days they don't leave enough time ... [ more ]


Mark O in Priory Heath
Hello I am asking a huge favour of a decorator my dad has been decorating my sisters and her house mates stairs and landing but cannot reach with his ladder to do the high bit on the stairs is there anyone who could help 2people with a learning ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Just an idea, maybe it helps. Has your dad tried attaching a broom handle to his roller? Some rollers come with a hole in the handle to accept an extension otherwise you can tape a long handle on. He would need, at some stage, to attach a brush to a ... [ more ]

stair lift

Spotty Dog
Several years ago I used Paul Smith of Dolphin Stairlifts for an installation and service. He's based in Felixstowe. He deals with several different manufacturers and models rather than being company ... [ more ]

Woodbridge Road East shops

Anita H
in California
Anyone know what's going into the two empty shops (HSBC and Boots)?  Be gutted if another estate agents!
Spotty Dog
For those who " believe that banks and shops are classed the same" for planning permission purposes the true facts are at our fingertips so it should not be necessary to post inaccurate beliefs. For clarity the facts are listed below. The Town and ... [ more ]

Local taxi

Julie M in Little Bealings
Can any one recommend a local taxi driver who would do an airport run to Stanstead
Spotty Dog
I agree with those who recommend the coach, it's a cheaper deal (at £15 pp) unless there are four or more travelling or you have to pay for a taxi to get to the start point in Cardinal Park or Ipswich Station. At Stansted you wouldn't get closer to ... [ more ]

Bus route

John W inactive in Westbourne
With reference to the bus route 14, I’m very sad to note that the Saturday time table has been reduced to 3 buses per day. This means that should I need to go into town after 2pm for whatever reason I will have to get a cab or struggle up the hill to ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Streetlifers are unlikely to have much influence over the operation of Ipswich buses so with all due respect you would be better addressing your concerns direct to Ipswich buses. In addition,on this forum, posts are filtered and published in local ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@SF, yes of course his post gets "seen by others" wherever he posts it but is less likely to gain sympathisers and supporters for his cause. Perhaps I should have added that it would be better for John W to change the area in his profile to the area ... [ more ]

Able Computer Doctor

Jill R
in Boot Street
My computer system was recently infiltrated by a foriegn outside source, having paid out £100 plus I'm still vunerable as the firewall and sercurity keep turning off! I've lost all confidence in the original chap so need to start afresh ....... So can ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Easy PC on the Bixley Road/Foxhall Road roundabout offer a complete "full service check out" both hardware and software for £49 and a software health check for £29. They can do the software health check remotely so you don't have to lug your computer ... [ more ]

help laminate worktop

Jeff W
in Warren Heath
I have stained/ burnt a area on a laminate worktop with Viakal. Any suggestions on how I remove it? Wife not happy Thanks in advance.
Spotty Dog
Yes a lot of the effective products that remove limescale contain hydrochloric acid which will even stain stainless steel! (although I don't know the contents of Viakal). If it is a gloss laminate worktop and it is only surface damage then you may be ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
I have buffed up scratches on a gloss work top with T-Cut so it should restore the gloss, after all that's what it does on car paint. Follow the instructions on the bottle/tube for the application.

Rental property in Ip4 are needed short term

Anita H
in California
Anyone know of a property suitable to rent for short term (8 weeks approx) in IP4 area? Any info would be useful! Thanks
Spotty Dog
You don't say what sort of property and how big you are looking for but there are usually flats of various sizes available here in Pearson Road but you'll have to check if they'll agree to short term rental.

Nacton Road ex-pub name

Holywells W in California
Your starter for ten! Who can tell me the name of the pub that stood on the corner of Nacton Rd/Levington Rd and is now Juliettes hairdressers? Juliettes has been there 30 years, so it must have been shut a long time ago. No prizes, I was just ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
I have a 1958 Kelly's directory and it states the occupants of the corner shop which is 243 Nacton Road as Percy Fowler (grocers), The next number is 249 where E.G. Coleman (grocer) lived and 251 where Whitmore A, B & G (Confectioners) lived. ... [ more ]

SCC treatment of the disabled

Ernest G
in Broke Hall
It is not good enough for the Highway Dept to rely on their planed cutting of wayside verges as adequate. When the only route from Kesgrave for the disabled using Electric Buggies to the Ipswich Hospital is completely blocked by over grown Bracken ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Although you'll get sympathy from members here I fear you won't get a lot of action. I don't think S.C.C. intentionally treat the disabled badly but this summer has provided exceptional growing weather and maybe they are struggling to cope so It would ... [ more ]

Mr J Bown

Jackie T in Kesgrave
I am trying to trace a Mr and Mrs J Bown,living in the area possibly in IP5, who are celebrating a wedding anniversay. I have received a card addressed to my home, I believe, intended for them. I would love to reunite them with their card. I have ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Not sure if this is much help but there is a Jo Bown and a Cara Bown on Facebook. Cara lives in Ipswich (but no more detail) and maybe a daughter. Jo Bown doesn't say where she lives but there is a recent picture of The Raven in Ipswich on her ... [ more ]

Ipswich Music Day

Christchurch Park
Peter M
in California
Lots of music going on in the park today - but I wanted to just point out some other related events that may easily be missed Ipswich Arts Association Christchurch Mansion Art Gallery: Ipswich Suzuki Group, Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society, ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
The Music in the Park has been running every year for about the last 30 years and it's always around the same date each year. Those interested look out for it but there was an article in the Ipswich Star this week, a presentation stand with singers on ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Richard D If I had known that volunteers were needed to help clear the litter I would have also volunteered if that simple effort would have ensured that there will be another event next year. I noticed that I.B.C. had litter pickers on duty ... [ more ]

Billy witches

Clare L
in Rose Hill
Anyone got problems with Billy witches, I think they are in my chimney hear buzzing plus i have found dead ones in my dining room. Not sure what to do.
Spotty Dog
I haven't seen a Billy Witch for a few years now but in your case I should try to ignore them. The adult only lives for about six weeks and as they eat plants, shrubs, leaves etc they will live a much shorter life if they don't leave your chimney. ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Chrissie, it's a Cockchafer colloquially called, especially in these parts, a Billy Witch. It's a beetle like bug that flies awkwardly and grows to an inch or inch and a half long with pincers and an orange antenna.
Spotty Dog
Billy Witches don't nest like wasps or bees and so don't leave a mess where they settle. The adult lays eggs and buries them in the ground using the point of her tail. The egg hatches to a larvae and spends around 3 years ( maybe 5 in cold climates) ... [ more ]

Locksmith Recommendation Wanted

Peter M
in California
I need someone to come and change my front door lock.   Any recommendations?  It's not an emergency, as I guess emergency locksmiths charge higher rates.  Would prefer an evening or weekend visit

Bicycle assistance

Anne C
in Tuddenham
Hello I wondered if there was anyone who is quite good with bikes who could spare 5 minutes of their time? My back brake rubs on my wheel and makes it hard to cycle.I could cycle to you from kesgrave. I hope this is not a too big of a ask.
Spotty Dog
If you get no other response you could cycle to the Green Bike project in Holywells park. They will sort you out for a small donation to their charity. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays

Aldi's Shops

in Rushmere Street
Does anybody know if and where the new Aldi Stores are going to be?  I know they are currently building one on Scrivener Drive but I heard they were going to be building one near Waitrose and Next near B&Q's.  Just wondered if any more were going ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Tescos reported loss of £6.4 Bn last year was largely due to the £4.7 Bn loss in the fall in property value of its stores not loss of sales. Taking the theoretical property prices out of the equation they still made a profit over the last two years of ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Reading this entire thread the only person who has said that people only want cheap shops is you @ Richard G. All the others have said they want choice. You mentioned BHS twice in this thread, what's it got to do with the O.P.? Recent government ... [ more ]

Burger Restaurant in Ipswich Town Centre

DC in Stoke
There was a story briefly on the Ipswich Star's Facebook page yesterday that the burger place that had opened up in town Sloppy Joes (Smokey Joes?) had shut down. The post disappeared shortly after which i don't understand and I can't find anything ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Don't know anything about Ipswich Star's Facebook page but there is a Sloppy Joes in Colchester (tel 01206 577229). Reading their web site  it looks like it is a family restaurant (not a national ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Maybe I was a bit hasty in my attempt to assist. I have now found the article about Sloppy Joes in the Ipswich Star here  It was (or is) in Coytes Gardens, ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Yes, it was (is) next to Londis according to the article but it seems their web site at is no longer on line and their Facebook page doesn't allow me access. I have a feeling you better start looking (or send the kids ... [ more ]

Apple Cider Vinegar Large amount

Raq R
in California
Hello can anyone lead me in the right direction for at least 4litre bottles of organic cider vinegar?
Spotty Dog
5 litre bottles are available on the internet. Dolphin Fitness supplying Biona brand are the cheapest I could find at £10.95 delivered. Amazon also sell it but ... [ more ]


Spotty Dog
Lings are no longer in Beardmore Park (near M & S) they have moved to 26 Gloster Road, Martlesham and fortunately they currently have a promotion on greenhouses giving 20% off until 31st August.
Spotty Dog
or Gumtree for second hand greenhouses

Water Main Replacement

Spotty Dog
The water supply pipes from the meter to your property are your responsibility  unless the supply is shared in which case it is joint responsibility between the users. This is explained here ... [ more ]

Beach Hut, Old Felixstowe

Teresa C in Greenwich
I'm a bit confused!  I have been thinking of buying a little beach hut in Felixstowe as I'm (semi) retired -  beginning to realise it's not that straight-forward - i.e. am I right in being told that 'council tax' and other annual fees would apply?  ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
The council charges as of 01/04/2015. are dependent on location and are listed here. Remember to add VAT @ 20% to all figures including surcharge. ... [ more ]

The Old Bell Inn

Graham C
in Gainsborough
Anyone know what is happening with this historic old building? It's been empty for years, but now clearly work is going on there - but for what?
Spotty Dog