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Mr J Bown

Jackie T in Kesgrave
I am trying to trace a Mr and Mrs J Bown,living in the area possibly in IP5, who are celebrating a wedding anniversay. I have received a card addressed to my home, I believe, intended for them. I would love to reunite them with their card. I have ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Not sure if this is much help but there is a Jo Bown and a Cara Bown on Facebook. Cara lives in Ipswich (but no more detail) and maybe a daughter. Jo Bown doesn't say where she lives but there is a recent picture of The Raven in Ipswich on her Facebook ... [ more ]

SCC treatment of the disabled

Ernest G in Broke Hall
It is not good enough for the Highway Dept to rely on their planed cutting of wayside verges as adequate. When the only route from Kesgrave for the disabled using Electric Buggies to the Ipswich Hospital is completely blocked by over grown Bracken at ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Although you'll get sympathy from members here I fear you won't get a lot of action. I don't think S.C.C. intentionally treat the disabled badly but this summer has provided exceptional growing weather and maybe they are struggling to cope so It would be ... [ more ]

Ipswich Music Day

Christchurch Park
Peter M in California
Lots of music going on in the park today - but I wanted to just point out some other related events that may easily be missed Ipswich Arts Association Christchurch Mansion Art Gallery: Ipswich Suzuki Group, Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society, ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
The Music in the Park has been running every year for about the last 30 years and it's always around the same date each year. Those interested look out for it but there was an article in the Ipswich Star this week, a presentation stand with singers on ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Richard D If I had known that volunteers were needed to help clear the litter I would have also volunteered if that simple effort would have ensured that there will be another event next year. I noticed that I.B.C. had litter pickers on duty throughout ... [ more ]

Billy witches

Clare L in Rose Hill
Anyone got problems with Billy witches, I think they are in my chimney hear buzzing plus i have found dead ones in my dining room. Not sure what to do.
Spotty Dog
I haven't seen a Billy Witch for a few years now but in your case I should try to ignore them. The adult only lives for about six weeks and as they eat plants, shrubs, leaves etc they will live a much shorter life if they don't leave your chimney. They ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Chrissie, it's a Cockchafer colloquially called, especially in these parts, a Billy Witch. It's a beetle like bug that flies awkwardly and grows to an inch or inch and a half long with pincers and an orange antenna.
Spotty Dog
Billy Witches don't nest like wasps or bees and so don't leave a mess where they settle. The adult lays eggs and buries them in the ground using the point of her tail. The egg hatches to a larvae and spends around 3 years ( maybe 5 in cold climates) ... [ more ]

Locksmith Recommendation Wanted

Peter M in California
I need someone to come and change my front door lock.   Any recommendations?  It's not an emergency, as I guess emergency locksmiths charge higher rates.  Would prefer an evening or weekend visit

Bicycle assistance

Anne C in Tuddenham
Hello I wondered if there was anyone who is quite good with bikes who could spare 5 minutes of their time? My back brake rubs on my wheel and makes it hard to cycle.I could cycle to you from kesgrave. I hope this is not a too big of a ask.
Spotty Dog
If you get no other response you could cycle to the Green Bike project in Holywells park. They will sort you out for a small donation to their charity. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays

Aldi's Shops

S F in Rushmere Street
Does anybody know if and where the new Aldi Stores are going to be?  I know they are currently building one on Scrivener Drive but I heard they were going to be building one near Waitrose and Next near B&Q's.  Just wondered if any more were going to ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Tescos reported loss of £6.4 Bn last year was largely due to the £4.7 Bn loss in the fall in property value of its stores not loss of sales. Taking the theoretical property prices out of the equation they still made a profit over the last two years of ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Reading this entire thread the only person who has said that people only want cheap shops is you @ Richard G. All the others have said they want choice. You mentioned BHS twice in this thread, what's it got to do with the O.P.? Recent government ... [ more ]

Burger Restaurant in Ipswich Town Centre

DC in Stoke
There was a story briefly on the Ipswich Star's Facebook page yesterday that the burger place that had opened up in town Sloppy Joes (Smokey Joes?) had shut down. The post disappeared shortly after which i don't understand and I can't find anything ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Don't know anything about Ipswich Star's Facebook page but there is a Sloppy Joes in Colchester (tel 01206 577229). Reading their web site  it looks like it is a family restaurant (not a national ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Maybe I was a bit hasty in my attempt to assist. I have now found the article about Sloppy Joes in the Ipswich Star here  It was (or is) in Coytes Gardens, ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Yes, it was (is) next to Londis according to the article but it seems their web site at is no longer on line and their Facebook page doesn't allow me access. I have a feeling you better start looking (or send the kids looking!) ... [ more ]

Apple Cider Vinegar Large amount

Raq R in California
Hello can anyone lead me in the right direction for at least 4litre bottles of organic cider vinegar?
Spotty Dog
5 litre bottles are available on the internet. Dolphin Fitness supplying Biona brand are the cheapest I could find at £10.95 delivered. Amazon also sell it but are ... [ more ]


Spotty Dog
Lings are no longer in Beardmore Park (near M & S) they have moved to 26 Gloster Road, Martlesham and fortunately they currently have a promotion on greenhouses giving 20% off until 31st August.
Spotty Dog
or Gumtree for second hand greenhouses

Water Main Replacement

Richard G in Boot Street
I need someone to replace the main water pipe from the water meter to my house. Any reccomendations ? Thank You
Spotty Dog
The water supply pipes from the meter to your property are your responsibility  unless the supply is shared in which case it is joint responsibility between the users. This is explained here ... [ more ]

Beach Hut, Old Felixstowe

Teresa C in Greenwich
I'm a bit confused!  I have been thinking of buying a little beach hut in Felixstowe as I'm (semi) retired -  beginning to realise it's not that straight-forward - i.e. am I right in being told that 'council tax' and other annual fees would apply?  Any ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
The council charges as of 01/04/2015. are dependent on location and are listed here. Remember to add VAT @ 20% to all figures including surcharge. ... [ more ]

The Old Bell Inn

Graham C in Gainsborough
Anyone know what is happening with this historic old building? It's been empty for years, but now clearly work is going on there - but for what?

Parking on Grass Verges

Albchiv in Racecourse
My wife tells me she saw a person writing down the registration of vehicles parked on the grass verge in Renfrew Road. Does anyone know if he is a council official, a road tax official or a concerned local resident collecting facts to present a case to ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
If there are parking restrictions on the road in the form of yellow lines and a qualifying post detailing the restrictions then those restrictions apply to the grass verge as well. I don't know if Renfrew Road has such restrictions. If you do then a ... [ more ]

laptop repair.

Karen C in Broke Hall
My laptop of 18mths wont turn on. reluctant to scrap and buy another , can you recommend a repairer , . I know there will be a cost involved but dont want to be ripped off. Many thanks. xx
Spotty Dog
Have a look at this thread from a few days ago:-

PC repairer

Stephanie F in Brightwell
Can anyone recommend a good pc repairer please. I have a lenovo laptop which won't charge properly. The battery indicator shows the laptop charging for 5 cycles of movement on the battery indicator then stops. If I unplug the lead then plug it in ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
See this thread from a few days ago:

Where do you stand on longer Sunday trading hours?

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
Do you support a proposal to extend Sunday trading in Ipswich? Would you use the shops more?

73 votes on 2 answers so far...

See all and vote
Spotty Dog
" It is strange that in this day of 24-hour living, you cannot pop into Tesco after 4pm on a Sunday."  Isn't it astonishing that our local Ipswich Star made this comment above when every single Tesco express in Ipswich is open after 4pm on a Sunday ... [ more ]

Nursery closed today

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
Fire ripped through Little learners nursery in #Ipswich last night
Spotty Dog
If like so many of us you are tired of being bombarded with links to Ipswich star articles which we have previously read on the Star site then you can hit the downward arrow at the top right of the original post and select to block this tedious ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Diane P. You may notice that to ensure that she continues to bombard us with unwanted links she has changed her name to "Ipswich Star" so it is possible we will now have to block the new name (I'm not sure). She has now also moved to Ipswich Town centre ... [ more ]

computer help needed

Gwyneth R in Rushmere St Andrew
Somebody suggested a computer service that was inexpensive and efficient....but I cannot find it, now that I need it......can anyone help please?
Spotty Dog
Can't recommend anybody specific but if you type " computer repair" into the search box at the top of page it will reveal previous threads on the subject that you were looking for.

Tributes to Bryan Knights

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
Tributes have been paid to former radio commentator and teacher, Bryan Knights.

Tree felling

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
I have been contacted about this on here and also via a telephone call, so thought I would post the link to help those who were concerned about the tree felling near Foxhall Stadium. ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
From the Streetlife FAQ's it says the following:- "Archant are a minority investor in Streetlife, through their Digital Ventures arm. In addition, we have a commercial agreement where they promote and advertise Streetlife to their readers, and include ... [ more ]

On Road parking

John S in California
I have just aid out hundreds of pounds to have a dropped curb installed to access  a new hard standing on my property and to enable any visitors to park  I have only 1 car ..unfortunately my neighbours have 4 cars and 5 cars respectively and are none to ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
It's sounds as though your neighbours are being hostile and lack consideration, in that case you can call the Ipswich Council Parking Enforcement office and ask for a parking enforcement officer to attend. They will issue a fixed penalty notice ( ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Richard G your knowledge doesn't match my experience and what actually happens. Did you read the link offered? Yes the local neighbourhood police can also issue a ticket but they are a lot harder to get out of their office.
Spotty Dog
@Richard G It may come as a surprise to you but your knowledge and 'what you believe ' does not agree with the facts and what Parking enforcement officers can actually do. I can assure you I wouldn't suggest something unless I was absolutely sure it to ... [ more ]


Brian A in California
Having been the victim of a scam I wanted to warn my neighbours of how it is done. An offer is made to trial a product for free, only paying for postage. The postage has to be paid by credit or debit card, the test product is duly delivered(or not) but ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
A lot of this type of scam will have had terms in the small print that you would have agreed to when you requested the trial sample. Those terms usually say that you agree to be supplied on a monthly/fortnightly/ weekly basis and that you agree to pay ... [ more ]

Aldi Meredith Road Car Park Overstay Charges

Robert R in White House
I've just received a demand for £70 for staying 25 minutes too long at Aldi in Meredith Road whilst shopping in the store. In case you don't know (and I didn't) the car park is run by Parking Eye and they photograph the numberplate of every vehicle as it ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Aldis introduced parking restrictions in their car parks as a result of people using their parks ( particularly at Rosehill) as a " park and ride" to town together with local residents and workers parking all day blocking space for their own customers. ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
@Natalie S, Are you saying that the Ipswich Star want to run a story about a man who parked his car on a private car park, ignored the signs detailing time limits, exceeded the time stated because he spent nearly 2 hours in one small shop and is now ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
I'm dismayed that the majority of people on this thread are suggesting ways to circumvent and avoid paying the parking charge applied when a person overstays the time limit that is clearly posted in the car park. Doesn't anybody take responsibility for ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
I see the Ipswich Star decided that this story was a scoop that they couldn't ignore ( finding real news must be too much work for lazy hacks) however presumably to drum up more sympathy they say that he only overstayed 20 minutes ( not 25 as the OP ... [ more ]
Spotty Dog
Oh they do @ Elaine D they even sent him photos of himself driving in and out of the park. I took Jill's comment to be somewhat tongue in cheek anyway.

Energy suppliers

Jackie T in Kesgrave
Looking to change our energy suppliers after a year of chaos with one of the "big 6". Anyone with any recommendations ?
Spotty Dog
For the cheapest deal check uswitch here There are also customer satisfaction reviews rating the various companies on that site.