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Male Lives in Wimbledon

Electrical Engineer ,new electrical installations , rewire , repair electrical faults  , installing lan , wlan , cctv camera , aerial antenna & satellite , car alarms , electrical maintenance .
Painting and decoration , bathroom fitting and tiling. 0748 12 66 123

Joined: 28 October 2014

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Virgin Broadband.

in Summerstown
We have had lots of problems with our broadband recently. Well - more than usual... An engineer changed the router yesterday but we have no connection at all since then. We were told last night it was a local problem and that it would be fixed by 9 ... [ more ]
Alternative Broadband   --->> Obviously not work fast such as Optical  Fibre Connection, but sometimes it's better than normal dsl line.
However if you have any neighbour that want to pay half the price of the broadband can use the AirFibre system long range wifi over 5 miles and the speed around 300MB/sec.

Local handyman required to cat proof garden

in Morden
I want to cat proof my garden to prevent my cat from getting out anywhere else and have had some quotes for types of cat fencing. Some of the companies install but it's very overpriced as they are not local. I've been advised to purchase the materials ... [ more ]
Cats always going around better idea is a Mini Pet Gps Tracker

what to do with collection of cables & chargers for lights? computers? phones? who knows?

Lucy S
in Mitcham
Dear all - want advice as to what to do with my collection of power cables, chargers, ethernet and other computer network cables + spare keyboard + several old routers.  do i just take them to the dump - its two boxes + a big supermarket bag for life ... [ more ]
Can ask someone who sell in Vauxall on Sunday  market , or can go and sell it .
here you can find you're charger --->>>
just copy and serach on ebay  this -->>    GST40A24-P1J Pwr sup.unit switched-mode 24VDC 1.67A Out5,5/2,1 40W


Go Sunday from 8:00  in the morning until 14:00 will find something  ---->>>>>>>

Electrician needed for a small job

Maria H
in Copse Hill
Hi, can anyone recommend an electrician for a small job?  My bathroom light seems to have a loose connection and may be causing the bulbs to blow. My bedroom light went as well and I am afraid to try to change bulbs just in case it blows as the ... [ more ]

Sliding wardrobe door needs fixing

Tania A
in Merton
Hi, can anyone recommend someone to fix a built-in wardrobe's sliding doors, please? I think the track is broken, and one of the doors has fallen right off. Thanks!
If you looking for someone who is number one on installing ,fixing wardrobe's kitchens etc..  contact   Chan 07404151527

Recommendation for massage

Builder to fix ceiling NEEDED

a B in Wandsworth
Hi My son's bedroom ceiling has been sagging and getting worse over the years.  I think soon it will collapse soon.  Does anyone know of a great builder who they can recommend that has done work for them in this area and can either put a new ceiling ... [ more ]
If you looking for a great Builder contact John Decorator's they working very well.

TV aerial problems

in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend a company who are experts in sorting out bad reception with my TV. I don't want an ordinary aerial company who puts aerials on a roof. It must be someone who really knows what they are doing. Thanks
Maybe you need to upgrade you're TV Software , however this is my contact number in case you wanna test the signal and checking in what consist  the problem. 0748   12   66   123

Expert required for repair of MIRA electric shower.

bunty in Earlsfield
I have a Mira Sport Max which is not heating the water well enough and sometimes the low pressure light comes on.  ( acc. to MIRA this could be an electrical fault)The water is OK elsewhere.  MIRA charge £159 to repair and I am sure it would be ... [ more ]
fit a new one.. nothing resist for life
If anyone don't wanna have problems with boilers or electric showers or water at home I recommend to install this kind of water filters

Qualified electrician needed for general electrics in Ewell Village ASAP!

Fiona C in Copse Hill
Hi all, Please can anyone recommend a qualified electrician who could do some jobs in Ewell Village? I'm finding it difficult to get a recommended qualified electrician who covers this area, but there must surely be several? It's about 5 minutes from ... [ more ]

Recommendation for a roofer or handyman


Pat C
in West Hill
Does anyone know of a private driver who would take me to my country cottage, 70 miles away ? No longer have a car


Macbook Pro Wipe & In/Reinstall OSX

Hayden Murtagh in Earlsfield
Hi there I have acquired a 2nd hand Macbook Pro  that needs complete disc wiping and latest OSX installed. Can you help/advise? Ideally would like to get it working ASAP - happy to travel to you etc. thanks & look forward to hearing back. ... [ more ]
Stage 1) Boot into Single User Mode and remove a setup file Restart the Mac holding down the Command+S keys, this will take you into Single User Mode and it’s Terminal interface You’ll need to check the filesystem first: fsck -fy ... [ more ]
Usually the operative system on Mac remain on computer , with that method you reset your macbook have a look and on this website
I forgot if you're Mac it's not to old maybe can install and a new version of software but Attention usually a laptop  for example with 2gb ram and cpu 1.2 ghz  , supposed that you wanna upgrade the problem is that the new software version required ... [ more ]
you need to connect on internet and to register a valid country code address otherwise not registered you need to register your product on apple server now, after they validate youre registation you are able to use youre laptop.
strange that the driver of your track pad not working , yes you should try connecting an external mouse but need to shut down your pc , and switch on with the external mouse connected.

looking for house

JOHNNY in Putney Heath
Hi I'm looking for one bedroom flat with living room for rent close to Wimbledon not to much expensive, thanks.

Laptop not working

Stephanie G
in Earlsfield
I have managed to spill water over my laptop keyboard (Mac) and it now won't even switch on. I tried to do a search on the website for a recommendation but can't work out how to do it on my phone! I know there is a chap who is recomnended regularly on ... [ more ]
Bring here you're laptop to check maybe it's still alive... Maybe need ony to clean and change the keyboard, or maybe and the hard disk, or maybe the motherboard, depends. However i recommend you to buy a new laptop, windows system or linux not mac. ... [ more ]

Home decorating.

looking for a specialist in satellites and tv receivers

Yasso B in Merton
Hello people I have some problems with my tv and my satellite I need someone who is able to help me to find channels as its says there is no signal; if you know some one just comment or send me a text thanks a lot

Electrician needed

Washing Machine Repair Recommendation?

Car Central Locking - Repair needed

Minxette in Upper Tooting
I've just had an expectedly horrendous quotation from VW to fix my central locking system. Can anyone recommended a garage I can trust to do a good job at a reasonable price please?
It is very likely that one of the front locks do not work well, and it ruined maybe because it's old or maybe was forced, however I repair and install car alarms, zone Wimbledon Park 07481266123

Burglar Alarms