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Christmas fair

Foundry court community centre Colchester road Manningtree
Carole B
in New Mistley
Our Christmas fair is on Saturday 26 th November 10am to 12.30 . Join us for a fun morning Fresh cakes and hot drinks available. Pop in and buy some unusual gifts. stall holders needed too. Contact me for more details.

Term time holidays

in Chattisham
Regarding the current furore regarding parents taking their kids out of school, is it only me that thinks that it's correct that parents should be fined and criminalised if they do?

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Parking on Grass Verges

Albchiv in Racecourse
My wife tells me she saw a person writing down the registration of vehicles parked on the grass verge in Renfrew Road. Does anyone know if he is a council official, a road tax official or a concerned local resident collecting facts to present a case ... [ more ]
I agree. I hear the argument that many of our roads, especially on the estates are not wide enough to allow all the residents to park all their cars at the kerbside. My view is that if you don't have somewhere to park your car, then don't have a car.
Sorry Andrew T, are you saying that people don't have a choice where they live? So if they don't have room to park their car(s) it's somebody else's fault? I wouldn't mind keeping a horse, but I don't have a paddock. Do you think it would be ok for ... [ more ]
So you subscribe to the "it's not my fault, it's everyone else" argument George H? Of course it's tough that property prices are so high - but that's life! If you want to live in the centre of Ipswich, and you can't afford a big house with parking - ... [ more ]
Tommy S, I'm sure you could accidentally on purpose slip on the mud one day, then go knock on the offender's door and ask for her name & insurance company so that you could file a complaint. She might get the message! (We'd all be behind you!)
Neil P, you mean after you've paid the bod in the van a £30k salary + the van, whatever's left over could be spent on repairing the verges? That's probably why they don't do it - because the economics of fines don't work. Far better to engage a ... [ more ]
Exactly, and there'd be a lot of sick pay, what with all that stress & they'd need to travel in pairs anyway. I can think of a few retired coppers (well, one in particular) that would be perfect for the job.

Ipswich Traffic Light Scheme

Brian B
in Gainsborough
Why are our local MP's not creating an outcry over the fiasco traffic light scheme in Ipswich. I believe the cost was in the region of 20 million pounds and is now looking like being three years overdue. How many potholes would that have filled?! In ... [ more ]
I think it's something to do with us British being able to wave our swords out of the right hand window at the cars coming at you. If we sat on the left it would be very difficult to do. The yanks on the other hand (literally!) tend to favour ... [ more ]

The Waterfront Again.

Kuhli inactive in Pinewood
I've just read via The Ipswich Star that new signs for Ipswich are in the pipeline, guess what? Welcome to Ipswich ... East Anglia's Waterfront Town Is that what we are to be known as now?
It's not just people in the "property game" that don't like negativity. I think you'll find most people in business can see positivity far more easily than those that rely on the taxpayer for their living. I've always found that its the civil or ... [ more ]
I think even Michael Caine would know the difference between a Dock and a Waterfront. It might have been a dock once and you old boys can carry on referring to it as whatever you like. But the fact is, they're ain't no ships docking there now! - at ... [ more ]
The point of this conversation was whether or not Ipswich is "East Anglia's Waterfront Town" as per the proposed new signs. Obviously it's not.

Welcome to Ipswich

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
What do you think of these new welcome signs which, once approved, will go up at key gateways to the town centre?
As much as it pains me to agree with Mr Negative, it does make you wonder who decided to spend money on these signs at a time when money is tight and there's a whole range of other more pressing matters. And we are not a "waterfront town".
I agree with the idea of investing in tourism, but who's going to see these signs? - people who are already coming into Ipswich; if they're not a resident, then they must be a visitor - so they've already made the decision to visit. By all means ... [ more ]
So what you're saying Richard G, is that the old council estates are kept neat and tidy by IBC, whereas once they get sold off into private ownership (eg Chantry) they go to wrack & ruin. What do you think the reason for that is then?


I think that story just demonstrates the need to take personal responsibility! Is it not likely that one's personal circumstances will have changed over 20+ years in any case? I strikes me that the situation could be even worse if somebody died ... [ more ]

Capel Spice

Teresa P
in East End
Just tried Capel Spice the new Indian takeaway which was lovely.  Good to see it was so busy on their opening night

Bucklesham Shannon

I agree Kesgrave cameras; The Shannon is indeed (or was) a lovely pub, and it will be a great shame if it goes. I was using the word "appreciate" in it's widest sense - ie not that the locals didn't like it, but that they didn't recognise its value ... [ more ]

Angel card readings

Louise P in Blacksmith's Corner
Hello, I have being reading Angel cards for many years to many people by word of mouth. I have decided now is the time to advertise to a wider selection of people, purely because i really enjoy helping people connect with their spiritual side. Please ... [ more ]

Driving Instructor

in Ipswich Town Centre
I was driving down Hawthorn Drive last Saturday when I arrived at the mini roundabout outside the Kingfisher pub.  There was a learner driver in front of me at the roundabout who was obviously receiving instructions from her instructor.  The driver ... [ more ]
The amount of contribution paid by members into the Police Pension Scheme has little to do with the value of the benefits which are essentially subsidised by the taxpayer. If an equivalent sum was invested in a personal pension (or indeed any other ... [ more ]

House removal company

A12 roadworks extended again! See below how to complain

Garry S in Ipswich Town Centre
News that the A12 roadworks between Copdock and East Bergholt will continue to cause disruption for another month has caused serious irritation among motorists and the business community in Suffolk. The new delay will mean the work will have taken ... [ more ]
Er no! Actually, somebody at the Highways Agency should get a medal. Thanks to the lower speed limit and the improved surface, I have been able to eat my breakfast in the garden (in Capel St Mary) in relative peace for the first time in years without ... [ more ]
In fact, just thinking about it, perhaps we should all be writing to our local MP pointing out that as the speed restrictions have been such a success, average speed cameras and a lower limit should be applied across the country.
thediceman, given that we're only talking about the roadworks on the A12 in what way do you think a marginal increase in journey time costs British industry thousands? By the way, when I moved to Capel pre Orwell Bridge and Ipswich Bypass, the traffic ... [ more ]
Well said, thediceman. Quality of life is of course more important than a measly 2% drop in production. And if a business can't increase productivity to make up for an employee being a bit late for work, then they probably shouldn't be in business ... [ more ]
Yes. It's all a big conspiracy by "the authorities" to prove that by slowing traffic down, that improves the traffic flow, reduces accidents, doesn't overly affect journey times, probably increases productivity in the process, saves fuel, oh, and ... [ more ]

Lavender Beetle

Chrissie W
in Westbourne
aka Chrysolina americana. This little beauty is now decimatiing Lavender and Rosemary bushes all over the UK. It started in London and has spread to East Anglia only recently. Given the importance of both these shrubs to the bee population, it is ... [ more ]
Thanks for the tip Christine B. That's possibly the best thing to come out of Streetlife. Ever! I'd been wondering why our rosemary was looking a pit pathetic this year and having just checked have found a dozen of the blighters. It's a shame they ... [ more ]

Shredded paper?

Kathleen E in Rose Hill
In the last two months, it has been noted the amount of shredded paper that is being deposited on roads & paths in the Stoke Park Area. This occurs after brown bin collecting lorries have been in the area. Are you having the same problem? May I ... [ more ]
I didn't realise it was so confusing! In Babergh we don't all have brown bins (as they have to be paid for). If we do, shredded paper can go in, otherwise it goes in the black bin - but never in the blue bin.

Ipswich people

Ryano in Gainsborough
Hi there, I have been living in Ipswich for three years now and yesterday a tourist asked me what Ipswich people are called. I realised I hadn't a clue... Can anyone help me please?

a12 speed limit 40

Elsie R
in Mace Green
Are the restrictions in place? I am totally confused when I drive from Stratford to Copdock & vice versa.  There are speed cameras up.
I agree that it's very frustrating that a good proportion of drivers ignore the signs. It's very annoying that the authorities put the signs out well before the work started. That lulls people into thinking the signs are pointless and can therefore ... [ more ]


in Claydon
I would think that about 50% of streetlifers are of pensionable age, It has been suggested by John O'Connell that the pension we receive should be Means tested, the O>A>P is not a benefit, nor is any works pension that one might receive, they ... [ more ]
Watchfull, I'm not suggesting you're wrong, because I've seen that sort of figure mentioned before, but can anyone explain how somebody not turning up for an appointment can actually COST the NHS £80?
The thing I always bear in mind about economic forecasts, Citizen of Ipswich, is that they almost certainly will not come true. It's why I loved studying Economics at school - on the grounds that because you could never be right, it was pretty ... [ more ]
Just beware of Zopa and the like. The increased rate of return is commensurate with the increased risk. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Kitchen Fitter

in Chattisham
Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter to replace an existing kitchen. We need someone that can manage the whole caboodle - fitting, flooring, plastering, electricals etc. Preferably local to Capel St Mary.

Chantry Vale Development

David P
in Copdock
Taylor Wimpey are proposing to built 350 houses on a site between the Holiday Inn (Post House as was) and Tesco's park and ride. We have a need for housing especially affordable housing for new home buyers, however the local community must be involved ... [ more ]
This discussion seems to have morphed from the original Taylor Wimpey proposal twixt The Holiday Inn and the Park & Ride, into the other proposal at Belstead House / Meadow. David P, do you have a link/ more information to the Taylor Wimpey proposal?
Thanks for that David P (I'd already looked there, but couldn't see it, duh!) and I absolutely agree the two proposals are connected. The whole area will be overwhelmed with new housing. Which is fine, so long as new infrastructure is carefully ... [ more ]

need a check on boiler

Jackie T in Rose Hill
Due to impending move I find I need a safety certificate on a boiler replacement that was done in 2008. One way is to get the original installer to revisit and do it then register it with building control, the other way, I am told, is to get  is for a ... [ more ]

Woodbridge A12 speed limit and enforcement

Julian M inactive in Racecourse
Is anyone else astonished at the 40 limit on a dual carriageway, that of course is patrolled more than any other road around? Have there been many deaths along that stretch, of is there a councillor living nearby?
DAF, if there is a left-hand lane for traffic going straight-on and left, and a right-hand lane for traffic going straight-on and right, why on earth would you not use either lane if you want to go straight-on? It surely makes sense for straight-on ... [ more ]
I can't agree with that DAF. I know the roundabout reasonably well and have always taken the view that the reason two lanes merge into one AFTER the roundabout is because drivers are expected to use both lanes as they come off the roundabout. ... [ more ]
Why would anyone NOT want to be "in front"? I don't mean as a way of annoying other drivers, but surely nobody sets off on a journey to be "at the back". If you see a queue of traffic in the left lane, it's reasonable to assume that at least some of ... [ more ]
Just what I was thinking Nosey Ron! I wonder if what Michael L was pointing out was that we all got a bit diverted talking about the best way to approach a roundabout! Getting back to the topic, for my part, I agree the limit should be no more than ... [ more ]

dog walker/sitter

in Horsleycross Street
Hello. Looking to re-home a lovely well behaved 5 year old lurcher but work 4 days so will need a reliable person to keep her company/take her out for a short walk at around 11.30am tues - friday. We are home 4.30pm latest & will take her out 3 ... [ more ]

Blimp at Pannington Farm on Wednesday 10, September.

Alex G in Maidenhall
It is hoped that a Blimp will be flown to mark the site and elevation of the proposed WInd Turbine at Pannington Farm, near Wherstead, tomorrow, Wednesday, 10th September. Obviously this will depend on weather, in particular the windspeed and ... [ more ]
I think wind turbines probably are less-effective when compared with say coal, gas or nuclear generation. But in my view they are objects of beauty. Obviously I wouldn't want in my back yard though!

Bottle bank

Teresa P
in East End
Went to the bottle bank in Capel St Mary today.  Can't believe how many bags of bottles had been dumped.  It must have been a while since it was last emptied but why would you just leave bags of bottles.  I went to Tesco to use the bottle bank there.  ... [ more ]