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Shredded paper?

Recommendations in Rose Hill

Kathleen E
In the last two months, it has been noted the amount of shredded paper that is being deposited on roads & paths in the Stoke Park Area. This occurs after brown bin collecting lorries have been in the area. Are you having the same problem? May I ... [ more ]
I didn't realise it was so confusing! In Babergh we don't all have brown bins (as they have to be paid for). If we do, shredded paper can go in, otherwise it goes in the black bin - but never in the blue bin.

Ipswich people

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Hi there, I have been living in Ipswich for three years now and yesterday a tourist asked me what Ipswich people are called. I realised I hadn't a clue... Can anyone help me please?

a12 speed limit 40

Local Conversations in Mace Green

Elsie R
Are the restrictions in place? I am totally confused when I drive from Stratford to Copdock & vice versa.  There are speed cameras up.
I agree that it's very frustrating that a good proportion of drivers ignore the signs. It's very annoying that the authorities put the signs out well before the work started. That lulls people into thinking the signs are pointless and can therefore be ... [ more ]


Local Conversations in Claydon

I would think that about 50% of streetlifers are of pensionable age, It has been suggested by John O'Connell that the pension we receive should be Means tested, the O>A>P is not a benefit, nor is any works pension that one might receive, they have ... [ more ]
Watchfull, I'm not suggesting you're wrong, because I've seen that sort of figure mentioned before, but can anyone explain how somebody not turning up for an appointment can actually COST the NHS £80?
The thing I always bear in mind about economic forecasts, Citizen of Ipswich, is that they almost certainly will not come true. It's why I loved studying Economics at school - on the grounds that because you could never be right, it was pretty difficult ... [ more ]
Just beware of Zopa and the like. The increased rate of return is commensurate with the increased risk. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Kitchen Fitter

Recommendations in Chattisham

Can anyone recommend a kitchen fitter to replace an existing kitchen. We need someone that can manage the whole caboodle - fitting, flooring, plastering, electricals etc. Preferably local to Capel St Mary.

Chantry Vale Development

Local Conversations in Copdock

David P
Taylor Wimpey are proposing to built 350 houses on a site between the Holiday Inn (Post House as was) and Tesco's park and ride. We have a need for housing especially affordable housing for new home buyers, however the local community must be involved in ... [ more ]
This discussion seems to have morphed from the original Taylor Wimpey proposal twixt The Holiday Inn and the Park & Ride, into the other proposal at Belstead House / Meadow. David P, do you have a link/ more information to the Taylor Wimpey proposal?
Thanks for that David P (I'd already looked there, but couldn't see it, duh!) and I absolutely agree the two proposals are connected. The whole area will be overwhelmed with new housing. Which is fine, so long as new infrastructure is carefully thought ... [ more ]

need a check on boiler

Recommendations in Rose Hill

Jackie T
Due to impending move I find I need a safety certificate on a boiler replacement that was done in 2008. One way is to get the original installer to revisit and do it then register it with building control, the other way, I am told, is to get  is for a ... [ more ]

Woodbridge A12 speed limit and enforcement

Local Conversations in Racecourse

Julian M
Is anyone else astonished at the 40 limit on a dual carriageway, that of course is patrolled more than any other road around? Have there been many deaths along that stretch, of is there a councillor living nearby?
DAF, if there is a left-hand lane for traffic going straight-on and left, and a right-hand lane for traffic going straight-on and right, why on earth would you not use either lane if you want to go straight-on? It surely makes sense for straight-on ... [ more ]
I can't agree with that DAF. I know the roundabout reasonably well and have always taken the view that the reason two lanes merge into one AFTER the roundabout is because drivers are expected to use both lanes as they come off the roundabout. ... [ more ]
Why would anyone NOT want to be "in front"? I don't mean as a way of annoying other drivers, but surely nobody sets off on a journey to be "at the back". If you see a queue of traffic in the left lane, it's reasonable to assume that at least some of it ... [ more ]
Just what I was thinking Nosey Ron! I wonder if what Michael L was pointing out was that we all got a bit diverted talking about the best way to approach a roundabout! Getting back to the topic, for my part, I agree the limit should be no more than 40 ... [ more ]

dog walker/sitter

Recommendations in Horsleycross Street

Suzy O
Hello. Looking to re-home a lovely well behaved 5 year old lurcher but work 4 days so will need a reliable person to keep her company/take her out for a short walk at around 11.30am tues - friday. We are home 4.30pm latest & will take her out 3 ... [ more ]

Blimp at Pannington Farm on Wednesday 10, September.

Local Conversations in Maidenhall

Alex G
It is hoped that a Blimp will be flown to mark the site and elevation of the proposed WInd Turbine at Pannington Farm, near Wherstead, tomorrow, Wednesday, 10th September. Obviously this will depend on weather, in particular the windspeed and direction. ... [ more ]
I think wind turbines probably are less-effective when compared with say coal, gas or nuclear generation. But in my view they are objects of beauty. Obviously I wouldn't want in my back yard though!

Bottle bank

Local Conversations in East End

Teresa P
Went to the bottle bank in Capel St Mary today.  Can't believe how many bags of bottles had been dumped.  It must have been a while since it was last emptied but why would you just leave bags of bottles.  I went to Tesco to use the bottle bank there.  ... [ more ]
It looks disgusting. What sort of mindless idiots would just dump their bags of bottles. Capel's going downhill fast!!

Ipswich Underground

Local Conversations in Greenwich

Francis S
Ipswich had and underground railway system. Many of the buildings still exist today like the loch fyne restaurant, Margaret Catchpole pub, Burtons, all were underground stations. Here is a link It seems very few people in ... [ more ]
I think the joke came about because there was actually a prominent London Underground sign on the old maltings buildings in Dock Street that could be clearly seen from Stoke Bridge. I believe London Underground had some sort of admin office there. It ... [ more ]

A co rail

Local Conversations in Lawford

Lena M
Could anyone tell me what Amco rail are doing next to Manningtree station? I tried looking at their website but to no avail.
I wonder if they are providing alternative access while they get on with installing the lifts in the subway - ?

Food festival.

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

John W
We walked down to the docks yesterday to visit the food festival, part of the Ipswich Forknight Whilst walking down to the event from the town centre there were no signs or indications anywhere, including the ... [ more ]
I guess the Ipswich food festival wasn't really trying to compete with the likes of Aldeburgh that appeals to a county-wide (and beyond) audience of more sophisticated interest in local produce. I imagine Ipswich BC were aiming at local townspeople, and ... [ more ]

gilding frames

Local Conversations in Little Wenham

The Case is Altered - Bentley

Local Conversations in Capel St Mary

Great to see The Case is opening next week as a Community Pub. With all the bad news about pubs shutting down and communities losing their hubs it's good to see one bucking the trend. Let's hope the people of Bentley make good use of it. ... [ more ]

Dangerous speeds on roads

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Natalie S
Do people speed through your neighbourhood? Have you got a community speedwatch team. Across Suffolk they caught more than 8,500 speedy drivers in a year. Should these volunteers be given more powers? Or should we put more speed cameras up so those who ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich, you're absolutely right. When I was teaching my children to drive, we used to find a police car in town and follow it. I would get the children to watch carefully and tell me all the mistakes the rozzers made: not indicating, ... [ more ]

Chancel repair liability

Local Conversations in Capel St Mary

Ian P
Hello everyone, Here's an interesting question. Does anyone know if any householders in the village are subject to chancel repair liability and face the potential of paying to repair the parish church. Homeowners living within the parishes of churches ... [ more ]

Regent Street/St. Helens Cream house

Local Conversations in California

Kai F inactive
Hi All. On the journey to work in the morning I often get caught, as many do on St. Helens. On the junction with Regent Street, stands a cream house, I would say a few hundred years old. Where the entrance has been moved from the corner, you can see ... [ more ]
I agree, it's a lovely old building. I'd have thought the markings were simply decorations imprinted into the plaster - for no other reasons than somebody thought they looked pretty! You may need to spend some time in the Suffolk Records Office (while ... [ more ]
Just a thought: have you tried contacting Borin Van-Loon at It's one of my favourite websites when you've got time to waste! I just had a quick look and can't see anything but it may be a good starting point?
I think you'll find Fire Marks tended to be on plates rather than imprinted in plaster. Even in the 18th Century homeowners would shop around for the best deal, so the fire co could just switch the plates over when the homeowner switched their fire ... [ more ]

Anyone tried Symprove?

Recommendations in Capel St Mary

Our Drs surgery has started promoting a product called Symprove. They're dropping a leaflet in patients' packs of medication (through the pharmacy). It's some sort of probiotic, and I guess it's one of those harmless/useless snake-oil type things and ... [ more ]

Private Doctor

Recommendations in Broke Hall

Avril L
Hi Are there any GPs in Ipswich who have a private practice?  I am appalled by the terrible treatment/conditions at our local surgery.
It's surprisingly difficult to track down private practice GPs. I tried a couple years ago after being exasperated by our local NHS practice in Capel St Mary. You might try Dr Frey at Stonham Aspel.
The point is, if you pay a private doctor, he will be working for you, and answerable to you and therefore have your own interest at heart, as you would expect from any professional adviser that you engage. Sadly, that principle no longer works within ... [ more ]

Object to wind turbine Now

Clubs & Groups in Belstead

DEC 20
to (ended)
Robert A
b/13/01476/ful               Planning number pfr have sent in planning application during christmas so Babergh offices are closed 24th Dec to 2nd Jan,  sneeky ! write your letters of objection  now lets stop this white ... [ more ]

best before dates

Local Conversations in Broke Hall

Lesley F
I picked up a bag of potatoes in Sainsbury's today that had a best before date of the 13th. As that is today date I asked the assistant why they on sale still. He said ( as did a manager that I also asked) that it meant up to midnight on the 13th. I ... [ more ]
I think everyone's missed Lesley F's point. Aside from all the rubbish about "best before" or "use by", the point is that if it says " best before 13th", then on the 13th it must be past its best , at least according to the label. Surely it would be ... [ more ]
I really don't see why this is such a difficult concept to grasp. If I told you "I'll finish that job for you before the weekend", and I was still doing it on Saturday afternoon, then I think you'd have cause for complaint. I could hardly say "well ... [ more ]

Bin collections

Local Conversations in Belstead

Nadia C
happy new year everyone. Now, Pickles keeps going on about weekly bin collections. We have had fortnightly for quite a while now and although people didn't like it to start with, we have got used to it and it saves approx £600k per year. That is a lot of ... [ more ]
We've never had a problem with fortnightly alternate collections, nor with splitting rubbish between the two bins. If we reverted to having one bin, or having both collected weekly, that would seem to be a retrograde step.

Moral Decline

Local Conversations in Capel St Mary

Today the Daily Mail reports the idea that the moral decline of Great Britain started on August 8th, 1963, the day The Great Train Robbery started to glamorise crime and blur the edges between good and evil. For me, the morals of this country started to ... [ more ]