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Carolyn R

Female Lives in Battersea

Joined: 24 May 2015

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TV aerial problems

in Furzedown
Can anyone recommend a company who are experts in sorting out bad reception with my TV. I don't want an ordinary aerial company who puts aerials on a roof. It must be someone who really knows what they are doing. Thanks


in Wandsworth
                                        Merry Christmas to those who celebrate,                                                                                        &                                                      A Very Happy New Year ... [ more ]

Urgent Plumber need

in West Hill
Please can anyone recommend a plumber in the Wandsworth area as both our toilets are not working and there are 4 of us in the house. Thank you

Photo organisation - mobile, cloud and PC - expert help needed

in Wandsworth
I need help from someone who knows what they are doing with photo storage. My efforts have ended with image deletion AND duplication.  I'd like to hold onto them all on the PC, have some interesting ones accessible one MS OneDrive (or Google Photos) ... [ more ]
Carolyn R
I can highly recommend Vincent 07590197399. Very knowledgable, patient and he will be able to help you at your own home. We have used him for different computer issues and lessons. Very impresed with his seevice.

Plumber needed urgently

plumber needed urgently!!!

Emma C
in Fulham
Need to find out why my bathroom is leaking and has increasing mould on ceiling and door frame. Hopefully can come round over this weekend.

New sophisticated card scam highlighted in the latests edition of Which? magazine.

in Balham
We all know that when shopping online you would often get a pop up screen from your bank to confirm the transaction... There is a new twist on the tale. A computer infected with a specialist virus would throw up that message to confirm your details ... [ more ]

Macbook Pro - upgrade

Marie B
in Upper Tooting
Hi lovely Streetlifers ... my Mac is getting very slow and I know it needs some more memory added and a 'tidy up' ... am sure that's not the right description ;)    it's about 7 years old but I'm hoping to eek it out for another while yet as I'm not ... [ more ]
Carolyn R
I can highly recommend Vincent. He has helped me with all my Mac issues. Recently recommened him to one of my friend with similar situation to your Mac. She is very pleased with the memory upgrade and the tips Vincent gave her to keep her Mac running ... [ more ]

Dubious Mini Cab behaviour

Rosemary H
in Wandsworth
I am writing this on behalf of a young friend of mine as I feel that young women should be aware of the dubious practice of a Keen minicab driver.  My friend was out on Friday night in Streatham.  She has been using Keen Cars for many years so called ... [ more ]

Wandsworth reception on the 3 Mobile Network

Mark Shipton
in Southfields
Hi all. I'm thinking of moving my mobile provider to '3', I am currently on EE but I find that my signal and data around home is pretty poor. I have checked on their website and 3 say they have good reception in the area. But of course they would ... [ more ]

IT support required

Kiki V in Battersea
Can anyone recommend IT support, reasonably priced here in SW11? - close to Clapham Sth tube station. Need someone who is familiar with Window's 365 and has good teaching skills i.e. lots of patience!! Thanks!


in Balham
Has anyone else's home been invaded by enormous spiders? They seem to be more, bigger and earlier than in previous years. Any tips on deterrents would be very welcome.  Thank you!

Creaking floorboards

Jennifer P in Southfields
Has anyone ever had success in having this problem sorted? My hall floorboards creak and so if anyone gets up in the night it wakes everyone else. Considering having this sorted before I buy a new carpet but not sure of the success rate. Don't want ... [ more ]

Plumber recommendation please

Ella W
in Fulham
Bit if a random one but whenever I flush my loo it's rather noisy, it kind of whistles, almost sings. It happened before a year or so ago but I've lost the chap's number who fixed it for me. I'm looking for someone reliable to come round and fix it, ... [ more ]

A reliable plumber needed!

Maggie G in Putney
Hello. My first time using this scheme! Does anyone know of a reliable plumber (and who won't totally screw me over on price!). I have been let down badly now by four plumbers! Doesn't anyone want to do an honest job for reasonable money? Help please!
Carolyn R
Hi Maggie I am sorry to hear about your experience. Have you tried plumber Greg? His number 07836205924 Let us know how you get on.

Handyman or plumber

Emily D
in Streatham Hill
My loo flashing is filling up very slowly, need to make it fill up quicker. Handyman or plumber will be fine.

Reliable Plumber

Plumber needed

Conversion of VHS Video to DVD

Tony B in Chelsea
Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get this done locally and how much it might cost? I am based in SW11. Many thanks in advance. Tony

Handy man

Lisa S
in Southfields
Hi. I have a leak under my bathroom basin. I think the connection just needs tightening. I am moving very soon and need it fixed before my landlady comes!

Balham Waitrose card theft gang alert

Computer expert

marina m
in West Hill
Recommendations please for computer expert to solve a few problems. Thank you Marina
Carolyn R
I can highly recommend Vincent, who was also mentioned by other Streetlife members. Mobile no 07590197399

Can you recommend a painter for a small painting job

in Balham
Hello, I am looking for a painter who will paint our kitchen ceiling (small) and bathroom ceiling (even smaller) fairly quickly. Can you recommend someone who will do a good job at reasonable rate and will be available next week.

MacBook specialist needed!

Sheena L in Streatham Hill
Hi - I need a MacBook specialist who will come to our home and sort out a load of updates and general TLC that our 'vintage' machine requires! Genius Bar at the Apple Store discribed the 2008 MacBook as vintage and say that they can't help :( Any ... [ more ]
Carolyn R
Hi Sheena, I called Vincent after lot of recommendations from this site. Very pleased with his work. If you contact him, let him know that I have passed you his number.

Artistic Flare - Affordable art for the home and office

Artistic Flare
in Artistic Flare
If you are looking for ideas for Christmas I have affordable products, paintings and prints on offer at my Tooting studio - visits by appointment only. For more information go to my website: