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Mark D

Male Lives in Martlesham Heath address verified

I Love the great Outdoors - camping, hiking and hill walking, kayaking, biking.
Love my garden.
I love spending time with friends.
Assists with a Beaver Group at 1st Kesgrave Scouts
Favourite shops are Cotswolds and Go Outdoors
Favourite holiday destination - Lake District

Joined: 16 July 2013

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Mobile Phone Signal Coverage

in Playford
Time for a new mobile package. Has anyone any experience of being with BT Mobile. They have a few good deals at the moment, but I do not know anything about how good their network coverage is in this and the surrounding local area. Do not want to ... [ more ]
Mark D
I have been with O2, but that was rubbish and I ended up in dispute with them over my inability to make any use of my phone. I am now with BT, as is my son, and yes they do use EE. I generally get good 4G coverage, but like all operators, there are ... [ more ]

Hall for Hire needed

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
We are in need of a new Hall for our Thursday afternoon class. It is held at the moment at Henley Community Hall. We have had to step aside for the Playgroup. So we need a new home close to Henley if possible. Your suggestions would be appreciated. ... [ more ]


in Ipswich Town Centre
I know there have been several conversations regarding problems between pedestrians, cars and cyclists I have often thought how petty this; is considering our infrastructure does not accommodate for us all. Consequently (my way of thinking) we have to ... [ more ]
Mark D
Unless it is a designated cycle path, we cyclist should not be riding in them. Cyclist should also aside by the rules of the road and when we bone to a red traffic light we wait along with everyone else. What would your reaction be if a smart car ... [ more ]
Mark D
Ken. Don't lump all cyclist together. Many of us do none of the things you suggest and abide by the rules of the road. And if I were to use the same tone, I would say all drivers are impatient risk takers playing with other people's lives. I know that ... [ more ]
Mark D
Anyone know the rules about the green painted (where it isn't worn away) strip on roads that dissect the cycle path along Main Road Kesgrave. I am assuming, with the give way lines on the cycle path, cyclists are supposed to stop and give way to road ... [ more ]
Mark D
Marie S, if you feel it is unsafe for you to cycle on the road the answer is to get off and walk on the pavement rather than make it unsafe for pedestrians. Alternatively, find a less busy route, such as Penzance road, through to Bixley farm and then ... [ more ]
Mark D
Yes, many do (not all - I am a cyclist also and am aware that I am crossing a road). I was just wondering who legally has right of way - as I said I was inches away from seriously injuring a cyclist as the crossed right in front of me (with headphones ... [ more ]
Mark D
That is very interesting Andrew H. I can understand pedestrians having priority on an official crossing, but if you are waiting to turn right into a side road, you can clearly see traffic coming towards you, and very often, due to the nature of ... [ more ]

Wonderful opportunity to keep fit for free!

in Kesgrave
As I was walking my dog with my husband in Woodbridge on the Kingston field, we noticed on the right hand side near the hedge some new Keep Fit equipment had been erected. We had a go on all four them all, after following the instructions and was ... [ more ]

Stall for hire

Pamela T
in Little Bealings
Does anyone know of a stall for hire at xmas/craft fair in next couple of weeks. Trying to raise money for SARS (Suffolk Accident Rescue)
Mark D
Have you tried BT Adastral Park. They have a charity xmas Fayre on 11th 4pm to 7pm. I don't have a contact I a, afraid, but if you ring reception they might be able to help.

Inconsiderate builders

Mark D
in Rushmere Street
Getting fed up now with inconsiderate builders (Wright and Daughter being the biggest abusers) who seem to think pavements are for parking their cars and vans, grass verges are for storing building supplies meaning that pedestrians have to squeeze ... [ more ]

Dangerous overgrown verges

Marie S
in Martlesham
This is primarily aimed at suffolk county council. I regularly have to cross Foxhall Road opposite the Nuffield Hospital. I am finding this more and more hazardous each day. I am also aware of others that have the same issue. The trees and bushes ... [ more ]
Mark D
Hi Suffolk CC. There are so many areas around Kesgrave and Martlesham wher paths, and cycle routes have become overgrown, and some of this is due to private home owners (corner of Gayfer Avenue and Deben Avenue is aprime example). If Suffolk Cac or ... [ more ]

Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bantams)

Mark D
in Martlesham Heath
3 Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bantams) free to anyone able to collect. All healthy. They are not prolific egg layers, but a pretty little birds. Picture is a library picture off the internet to show breed and not our birds.

Dentist recommendation

Debbie C
in Broke Hall
Can anybody recommend a dentist that takes NHS patients please? I am trying to find one that is careful and considerate but also does a good job. Sadly, my husband has had some bad experiences over the years and is now very nervous but needs some work ... [ more ]
Mark D
The dentist in The Square at Martlesham Heath is fantastic. It is a private dentist (free for kids), but very good.