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Jill F

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Electric oven

Future housing development on Baildon Playing Fields and Playground!

Jill F
in Shipley
I have only just discovered Bradford Council in its Land Development Plan proposes to permit housing development here.  This is a valuable community space in continuous use all year round for so much ... football matches, football training, events ... [ more ]
Jill F
Many apologies ... wrong councillor email addresses.  Its not which I had put originally.  Thanks Sue for putting me straight.  Also the proposal for future building map could not be looked at via several browsers e.g. SAFARI.  How ... [ more ]
Jill F
Excellent, Amy .. agree on every point.  How we get to effectivly challenge a steamrolling, green-space-gobbling Council I do not know....

French lessons, Italian lessons and Spanish lessons with Cécile

Cecile B
in Shipley
Hi there I posted an advert back in July but forgot that comments are stopped after 30 days. I am still working out the logistics of the lessons so in order to confirm who can come and when I'd like to invite you to a free taster session at the ... [ more ]
Jill F
Cecile Still looking for intermediate Spanish class but can't do Tuesdays ... child care reasons.  Still hoping! Jill Firth

Seamstress/tailor needed

Margaret A
in Shipley
My grandson's new school blazer needs altering - he's very tall and slim so a large blazer needs to be fitted. Can anyone recommend someone in Baildon, Shipley or Bingley area please?


Hannah P in Moorhead
Hello I live in Baildon but only moved here in June and me and my partner still don't know many people in the area and I would really like to meet people to possibly learn a language with. I would like to learn Spanish and continue as I lived there ... [ more ]
Jill F
Hi Elena Can you keep me in touch with your Spanish Classes?  I can't do May but from June I would be interested in any weekday day classes.  I have done Spanish for several years but you wouldn't think so if  you talked to me!  I love the language ... [ more ]
Jill F
Elena Thanks for your immediate response!  Intermediate during the week would be perfect.  I look forward to hearing from you when you know what you are going to do.   Jill

Crossing The Road Outside The Coop

Ali A
in Shipley
Does anyone else find that crossing point outside the coop annoying? As it is there, one assumes it's a place to cross the road. Sometimes you fall lucky and a kind driver stops in the right place in the traffic queue and you can cross (as long as ... [ more ]