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Judy R

Female Lives in Saltaire address verified

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Wool Yarn

Judy R
I understood that Saltaire Yarns had closed some time ago. I hope I'm wrong. Kay Krafts in Bingley is also worth a try.


Anne H in Saltaire
Changing light bulbs, screwing up a ceiling rose that is loose and a couple of other things. Just off Saltaire roundabout as was.

Warning Possible Energy Scam

Shirley H
in Shipley
Hi I had a strange phone call today. He knew my name and said a company name quite fast in an Asian accent so I didn't catch it. I asked what the company did and was told they were the Electricity Board about my energy bill (haven't heard that term ... [ more ]
Judy R
Q. Would you mind telling me who you are? A. The Electricity Board Q. Would you please tell me your number A. Call was terminated. 1471 - No not disclosed!

Car Washes (fortnightly/monthly)

Sean C inactive in New Brighton
Hi, I'm aware of a lot of fancy cars within the area, and I know that many of you like to keep a clean car and take pride in it. For those people, this may not appeal. I am a student at Beckfoot School, and going on an expedition to Nicaragua in 2016. ... [ more ]

New planning application on Green Belt

Judy R
Am I missing something? The application at the head of this thread is shown as withdrawn in August 2014. Has a fresh application been submitted?

Bike repairs

Andy B
in Heaton Royds
Hey guys and gals, Can anyone recommend somewhere for reasonable bike repairs, Tbh I don't think there is much wrong with it, I think it just needs a good service and some air putting in the tires.
Judy R
Nathan Judge at Saltaire Cycles. Back of 207 Bingley Road, Saltaire. Look for the Orange bikes near The Hop to guide you there. He's a friend, but a good and useful mechanic to know.
Judy R
I can highly recommend this organisation, they cover all aspects of encouraging people to start or get back into cycling and then looking after their own bikes. take a look at

crossing by Wickes

Chris S
in Moorhead
Nice to see the area tidied and developed but nightmare crossing. Need some roadmarking arrows showing where traffic is due to go for pedestrians. Especially by Holme.

Saltaire Canteen


Slightly Lost Canal Boat

Mark H in Windhill
Does anybody know the bloke who runs the Saltair Trip Boat? It seems to be aimlessly floating down the canal...

hi tp peeps

Judy R
They have taken over the premises which was formerly Vicars. Corner of Caroline Street and Victoria Road. Haven't tried it yet, but have heard good reports.