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Offered Recipes etc for 16th century re-enactment

Janet in Saltaire
Hi I used to work for a school and we visited Clarke Hall in Wakefield for a whole day.  I tended to be in charge of the kitchen so have a folder with numerous authentic recipes etc if anyone would be interested. It seems a shame to throw them away. ... [ more ]
Yes please if you would like to ask him.  They are 16th century not sure what East Riddlesden Hall is, although I have been there many times.  Thanks

Dyson spare parts

Janet in Saltaire
Anyone know of a charity that may take lots of spare parts for Dysons.  These can be sold on Ebay for a reasonable amount if someone has the time to post. Thanks Janet

Lost keys

Janet in Saltaire
Hi I wondered if anyone had come across any keys in the Springswood Road area of Shipley on Friday evening.  The keyring has a toy tiger on it so we wondered if maybe a child had found it.  We have now had to have the locks changed but would like to ... [ more ]

planning permission Springhurst Rd

Lisa C
in Saltaire
a new planning application has been put in for the old synagog site at the end of Springhurst Rd. The proposal is for 14 houses which is more than the approved 9 houses. Many of us feel this is inappropriate for lots of reason: especially as it will ... [ more ]
Unfortunately the site for objections has closed now.  The objections were mostly on the grounds that 14 houses are going to be built instead of the 9 approved.  I do not think that the objectors had realised that the 9 house were of the 3 to 4 ... [ more ]
Sorry I was told by Councillor Warnes that the comments site had closed last week so I did not check the dates.  Apologies Janet
By the way the comments site is not just for people to object it is also for supporters.  If you think this site is better for the smaller  two bed houses  then please feel free to support it.  Thanks
re the last comment. This is not a game the outcome of this planning permission could affect me profoundly.  As I am quite elderly I was hoping to live the rest of my life in this quiet neighbourhood.  It may all change if lots of FAMILY houses are ... [ more ]
Fantastic news. I do not think they could come to any other conclusion as the builder had addressed ALL the issues people had put forward.  The sooner the eyesore comes down now the better.

The alleyway from Farfield Road to Victoria Road

Kate S
in Shipley
Reward for information! Hi, my Dad, who is 83, has worked tirelessly all winter to transform the alley from a drab space into a riot of colour,for people to enjoy, all at his own expense.... He has planted literally hundreds of bulbs, apple trees, and ... [ more ]
I also walked through here and was pleasantly surprised. It is such a shame.  I also noticed quite a lot of dog excrement on the path not cleared up. This too is a disgrace when someone has taken all that trouble.  Hope you can find who has done this ... [ more ]

Trees being cut down on Lynton drive

Janet in Heaton Shay
Hi Where are all the people that tried to stop one tree from being felled at the top of Springhurst Road. Someone is cutting down loads at the bottom of a Lynton Road Garden, bordering on to grassed area.  Also has anyone noticed there is a van ... [ more ]

venue for Wedding reception in Saltaire?

Fiona M in Heaton Shay
We want to get married next year on a shoestring but are having trouble finding somewhere to hire on a Saturday for about 60 people to have some food and a dance. Any ideas? Willing to self cater.
Maybe the Methodist Church in Saltaire Road would be available. Obviously you may have to decorate with wedding paraphernalia but it is quite a large room and has a car park. Janet
I believe Hughes bakery has ceased trading (may have reopened recently I suppose). We tried to book a funeral there at the end of last year.  Also we found Victoria Hall is quite expensive to hire.

Clothes and more for asylum seekers' support group

Paola V
in Heaton Shay
I volunteer for BIASAN, a group in Bradford that supports asylum seekers; there is always need for clothes, household goods etc. If you are about to throw away items that others could use, you could let me know: I could pick them up and take them ... [ more ]

Missing Cat

Leah H
in Shipley
Hi,  Just moved to the area on Saturday.  And my cat decided to escape.  She is quite small tabby with a white chin.  I've been out serval times calling her but cannot find her.  I am a worried mess.  If anyone see's her please contact me ASAP. ... [ more ]
Hi You do not say which area the cat went missing from.  There are quite a few tabbies in the Springswood Road area so it may be amongst those.

Fitting Laminate Floor

Yes that was the first place I tried as we had two dresses done about 3 years ago for £45. That is over 100% hike in price and I do not think the dress would have any different treatment so obviously I need to find somewhere where I am not being ... [ more ]

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Janet in Heaton Shay
Is there anywhere in the district that does not charge £95 for cleaning a wedding dress. This is a ridiculous amount and boosts the price up on reselling. The day is expensive enough.

Person to fit cushionfloor in a kitchen

Accident in saltaire

Louisa B
in Heaton Royds
Hi all, does anyone know what's happened tonight in saltaire near bargin booze ?
There was an accident involving a motorbike and I think a young girl was knocked over.  Someone said that her arm was broken but I do not know any more details. A fire engine came immediately from the station at the top of Exhibition Road so that is ... [ more ]
Yes the same three that were doing the wheelies yesterday are in Shipley centre in the pedestrian precinct  doing the same this afternoon.  Young children tend to run around there chasing the pigeons.

Hebrew Congregation Church, Springhurst road

Janet in Heaton Shay
Anyone know how the New Houses on Springhurst Road are progressing please.  They are going to be on the land owned by The Hebrew Congregation.  The plans for 9 houses were passed last year  but nothing seems to be happening now.  I am told the church ... [ more ]
This is exactly the outcome residents have been afraid of. All people in the surrounding roads to the church will have to keep an eye open now for new plans being submitted upon purchase of the land.  There were lots of objections to the council ... [ more ]