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Phil A

Male Lives in Shipley address verified

Joined: 15 February 2015

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Gardener needed

Keys found

Phil A
in Heaton Shay
We have a pair of house keys found in Albert Road Saltaire, Thusday PM. If you think they are yours then give us a bell on 01274 596177, Phil or Carole.

Jet washing Decking

Clare W in Heaton Royds
Hey Can anyone recommend someone who does this? I have jet washed the decking twice and it seems to get it a bit clean but wonder if a professional would have better equipment to get the algae off so I can oil it Clare
Phil A
I have a pressure washer with a decking cleaner, if you can wait until the gardening dies down?

stolen fish

Maxine H
in Shipley
Sometime between thursday 14th april and sunday 17th april we had hundreds of pounds worth of fish stolen from our pond around wrose brow road we have had these for ten year

shears sharpener

2 strong helpers needed for 10 mins

Chinese Take-away

Drum Majors mace

Phil A
in Heaton Shay
I have a drum majors mace going "Buckshee" but i really do want it to go to a good home, i.e. a local Scout group or Boys Brigade band if anybody needs one.


Trudy C
in Moorhead
Hi ,looking for a local painter/decorater ,want to employ local person,reasonable rate of course,anybody knows anyone let me know,thanks
Phil A
I am away at the moment give me a bell on 596177 after the 13th for a free quote

Gardener wanted

Phil A
Just away at the moment give me a bell on 595177 after 13th for a free quote (age uk registered)