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Keith M

Male Lives in Canford Heath address verified

38 years a resident in Canford Heath.  Retired but always busy!  Main hobby (apart from DIY) is running.

Try not to take life too seriously, but the council test my resolve at times.

Joined: 05 June 2015

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End of an era.

Gas cooker

Broken sofa springs

Keith M
David - It might be worth your while picking up a Freebie replacement settee on Gumtree.  They have, on average, two per day being given away. Good luck!


Peter R
in Canford Heath
Well, apparently if you are the first to transfer in your area you become a Lead member. So thats me, a Lead. If you are still in thinking mode, be prepared as Nextdoor isnt Streetlife with a different name. It is similar but for smaller groups, ... [ more ]

Thomas the Tank

Ken H
in Broadstone
Hi, anyone got any Thomas dvd's they no longer need or know where I can get some cheaply?. On baby sitting duties next week and need to be prepared!. Thanks.
Keith M
Ken - use the DVD idea sparingly.  Grandads can have so much fun playing with and reading to grandchildren.  Also our local libraries have morning sessions of, 'Little Voices', for approx. 45 minutes where you sing nursery rhymes with the young mums ... [ more ]

Disposal of old mattresses

Slimming World vs Weight Watchers

Steve O
in Rossmore its customary about this time of year, well am a few weeks out,does anyone use any of the above, like go to the sessions and/or do it online? Need to loose about 2 stone and finding it a bit difficult at the moment,during the week is ok ... [ more ]
Keith M
Save your money, Steve, and start going to parkrun at You don't have to be an athlete as it's for all levels of fitness, even the UNfit.  You can walk OR walk/jog OR run - whatever suits you.  There are 700+ taking ... [ more ]

Window cleaning....sort of.

David H
in Oakdale
I live in a bungalow in Oakdale, I can clean the windows and sills myself, but can't clean the plastic cladding above. I live on a main road and it's filthy, grime,cobwebs etc. I don't have an outside water supply and therefore no hose. I'm looking ... [ more ]
Keith M
David - Try Deane on 01202681705 OR 07931707508.  He has done our windows for 35 years and also cleans fascias/soffits.

single flush replacement plunger

Keith M
As Christopher says, Penny, this is what you probably need... They're available at the Toolstation near Homebase (Tower Park). Good luck!

small fridge or a beer fridge

Gwendoline L in Longfleet
hi has anyone got a small fridge or a beer fridge that they wish to sell or get rid of i need one for keeping raw meat in for my dogs many thanks


Gwendoline L in Longfleet
Just had my hair done by Sharon from Broadstone fantastic job done and really pleased she is mobile and also has a salon at home so if you are looking for an excellent hairdresser give her a call on 07954585101 and she is very reasonably priced

Gravel Hill/ Queen Anne Drive

P Bill
in Canford Heath
Can someone please explain to me the logic or thinking behind putting 2 lanes in the northbound junction of the Gravel Hill/Queen Anne Drive Traffic lights? I can understand why there’s (always been) 2 lanes on the southbound side; there’s the left ... [ more ]
Keith M
I'm with you on the cyclists tack, P Bill. Prior to retiring in 2014, I cycled to and from work for 19 years, never straying from a cycle lane/path if there was one available.  I even castigated other cyclists who I saw not using them, after the ... [ more ]

New Gecko

Keith M
Finn E - Following your point about, "So this is Facebook now", I posted the jokey(?) item below, yesterday, but immediately had it removed by the Streetlife staff as, 'Not relating to a local story'... "Yesterday I was fortunate enough to become a ... [ more ]

Plant care advice please

Jean F
in Canford Heath
This plant looked lovely when we were given it before Christmas. Now it looks poorly. Can anyone tell us what it is and how to look after it please. Thank you
Keith M
It's called a 'Christmas Poorly', Jean.  Prior to the magic day it is full of itself and flourishes, but once the festivities have passed it feels the symptoms of over-indulgence and has a sort of, 'cold turkey' reaction. A dose of G & T will ... [ more ]

Poole Town Football Club Relegation?

John A
in Newtown
Poole Town have been successful for the last 12 years, growing as a club, rising through the leagues. There are over thirty boys and girls teams affiliated to the club as well as two ladies teams and an over 55s Walking Football section. As with ... [ more ]
Keith M
I haven't clicked on the link yet, but why on earth did they leave the stadium and WHY ON EARTH don't they return there, now that they are a good team?

Car parking charges in Broadstone

Suzana H
in Canford Heath
This is the message that's been shared.... Please can everyone write to Mike as these charges are ridiculous... MEGA HIKE IN CAR PARKING CHARGES PROPOSED BY POOLE COUNCIL On Tuesday evening Poole Council's Cabinet is being asked to support a new set ... [ more ]
Keith M
Have emailed in my views, set out below... Apart from the council members in favour of these outrageous proposals, I doubt if you would find a single Poole resident supporting them. As they are clearly desperate to raise revenue for further ... [ more ]
Keith M
Hmmm, David M.  It would appear you only have your own interests in mind.  Try sparing a thought for others - you might get to like it.
Keith M
Hmmm, David M.  "Mr Kettle"?  You've got me on that one... Incidentally, fancy liking your own post (above).  That speaks volumes.

A few free things

in Canford Heath
Have the following few items needing a new home Electric hand mixer 2 Champagne flutes with silver coloured stems & rims Box of Turkish delight (from Turkey). Box is sealed in celophane,  use by date 4/2018 Collection from Canford Heath
Keith M
Hello Joanne - It's the box of Turkish Delight that did it for me, or at least did it for my sweet tooth!  Let me have your address, please, and I'll pop around tomorrow morning to collect all. Thanks Keith

HP Printer to give away

Alexandra B
in Canford Heath
My HP all-in-one 6500 wireless printer needs a new printerhead, so is NOT working (colours print but not black which is essential).  I looked at getting a replacement head, first HP said you can't, then I found a reference number for the part . . . ... [ more ]
Keith M
I might just be the Geek that'll take it off your hands, Alexandra, but who told you it needs a new print head?  Or, is there a code displayed to that effect? Thanks Keith
Keith M
Okay, Alexandra, thanks.  Let me have your address & I'll pop down this afternoon whenever it's convenient to you. Keith


Val G in West Howe
Does anyone know of a reputable person that could lay patio slabs for me, will buy all the materials just need someone to lay them
Keith M
Try Andre Warren, Val.  Nice guy, reliable and won't rip you off.  He's on 01202 267869 OR 07737 104386.  Mention my recommendation.

decorator required

Keith M
Try Andre Warren, Richard.  Nice guy, reliable and won't rip you off. He's on 01202 267869 OR 07737 104386. Mention my recommendation.

carpet remnant 5.56m x 2.77m

Gwendoline L in Longfleet
Probably a long shot but before I go to the carpet suppliers has anyone got a carpet remnant of the above mentioned size its only to go in my garage so doesn't have to be in perfect condition
Keith M
Hi Gwendoline I know of a piece of grey, hessian backed, which would easily suit your needs.  It's not new and was going to be used in one of my daughter's bedrooms until plans changed. It's free if you want to collect it, but a fiver if you want me ... [ more ]
Keith M
The carpet's at my daughter's place in Alderney, Gwendoline, and it probably would suit us all if we could leave the arrangements until after the festivities, as I'm slowly recovering from 'man-flu' which as you know is 10 times worse than ordinary ... [ more ]
Keith M
Hello Gwendoline I haven't forgotten you - honest!  It's just that I'm still recovering from this horrid virus that started on 13 December.  I should be fit enough to help with the carpet arrangements toward the end of next week (13th...ish). Happy ... [ more ]

Cake decorator needed URGENTLY

Muriel R
in Stanley Green
Help please! I was supposed to be decorating an M&S cake with a cake topper for my parents-in-law Diamond W/Ann party tomorrow (Saturday 7th Jan) but the topper split in half when I tried to put it on the cake last night. Does anyone know of ... [ more ]
Keith M
You could try Tina Reyes, who runs her own business from Whitecliff. Contacts are:-   Email                                   Mobile   07773787167                                Landline  01202737888 Mention my ... [ more ]

childrens sledge,Free to keen children

Richard j
in Canford Heath
Anyone have friends or relations with young children who live in the Northern part of the country who make use of a smart snow sledge with steering wheel and front lights, would suit age 6 to 10 years

Personal trainer

Steve O
in Rossmore
Hi all does anyone have any recommendations for a personal trainer, who does 1 on 1 training in their own gym, not looking for anyone who uses a big gym as not a fan. Am used to HIT training so looking for much the same. Many thanks..:)
Keith M
Try this gym, Steve. They are a small yet very professional operation in West Quay Road, Poole.  Reasonably priced too, I hear. Good luck!

Parking charge

Di B in Canford Heath
Hi, I parked in the Adams practice car park while my granddaughter went in to pick up her partner's prescription,I didn't get out of my car but waited for her to return .She took a photo of my registration on her phone and put it in the tablet in the ... [ more ]
Keith M
My sympathies, Di.  Friends of ours had a similar experience there in the summer.  The receptionist and practice manager wouldn't entertain any questioning of the ticket, but simply referred our friends to the issuing company.  They reluctantly paid ... [ more ]