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Sandra R

Female Lives in Parkstone

Joined: 12 March 2015

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Swimming pools

in Westbourne
Can anyone recommend a local (near to Westbourne) hotel with pool that is open to the public, or has a membership scheme?  Or other gyms with pools? Thanks


Gary Wellz
in Branksome
Wanted any unused/unloved/unwanted wigs, I started chemo 2 weeks ago & my hair has already started to fall out so I decided to have it all shaved off tonight. I am not vain & will wear a baseball cap most of the time but thought it may put a ... [ more ]

Table Tennis

Sandra R
I would be happy to join a table tennis club either afternoon or evening. If anyone has any details of one I would be grateful.

WANTED packing boxes

Moving House - Packing Boxes

Looking for dentist

Ahmed A in Branksome
Hi everyone I currently live in Branksome and looking for a good dentist either NHS or private. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Thanks

mobility scooters

Stephanie L
in Canford Heath
i dont mine people on the scooters as i know what its like not to be able to walk far as i cant and still use crutches but when people are rude on them its not funny i even give way to them but in a shop its bad when the person can walk with a stick ... [ more ]
Sandra R
As a user of mobility scooter myself Stephanie L please be aware the not everyone on a mobility scooter can walk with aids such as a stick. It is very hard to keep stopping and much easier for a person on foot to get out of the way. I've been able ... [ more ]

Begging and homeless people in Westbourne

Penny F
in Branksome
A fortnight ago there was a couple who'd obviously spent the night in the doorway in what was Greggs. They were extremely noisy and drunk. To be honest I was horrified to see that there appears to be an overflow from the centre of Bournemouth. Walking ... [ more ]
Sandra R
They definitely need help, Well said Paul H and Amanda D. My heart goes out to them. I have a place to live and don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from. I can't imagine a life on the streets.

lost cat - parkstone

Gina M in Canford Heath
My cat Snarf has been missing for 9 days and we are very worried about him. He is microchiped and neutered. He's a black and white Tom around 4 years old. He went missing from haskells road in parkstone. Kind regards Gina. My contact number is ... [ more ]

"We Need That!" - Local recycling initiative in Poole and Bournemouth

Laura C
in Talbot Woods
We Need That! is a voluntary sector project which aims to cut the amount of waste that Bournemouth and Poole residents throw away - either into the recycling bin or into landfill. This is achieved by showing them that there are charities, faith ... [ more ]
Sandra R
Hi. I'm new to streetlife. I currently live in Plymouth but plan to move to your area this year. I'm really looking forward to it and streetlife will be really useful to me to enable me to reach out to others in the area, get to know about stuff ... [ more ]
Sandra R
Hi Kay B. Thank you so much for your comments on Alder Road etc. You mention best to avoid all the main roads and I wondered whether somewhere like e.g. a cul-de-sac in Bearwood might be worth considering but was concerned that when I wanted to get ... [ more ]
Sandra R
Thanks a lot Kay for your comments. Viewed a house in Bear Wood today. The area was lovely but the house was not for me unfortunately. Viewing a bungalow in Canford Heath tomorrow. Spent some time on sandbanks beach over last few days soaking up ... [ more ]

Advice needed on seeing a consultant privately

Hilary F
in Stanley Green
Can anyone tell me if it's worth jumping the NHS queue to see a consultant privately ? My 29 year old son is in a desperate situation with his back. He had spinal decompression surgery two and a half years ago for congenital stenosis ( narrowing of ... [ more ]
Sandra R
If I were you I would go to see a consultant privately. May 20th is three plus months away. He is desperate and in pain. That's my opinion. All the best.

Car wash recommendations

Cat Missing from Whitecliff area

Dorrie H
in Lilliput
Our very friendly, male neutered, fluffy black and white cat has gone missing from Worthington Crescent on 24 February. Last seen at 11pm. He usually can be seen around our cul de sac if he is not in the house. We are close to Baden Powell school that ... [ more ]
Sandra R
Thanks for letting us know Dorrie. I'm over the moon that he came home safe and well. I know how we love our animals so much and they are loved as much as any member of the family. Great news.

Can anyone recommend a Cattery please?

Maggie W in Parkstone
I'm new to the area and looking for a good quality cattery, can anyone recommend one (or alternatively, any to avoid) Thanks!
Sandra R
If you use a cat sitting service make sure they are insured. Thoroughly check them out because you are leaving a family member ( your cat) with them.

Missing Cat

Sandra R
I've also just put his picture on Facebook and urged people to look out for him. Could others reading this do the same. Let us know Jonathan if he turns up. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Stephanie L
in Canford Heath
can not understand why there are so many foxes running about in the day in parkstone i always see them  at night  think  they might be mix up with the season  i had 2 big ones in my garden and they didnt even go near the cats that was just watching ... [ more ]
Sandra R
Saw 4 foxes in my garden I think it was the day before yesterday at lunchtime. I was quite surprised to see them at that time. I was a bit worried because I have a cat and people have said online that their cat's have been killed by a fox. It gives ... [ more ]
Sandra R
I have just read again on the Internet of foxes eating cats. For example in N.W. Bristol in one year 1,225 cats were killed by foxes.

Does anyone have any spare boxes for moving?

Packing boxes

Viki W in Oakdale
I am moving in a couple of weeks and in desperate need of packing boxes (all shapes and sizes). Has anyone got any they no longer need. Will collect locally (Canford Heath area). Many thanks.
Sandra R
I have proffesional packing boxes. Contact me if you are interested. I live in Bournemouth Road, very close to Ashley Cross.

cat sitter

Celia H in Poole Town Centre
anyone in Poole and surrounding areas looking for a cat sitter whilst they are away on holiday?

Best wishes

Shell W
in Parkstone
Happy Christmas to all our neighbours, thank god most of us are lucky to have what we have. Spare a thought or a prayer for those less fortunate and thank godness for people who still care enough to help those in need. Best wishes for a happy and ... [ more ]

Lost Black and White cat Oakdale

David I
in Stanley Green
LOST - JACK is missing from Hunt Road, Oakdale, last seen Wednesday 02/12 at 8 pm. He is black and white, male, snipped and chipped, aged 7 years. He has a couple of small scratches on his nose. Any information welcome. Cats protection have posted it ... [ more ]


to , (ended)
The Dancing Duck
Betty L
in Westbourne
Ladies looking to meet in the evenings 5 - 7 ish, we are meeting up this Wednesday at the Dancing Duck in Westbourne - with view to arranging pictures and coffee and social events so come along if you can - Hope to see those that could not make it ... [ more ]

Have you seen Toby?

Sarah A
in Stanley Green
Toby didn't come home on Monday 30/11. He is a dark grey tabby and has a bad back leg at the moment so finds it hard to jump. Could you please check your garden, shed etc in case he is hiding. Toby lives in Verity Crescent and is very much missed, ... [ more ]
Sandra R
You must have been so happy when he returned and now he's gone again! I do hope he returns soon. Sounds like someone's feeding him if he didn't come back bedraggled and especially if he doesn't come back starving. All the best for his safe return.

Disabled Parking Sainsbury's Alder Hills

Mark R in Branksome
My neighbours wife being disabled use the disabled parking bays, correctly parked with a Blue Badge displayed. The other week on his return to put something in their car whiles she hobbled inside on a crutch, a blue BMW parked next to him with a young ... [ more ]
Sandra R
I am disabled and as such I realise that the people who abuse the system and use our allocated parking spaces have no idea of what it means to be disabled and how necessary these spaces are to us. This doesn't excuse their action. I also think that ... [ more ]
Sandra R
I so agree Dee D with what you just said and that was more or less what I was implying in my last comment. We should never judge others with regards to the blue badge because we could be judging unfairly and without knowing their condition/s. It is ... [ more ]

Mobility Scooters – A Real Nuisance?

Jean G
in Westbourne
Interesting letter in yesterday’s (Saturday 21 November) ‘Daily Echo’. Refers to mobility scooter users charging round – shouting “out of the way”. Have to admit, may have used these words a few times – but only on way to the bar. Letter also ... [ more ]
Sandra R
i am shocked that able bodied people would criticise those less fortunate who have to use mobility scooters. Yes by all means give them their own lane on the pavement but to class use on the pavement as a "privilege" is unfair. Able bodied people ... [ more ]