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Sarah M

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Carpet cleaner

Sarah M
I would also like to find a specialist carpet cleaner for a very old and rather valuable Persian rug - family heirloom type of thing.  Thank you

Carpenter Needed to Make 2 x Wooden Gates

Hall for Hire needed

Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
in Suffolk Tai Chi Academy Ipswich
We are in need of a new Hall for our Thursday afternoon class. It is held at the moment at Henley Community Hall. We have had to step aside for the Playgroup. So we need a new home close to Henley if possible. Your suggestions would be appreciated. ... [ more ]

Muntjac deer

in Castle Hill
Last summer our garden was ravaged on several occasions by muntjac deer. I haven't seen hide nor hair of one this summer (yet!) Anyone else had sight of any? In other words, is it safe for me to let my begonias out?!


in Ipswich Town Centre
There was a conversation on here recently re free furniture removal. I didn't need it at the time but now I do. Is there a free removal service for a 3 piece suite? Furniture Project don't want it as they can't collect for two wks and it's in the ... [ more ]
Sarah M
The British Heart Foundation are usually good with accepting furniture, and picking it up for free.  They are also very friendly!
Sarah M
I've had the same thing happen - it feels like a snub having your perfectly good furniture rejected for such trivial reasons...


Christopher R
in Broke Hall
I live near Queensway can anyone tell me why there is so many bluebells in this area they are nice to see but they are everywhere in my garden and the surrounding areas just a matter of interest
Sarah M
I was walking in Bentley woods this morning and I have never seen so many bluebells - glorious!  And of the English variety I presume..

Chantry Library

Steve W
in Chantry
Hi, Several months ago I posted about my wife arriving at the library to return some books 10 minutes before closing time to find them already closing up. Unbelievably it happened to her again on Friday. Our books were due back and she arrived at ... [ more ]
Sarah M
I agree that 5 should mean 5 - yes, I admit I am one of those awful last minute people, but this is something that used to annoy me intensely, with libraries and other places.  And if you genuinely can't get there earlier, you should be able to rely ... [ more ]

small music groups

Kate L
in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi - my husband plays classical guitar and bass trombone mainly. He has played in orchestras and with a singer when playing guitar. He would love to meet up with others to play just for the enjoyment of it- brass ensemble, other trombonists, guitar ... [ more ]
Sarah M
Lattice Barn sounds great - may come along one night.  Which alternate Thursdays by the way? Sarah

Side lights , not Head lights

sticky-beak in Stoke
Anyone else noticed that drivers seem to be driving on sides lights or fog lights more and more, seem to be a trend, just find it dangerous not to be visible to other road users or pedestrians. What do ohters think..??
Sarah M
Going back to the original topic at the top of this page - call me old-fashioned, but being dazzled by the glare of all those unnecessary headlights when the sun is still up is one of my pet hates!  I'm afraid I'm in that tiny minority of drivers who ... [ more ]

Good local garage

Avril L
in California
Any recommendations for  good local garage?  My old MX5 needs a service/MOT but I am not keen to use main dealer as they are expensive.

garden shed repair

Sarah M
in California
The wooden floor and lower part of the wall on one side of my shed is beginning to rot, and I'm looking for someone who might be able to repair it or advise on the best solution, maybe a carpenter/joiner?  Any recommendations welcome!

Old duvets

Sheri P
in Ipswich Town Centre
I have a selection of unwanted duvets that I would like to give away.  Would anyone like them for dog/cat bedding or something?