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Any good pub quizzes left in London?

Local Conversations in Upper Tooting

Faizy D
I don't like to be negative, but I'm greatly disappointed by the calibre of pub quiz in tooting and other local areas these days. I went with my family to a pub quiz last week (the establishment shall remain unnamed) and was aghast at the running of it. ... [ more ]
Julie L
Thoroughly recommend the Gardeners Quiz, but I should declare an interest because my husband is the setter!

do you know a brilliant local Garage you are happy to take your car to?

Recommendations in Clapham

Anne S
Bolingbroke Motors in Bennerley Road SW11 has very sadly closed.  If anyone can recommend such a lovely local knowledgeable efficient trustworthy garage as that or something similar even, please let us know .... 

Looking for behind-the-scenes help on a Panto

Clubs & Groups in Putney Vale

Southfields Theatre Group is looking for local people to join the Production Crew of our upcoming Panto Robin Hood. We need volunteers to help with the following jobs: Musical Director Sourcing & collecting props Painting and creating sets Sourcing ... [ more ]
Julie L
Hi Monika I wasn't aware of Southfields Theatre Group, but I would be happy to volunteer to help out with some of these activities. You really wouldn't want me to do your hair or make up but I'm pretty good with a paintbrush and own my own sewing ... [ more ]

Tennis with racquets?

Recommendations in Parsons Green

Jesse T
Where is a good place to play tennis near Putney?  We're beginners without racquets, so we'd prefer if they loaned/rented racquets and balls.  Any suggestions appreciated!
Julie L
The Gardens near Southfields tube doesn't loan racquets, but you would be welcome to come along to a club session to see if you like it or not. Beginners are welcome and there's a good coaching programme.

Recommendation for a Car Body Shop repairer please

Recommendations in Battersea

Holly B
Hi, we have a dent in our car that we need to get fixed.  Can anyone recommend a local company who will do a good job at an honest price? Many thanks
Julie L
Delta Autos at Colliers Wood are very good - I always use them. They managed to get my seriously injured car back on the road last year when the insurers wrote it off. I

any ideas of what to do with an arty American based in Richmond on Sunday?

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Lucy S
an American friend of mine is over here working & he'd like to do something arty this Sunday.  was thinking of dragging him off to the Horniman Museum.  so far, i've taken him to the Wallace Collection and to Southside House.  i'd really like to find ... [ more ]
Julie L
There are also guided tours which get you round an awful lot of places. Visitors always love them.

Fish person!

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Guy D
Good Morning all,  I'm looking to meet someone skilled in scaling, gutting and filleting fish for a new community group.  Please drop me a text if you are such a person or can recommend anyone. Thanks, Guy 07810 753 815
Julie L
How about Roger who had the wonderful fishmonger's in Southfields until Sainsbury's came along. Does anybody know how to get hold of him?

Members for Sustainably caught fish coop in SW18 - trial in June

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Guy D
Hello everyone, I hope some of you may be interested in being part of a new community enterprise for supplying fresh fish to Wandsworth. If you live close to SW18, like fish but wish it was cheaper, fresher and more sustainably caught and support ... [ more ]
Julie L
Fabulous idea. Count me in too - not sure about the gutting I must be honest but I'm sure I can get over it. I've emailed you separately.

Kentya plant - Southfields

Give, Lend & Borrow in Southfields

Maria D
Our Kentya has outgrown our small living room. Please see picture attached and if you are interested in taking it let me know. Collection from Southfields.

kitchen fitter

Recommendations in Putney Vale

Geraldine E
Hi i need kitchen fitter to do my very small kichen needs to be reasonable in price can anyone recommend someone also a little plumbing and electricity work

Car body work repair

Recommendations in Balham

Free small wood desk and filing cabinet, SW16

Give, Lend & Borrow in Battersea

Jill C
My Mum is getting rid of an lightish wood, antique style, 2 pedestal desk with slightly worn leather top; and an oak finish 3 drawer filing cabinet. Desk has one deep drawer. Both in good condition, available for collection from near Tooting Lido (ground ... [ more ]
Julie L
Hello Jill if I can fit the filing cabinet in it would be hugely useful to me. Can you tell me the overall height please? Thanks Julie
Julie L
Hi Jill Sorry for the delay - I haven't been on here for a couple of days. Sadly the filing cabinet is just slightly too tall for my space. It would have had to have fitted under built in shelves which I can't adjust. :-( Hope it finds a good home soon. ... [ more ]

Wandsworth Freecycle group

Clubs & Groups in Battersea

Tamara F
I am new to Street Life and wonder if anyone knows what happened to the Wandsworth Freecycle group- it seems to have disappeared.
Julie L
I'm the opposite - I didn't get emails from Wandsworth for ages because I couldn't be bothered to set up a yahoo account. I'm realtively new to freecycle so I didn't know it was ever based on Yahoo groups. Neither of the other groups I post to needed it, ... [ more ]

Carpenter for small job

Recommendations in Balham

Finella F
Hi I am looking for a carpenter to do a small job within the next week in SW16. Recommendations gratefully received Thanks

Local choir

Clubs & Groups in Wandsworth

Julie L
Singswell meet at St Michael's Church in Southfields on Mondays. No experience needed!

any recommendations for a good local photographer??

Recommendations in Battersea

Do people want to know how to make their own websites and apps?

Clubs & Groups in Upper Tooting

Emma C
I'm interested to know if the people of Earlsfield and Tooting want to know how to make their own websites and/or apps? I ask as I'm trying to roll out free digital making clubs and want to know if there's demand in my local area (I live in Earlsfield).

48 votes on 2 answers so far... See all and vote

Julie L
Hi Emma I do build websites using wordpress and certainly am happy to share the knowledge! I didn't realise from the thread that you are looking for volunteers. What kind of commitment do you need? Cheers Julie
Julie L
Hi Emma I'd struggle to do it in the evening on a weekly basis tbh, but I can certainly volunteer on an occasional basis, maybe once or twice a month? Cheers Julie

Tree removal and clearance, Carpenters and Plumbers.

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Hi everyone, Firstly, I have a tree which has recently fallen in my garden (which needs to be cut up into size able chunks) and taken away somewhere for recycling.  Anyone interested in doing this for a reasonable price?.  Secondly, I am looking for ... [ more ]
Julie L
Hi Suzy, Richard Spindler is a great carpenter and on some jobs works with a plumber too - two birds with one stone! You can call Richard on 020 8789 3721.

to create company identity

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Jirina A
Hello.  I am looking for someone who can create company identity and from there simple clear website for a local property search company with world ambitions.  Thank you.

Photography Courses

Recommendations in Balham

Caroline S
Hi - has anyone taken a photography course locally? I am looking for a course to help me use my DSLR on Manual more often rather than relying on Automatic. Would like a local course if possible but will take good recommendations for further into town. ... [ more ]
Julie L
Michael Miller in PUtney does a short course that probably fits your bill exactly. You can mail him at or ring him on 07956 375 679 or on 020 8780 3896.

Carpenter for Wardrobe

Local Conversations in Balham

Hi every one, does any one know a Carpenter for Wardrobe  to fit my my bedroom or a general builder who does all kind of work, reasonable price.  Ty hope to hear from you thanks. My number: 07783904539 I will appreciate your help ty.  Chanda
Julie L
Richard Spindler has done lovely work for me and several of my friends. 020 8789 3721.

Networking Group - Are you interested?

Clubs & Groups in Brook Green

Julie L
Very interested - do keep me posted. By the way Lucinda you can get a 170 bus from the centre of Wandsworth which takes you practically to the pub.

Find people who genuinely wish to do business with you.

Local Conversations in Balham

Savill Young
Every Business needs new clients If you don’t feel inclined to do your own marketing. And: if the truth were told, don’t like having anything to do with selling. But realize that it is a vital function. Come to Breakfast with us on Thursday 24th ... [ more ]

Recommendation for a carpenter in Southfields area pl

Recommendations in Earlsfield

Tracey D
I'd welcome recommendations for a local and not too pricey carpenter to make a couple of drawers to fit inside kitchen units. (There are carpenter recommendations on the site but they're a bit old or the other side of the borough) Many thanks  Tracey
Julie L
I have used Richard Spindler more than once as have several of my friends. He lives in Southfields and his number is 020 8789 3721.

Yet another major Supermarket in Southfields

Local Conversations in Earlsfield

Sunny P
We know Tesco and Sainsbury are arriving.Now the Post Office and adjoining Boys Club have been targeted by Developers for a new supermarket and it is Waitrose that will be the occupiers once planning has been approved.They don't need a change of use ... [ more ]
Julie L
Quite apart from ripping the soul out of any area they enter, I can't think why anybody believes that major supermarkets will be good for competition in Southfields. None of them will be huge stores offering the cheapest goods, they will just keep their ... [ more ]