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Samuel B

Male Lives in Catford

Joined: 23 July 2014

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Mythmas Celebration and Refugee Food Collection

to , (ended)
Lewisham Unitarian Meeting House, Bromley Road, Catford
South East London Humanist Group in South East London Humanist Group
Please join us for our annual Mythmas celebration. A chance to meet up, relax and have fun. The evening itself will be on the same lines as last year…Music; a Book Auction; a Quiz; Food and Drink; Good Conversation! Please bring: Either some food ... [ more ]
Samuel B
A good suggestion!  Mythmas is meant as a humorous and lighthearted title only.  Maybe we will rebrand in future years - although I wonder if celebrating the Winter Solstice specifically might strike some people slightly of Wicca? I'm not sure it ... [ more ]