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Mikey B

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Dave C
in Broadstone
A Morrisons would be ideal as they are sensibility priced and have many good offers . Budgens aren't cheap
Mikey B
 Any body will be welcome except the Co-Op, they are far from competitive. How about a Sainsburys ?.

Grill pan wanted please

Tina S
in Broadstone
Does anyone have a grill pan and the wire rack that goes in it please, or know where i can get one. A used one is fine ( i can clean it) and i am willing to pay.Mine has been lost in moving. Many thanks for any help.
Mikey B
Hi Tina, I have a grill pan in excellent condition, if you would like it for £5 give me a call on 01202 699192 I am in Corfe Mullen,

Virgin media e mail scam

Sue H
in Upton
~Beware, I got a scam e mail asking me to update my billing details or they would cut me off the next day ( it does not help that it is impossible to speak to a human being at Virgin!) I had to cancel my debit card, and I had lots of money in my ... [ more ]

Cold calling

Philip H
in Broadstone
Since I have been at home during the day my home phone has been inundated with cold callers ranging from all edged accidents,PPI, Wills, Energy offers etc these waste my time, is there a way to stop all these calls as they are very annoying and ... [ more ]
Mikey B
Go to B&Q and buy a call blocker, it is a little box that you will find in with telephones and accessories. Works a treat.

Suspicious door cold caller - Canford Heath

in Stanley Green
Hi I live on one of the rods off 'Stinsford Road'. Tonight I heard a knock at the door, opened the door and there was no one there. My next door neighbour was just arriving home in her car, lights on, etc. Just slightly in the distance, but not too ... [ more ]
Mikey B
You can phone the Police fraud people at Action Fraud on  0300 123 20 40. Their full title is the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre. They are operated by City of London police but are situated in Scotland.
Mikey B
At B&Q you can buy a devise called a call blocker, this will stop unwanted calls, it is quite cheap at £38 and well worth it.


Carpet Fitter

Used Car Dealers in our area

Bea W
in Broadstone
Passed my driving test yesterday!! and looking to buy a smallish runabout i.e. Toyota Yaris, VW Polo, etc. Grateful for advice on reliable used car dealers within 15 miles of Corfe Mullen, please.

jam jars

Patricia B
in Hill View
does anyone have any jam jars the no longer need as I am going to have a go at making jam as we have lots of plums this year will give you a few jars if successful ha ha
Mikey B
I would love some of your plums if you have some to spare, My trees did not have any on them this year. Call me on 01202 699192 if you can spare some.

Gas repairs required

Ruth P
in Rushcombe Bottom
Please could anyone recommend a Gas registered person who is reliable and trustworthy to come and fix one of the hobs on my gas cooker which will not stay alight! I'm sure it's something simple and something I don't want to get ripped off for!  Many ... [ more ]


Local plumber

Stop the supermarket scandal - one third of the food we grow gets thrown away

David A
in Creekmoor
One third of the food we grow gets wasted, not eaten. But an amazing movement just won a law making supermarkets give unsold produce to the poor and homeless, and the EU is consulting on new rules to stop food waste. Let’s race to one million signers, ... [ more ]
Mikey B
Most of the waste is due to the ridiculous  "sell by" and  "best before" dating nonsense. Before there was this nonsense food was not wasted, people just ate it with very little thought, just a little common sense.  It is a regulation that should be  ... [ more ]

Corfe Mullen Link

Simon D inactive in Broadstone
Just received the May edition of Corfe Mullen Link , I counted over 70 adverts and only 1 story on the gym refurbished in Broadstone. Is this supposed to be community magazine or is it just for advertising?
Mikey B
It is just for the advertising, all these so called community magazines are, that is how the publishers make their money.