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Chris W

Male Lives in Shipley address verified

Live in Saltaire and have done for some time, love the area and this seems like a good way to connect with local people and get involved.

Love Twitter, no interest in Facebook and Streetlife seemed like a good idea so thought I would sign up.

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Computer Desk


Dina P
in Shipley
Why was the march on 21st January in Shipley (1,400 ) reported nationally but absolutely nothing on local news? Look North etc never even mentioned it. Described to me as 'best event in Shipley for ages'
Chris W
I know I still can't believe it happened, very sad really. I never fail to be surprised by how easily people get led into this type of nonsense.
Chris W
I think we have enough equality and too many human rights myself but each to their own. The sooner brexit happens the better and after yesterday it shouldn't be long now.
Chris W
I never mentioned educated people, I suggest you trade it properly and I just said again in my last post each to their own. Clearly you don't feel the same!
Chris W
You're looking at it in a different context to me wheni refer to human rights. They shouldn't reach across the board automatically, an individual should earn them. Common decency should prevail. Tolerance to a degree of course. Compassion and decency ... [ more ]
Chris W
Of course he does. Democracy should prevail. I suppose Britain didn't want Brexit then lol. Sorry but this just seems to be about sour grapes.
Chris W
Not sure what females have to do with anything I have been saying but there you go. I realise females are human and humane!
Chris W
Why don't you just admire people, what's being female got to do with anything. He is the President, he has the mandate of the people. You are either in your 20's or don't live around Bradford of you believe the present policies you day prevail are ... [ more ]
Chris W
Totally agree, let's see then. We have no say in any of this, we only have democracy and a vote so should vote for the best of a bad bunch and cross our fingers. To clarify, I wasn't talking about political climate in my last post, in terms of ... [ more ]
Chris W
I can't really add anymore about this, too busy and I wouldn't normally get involved in such discussions so, I don't propose posting anything else, unless I get really riled lol.
Chris W
Yes people are sick of nanny pamby politicians who are in it for themselves and are afraid to rock the apple cart. At last now we have someone who says it as it is, won't stand for any nonsense and hopefully will get rid of all the politically correct ... [ more ]

Are the good folk on here aware of this?

Wheelie bin gone missing

Tony J
in Shipley
Has anyone on Hazelheads seen our wheelie bin which went missing overnight? It looks just like any other except is has "26" in large white numbers.  If you see it, please send it home. Thank you.

Film production

Leah H
in Shipley
What does everyone think about this? There are two 8pm finishes. Not sure where I can park my car when I get home. They have suggested to park on Albert Terrace - I know there won't be enough space. Just want to get home after a long day at work not ... [ more ]
Chris W
Just park elsewhere there are loads of spaces in and around saltaire. Try coach road or park Street etc. Shouldn't be a problem.

Use it or lose it. We've lost it.

Wilf B
in Shipley
I was talking to the chap who has been selling fish in Shipley market again today and he has decided that today was his last visit due to poor sales. His fish was fantastic and I feel we have lost a decent trader. Fresh fish now all in Asda sadly.

Kids furniture

Jane B
in Moorhead
Does anybody need a wooden high chair, a bed guard, stair gate and a  car seat?  All in excellent condition.

Garden waste bin collection

Roger P
in New Brighton
Subject: Garden waste (brown) bin removals Dear All, Following the introduction of the chargeable garden waste collection service a programme has now been put in place to collect the garden waste brown bins for residents who want them removing. ... [ more ]
Chris W
The council are appalling. I've had nothing others than bad experiences with them! They deserve sniping at and should get a grip, live within their means, stop wasting my money and stop moaning about a lack of central funding and get on with it. ... [ more ]

False teeth ?

Michael I
in Heaton Shay
Does anyone know where I can have a partial denture made please ? I can have a new set made on the NHS, but there has to be 10 days between each appointment, so that will be into the new year. My mother of 82 years old has lost her partial denture and ... [ more ]
Chris W
There's the orthodontics place on Victoria Road in Saltaire. Not sure if that is something they do or not.

Old style camera

Nicky G
in New Brighton
Morning! Can anyone recommend a reputable real photo camera shop please! Need a valuation doing. Thanks a million for any help

FREE Pine unit

Abida M
in Heaton
I want to get rid of a small pine unit to make more space in my hall. It's approx dimensions are H33, W32, and D18 inches.  It is in fairly good condition and with a scrub and some Varnish will be as good as new! I am in Frizinghall bd9. ... [ more ]


Alarm box fitting

Chris W
in Nab Wood
Hi Does anyone know someone reliable to put an external alarm box on my wall please? System activated just need the box on the wall. Anyone who could do it today wold be great. Cheers
Chris W
The alarm is actually up and running is a wireless one I just need the box outside physically fitting to the wall. No technical knowledge required just a ladder, a drill and a head for heights of which I have none!

Picture Framers

Jo B in Heaton Shay
Can anyone recommend any of the picture framers in the area? Got an A1 charcial drawing and a drypoint etching that I'd like to get mounted nicely 👍🏼
Chris W
Agreed, Park Lane Studios are really good. Great quality at a great price. I take all my photographs there for mounting and framing and have been really impressed.
Chris W
I used art form once for mounting some photo's but she wasn't nearly as good as Sarah at Park Lane Studios. By the way I think Park Lane is closed for refurbishment but opening again next week I think.

The unwanted brown garden waste bins

in Saltaire
I've registered that I want the council to take it away. I don't want to pay for it. I've put a message on the council Facebook page asking when the collection is going to be and it's still cluttering up my drive with no sign of Bradford Council going ... [ more ]
Chris W
Just dispose of it at the tip. Their haven't emptied one of my bins for over 2 years now! Apparently it had the wrong things in it, so unless they empty it it always will have. Useless.

Saltaire Festival

Andree F
in Frizinghall
Does anyone else hate this second weekend of the Festival as much as I do? The recycling hasn't been collected (why?), my street and all those around are full of white vans. This is a bus route and there is barely room for the bus to manoeuvre down ... [ more ]
Chris W
It's great and long may it continue. I have the same problem regarding my car so I just leave it where it is all weekend and walk or find other means of transport. If I have to go out and lose my spot I park elsewhere when I return. Shame you feel ... [ more ]
Chris W
What happened to tolerance and understanding. It's one weekend a year so let us left the people enjoy themselves rather than worrying about little things like where can I park my car.


Odd encounter in Northcliffe woods

in Frizinghall
Hopefully I am being paranoid: I've just returned from a walk through the woods at Northcliffe. Whilst walking my lurchers through the woods, a man walked facing me on a different path and looked over at the dogs. 3 mins later, he appears behind me ... [ more ]

Baildon reservoirs

TV aerial

Chris W
in Nab Wood
Can anyone recommend anyone who can fit a TV aerial to my roof please or rather, there is an aerial it just needs a new cable fitting? Thanks

Has anyone noticed the Victoria hotel on Saltaire Road has come alive in the last few weeks?

Betty B in Heaton Royds
Has anyone noticed the Victoria hotel on Saltaire Road has come alive in the last few weeks? I called in there on Wednesday night and they were having an acoustic jam night with about 10 players all mucking in and playing all kinds of songs. ... [ more ]

Saltaire Cobbles

Mark H in Windhill
Does anyone else think the cobbles outside of Victoria Hall in Saltaire were a complete waste of money?  They're horrible to walk on, horrible to drive on, horrible to cycle over, useless for anybody who's disabled, and they don't seem to have been ... [ more ]

Changes to the 680 bus timetable.

Bruce B in Bolton Woods
After more than 100 years Wilmer Rd, Heaton won't be served by a bus service. The 680 will be diverted by Emm lane and North Park Road, and there's to be an hourly service Saturday daytime.   There has been no consultation with the affected ... [ more ]


Stuart W
in Baildon
Spotted the sheep on the road near Bracken Hall t'other evening. One of them looked lame unfortunately. Hope fellow dog walkers and motorists take care. The sheep were very wary of my dog (he was on his lead). Perhaps a warning sign or two on the ... [ more ]
Chris W
Apologies if you are offended. I love dogs but have same argument with my parents who complain they can't go on certain beaches where they live in summer with the dog but it's not all about dogs.


Jane D
in Baildon
Moving House Planner needs storage for house contents for two years And recomendations for a good removal company
Chris W
Not sure of the name of the storage company but it's in Keighley and run but a guy called Greg Wilson, very trustworthy, nice chap. Google it, it's in the industrial estate behind b&q where the big police station is.