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Bilton Conservation Group

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New Park

This group of volunteers was established in 1982 to conserve the Nidd Gorge & the rural parts of Bilton & North Harrogate. Its campaigns have seen the planting of over 50,000 native trees & the acquisition of over 200 acres of woodland & riverside by the Woodland Trust as the result of Public Appeals. The group is non-profit making & raises its funds from members subscriptions & donations.
5 Knox Chase, Harrogate, HG1 3HZ


Peter the Bilton peacock

Janet M
in Harrogate
I just wanted to alert those of you who have not seen the inaccurate Sunday Express article yesterday about Peter. The Killinghall residents are using his name to publicise their issues with their unnamed peacocks. They have raised funds to deport ... [ more ]
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Kathy M
Hearing poor Peter calling for a mate makes you feel sorry for him......but providing him with a harem may not be a good idea.  I did research this a couple of years ago. The peacock's cry attracts peahens to him - the male does not generally go ... [ more ]
Janet M
Peter was happily foraging in a  garden on Tennyson Avenue at 5pm today.  He was not phased by the cat that was watching him but it was memorised by him!   I guess someone must have some lovely feathers as he has lost his train since I last saw him?