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Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Canford Heath

Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch was set up in co-operation with Dorset Police to represent residents on Canford Heath, Dorset. The main aim of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is to create a partnership between the local community, the police and the local authority working to reduce crime and foster neighbourliness. Please support your Neighbourhood Watch scheme, visit our web site and join the scheme.

The simplest way to get involved with Neighbourhood Watch is to join.

Contacts are just residents who with the agreement of their neighbours keep a watchful eye on each another's property and each other's well-being. Joining helps further the Aims of Neighbourhood Watch fostering a good community spirit and helps to reduce crime in your area.

A contribution of as little as £1 (or more) per year, helps with the production of a regular newsletter delivered to your door, the distribution of crime prevention material and the maintenance of a web site.

Some who join volunteer to become Co-ordinators, Area Co-ordinators or to serve on the committee.

To join, please click here:- Join Us